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World of Warcraft:roflof the expansion content takes place around The Maelstrom and around the plans of Queen Azshara.

Introduction Edit

At the War of the Ancients Well of Eternity was destroyed and the world sundered that created The Great Sea. Cataclysm shown many places in the sea but some places are yet to be discovered. Now when the Nightmare Lord Xavius is deafeted another ancient threat has risen from the depths.

Major expansion changes and updates Edit

Jinyu Edit


Alliance Jinyu

Many thousand years ago, the Pearlfin Tribe stood on the throne of all Pandaria. At one point they trusted a tribe of hozen which somehow led to a great betrayal; consequently causing a waning of their numbers and influence. After this betrayal, Pearlfin Village became all that was left of their people. The jinyu have been distrustful of outsiders and at war with the hozen ever since. After the Cataclysm, Alliance players encounter a Jinyu named Bold Karasshi and enlist his aid in rescuing Admiral Taylor from a hozen prison. After escaping their captors, the Alliance and jinyu prisoners seek sancturary in Pearlfin Village, home of the Pearlfin tribe. After discovering that the Horde has allied with the hozen, the Alliance attempts to recruit the Jinyu into the Alliance. After consulting with their water spirits and the spirit of the former Jinyu emperor of Pandaria, Rassharom, the Pearlfin Jinyu agree to ally themselves with the Alliance. The Alliance trains the Pearlfin in their superior military knowledge and arms them with weaponry. In exchange, the Pearlfin pledges their support in the Alliance's war against the Horde. But the Inkgill tribe was less lycky and Sha Corrupted. Recently when Nazjatar rises from the sea the Alliance must now face a new threat beneath the surface the alliance turns to their only aqariqan friends the wise Jinyu. The Naga attacked the Inkgill Jinyu beacause their home is close to water. The Jinyu realise that they never can rule over Pandaria again the Humans of Stormwind offerd the Jinyu to rule over another land called Balor. They accept this offer and fled Sha corruption and the Nagas. After all the Jinyu are just intelligent Murlocs evolved by the waters of Vale of Eternal Blossoms, as Kul Tiras got a Murloc problem. The Inkgill Tribe escaped from the malowent Sha and shipped over to their new home Kul Tiras along side many Jinyus from the Pearlfin Jinyu. While there they capture Murlocs and evolve them to more Jinyus. Now to secure the Alliance from any threat beneath the surface. That makes The Wise Jinyu join the Alliance. ALLIANCE NEW RACE: JINYU

Alliance 15IconSmall JinyuIconSmall Jinyu FemaleJinyu

Character Classes: Original: Warrior Mage Shaman Priest Monk Rouge, Additional: Paladin (Recently learned from Humans)

Raical abilities: Underwater breathing (Beath under water), Inpowered Water Abiliies (Shamans and Mages)

Languages: Nerglish, Aquan, Common (language)

Starting zone: Kul Tiras

Capital: Boralus. Now called Inkgill Boralus

Raical Mount: Water Strider mounts

Faction: Alliance 15Inkgill Jinyu

Leader: IconSmall JinyuFeru Vellfin

NPC quotes: "The water fortold this meeting" "Do you hear the rivers song?" "The Pandaren are wise, the Hozen not so much" "I have the best bubbles in the land" "Looking for trade?"

Flirt: "I'm going to the shower, wanna join?"

Reputation: Stormwind Ironforge Darnassus Gnomeregan Exodar Gilneas Tushui Pandaren Galak-Krenka co-tribe

Models: IconSmall Jinyu [Male Model] IconSmall Jinyu FemaleIconSmall High Elf Female [Female Model: Re-skinned female High Elf]

