Atonides/Antonios del Fuego, Lord of the Fiery Fire

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Neutral 32Antonios del Fuego
Title <Lord of the Fiery Fire>
Gender Male
Race Fire elemental (Humanoid)
Level 1 Very Rare
Location Server:Argent Dawn US

Antonios del Fuego was/is a character personality on the Argent Dawn server. His first appearance was seemingly random occurring in the midnight hours of Saturday night in 2006. His inspired and spirited dance spurred a massive dance party in the halls of Ironforge and this reaction became common place in his subsequent appearances. He is most notable for inspiring a party like atmosphere, brightening the moods of all he could reach with his message of passion (mostly expressed through vigorous hip thrusting). He was easily recognizable in his trademark Festival Suit, which was a modified variant designed to withstand the intense heat emitted by the dancing body of Antonios (even still his suits were known to burn clean off of his body during particularly intense sessions). His appearances grew less frequent over time until one day he told a group of passionate dancers that had gathered around him that he would be embarking on a long journey, a quest to discover true passion's source. Confused and then dismayed the revelers realized that Antonios del Fuego may be leaving forever. Indeed he has not been seen since. But perhaps when we need him most, when the day is long and grey, or the heart aches, perhaps he shall appear once more and shatter bitterness with his fiery thrusting, the sultry sway of his hips, his sweaty heat and unstoppable passion. Muy CALIENTE!



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