Naga Edit

Naga Female Male

Horde Naga

Ten thousand years ago, during the reign of Queen Azshara, there was an elite magic-using sect known as the Highborne, who dabbled in magics that many other elves considered reckless and irresponsible by drawing upon the power of the Well of Eternity. The high-borne elves enjoyed great power and comfort before the War of the Ancients. During that conflict, the Highborne sought to abuse arcane magic to bring demons to the world. This action led to the War itself, in which the night elves, at great cost, defeated the Burning Legion. The magical backlash shattered the world, imploded the Well of Eternity, and blasted the Highborne’s capital city to the bottom of the ocean. Many were cast far into the flooding depths of the great cataclysm that sundered the land and destroyed the Well of Eternity; it was Queen Azshara's quick thinking that saved them. She is thought to have managed to make a pact with the Old Gods on behalf of her people, though the exact beings that transformed them are unknown. It is also possible its curser was Neptulon the Tidehunter, the water Elemental Lord. With the Old Gods' curse they started to change. Since then they have further been twisted by the residual cascading energies of the Well of Eternity. They took on new shapes, new powers and became the hateful, serpentine naga. When the naga awakened, they set about building a new life for themselves on the ocean depths, within the abyssal sea trench beneath the swirling waters of the Maelstrom they built their new city, Nazjatar. Azshara herself expanded with hate and rage, becoming a massive monstrosity, reflecting the wickedness and malice that had always hidden within her core, for 10,000 years. After the Third War they made new allies in the form of their Highborne kin the blood elves, as well as enemies of the night elves and the Alliance. They have planned to rise Nazjatar to the surface for many years and now when N'Zoth was killed in the Emerald Dream it awke and ordered Queen Azshara to make their ancient plans to reality and also invaid the ocean and surface world. Now when the Naga has rise Nazjatar to the surface all sea creatures invaid Nazjatar including the Jinyu and their Alliance show to be a threat ot the Naga. Secretly N'Zoth ordered Lestharia Vashj to ally herself with the Blood Elves and the Horde unknown to Queen Azshara. At first she refused belviveing that Horde are nothing more then a barbaric weak minded folls, but leter realize that it was the only way to win against the Jinyu. To do so she travled to Outland and allied with the Blood Elves of Outland beacause Kael has died and the Sunwell is restored they agreed to ally with the other Blood Elves of azeroth. Lestharia Vashj told the blood elves on Azeroth that her daugther Lady Vashj saved the Blood elven Race from extintion and she would obay all the Blood elves command including kill other Naga that thetend the Horde. So Horde attacked Jinyu and their Alliance with make the peace between Horde and Alliance that was binding by the deafeat of Garrosh Hellscream and the Emerald Dream fade. Queen Azshara was told of Lestharia Vashj new allies and theirfor see her as a traitor. But she still have Naga followers including those tribes that dos'nt have grudges against the Horde, inclueded: . Just like Goblins and Forsaken nothing will perwent them from reach their own future goals. As the most distrustfull alles of the Horde, the wile serpent Naga join the Horde. HORDE NEW RACE: NAGA

Horde 15IconSmall Naga MaleIconSmall Naga FemaleNaga

Character classes: Original: Warrior Mage Priest Shaman Warlock, Additional: Hunter Rouge (Recently learned from Blood elves

Raical abilities: Underwater breathing (Beath under water), Naga Spear (Causing Polearm damage increased by 10%)

Languages: Nazja, Orcish

Starting Zone: Nazjatar (Before its rise) {1-5} Nazjatar (After its risen) {6-10}

Capital: Nazjatar

Racial mount: Sea Turtle (mount)

Faction: Horde 15 Vashj's Naga (The Naga Reputation Faction in the Horde)

Leader: IconSmall NagaSeaWitch Lestharia Vashj

Silly: "My legs, I CANT FEEL MY LEGS!"

Reputation: Orgrimmar Darkspear Trolls Thunder Bluff Undercity Silvermoon City Bilgewater Cartel Houjin Pandaren Violas Dragons

Models: IconSmall Naga Male [Male Model] IconSmall Naga Female [Female Model]

New Zones Edit

PvP Edit

Ship battles Edit

At Lv: 100/Boss 15 you can buy large ships and battle whith them on sea in the continent The Maelstrom

Sea battlefield Edit

PvP area battleground like Wintergrasp

Dungeons & Raids Edit

Dungeons Edit

Bael Modan (Instanced) Edit

Caverns of Time: A Blaze of Glory Edit

Mount Kajaro Edit

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Den of the Cold Eye Edit

The Whale Shark Cave Edit

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Mak'aru Edit

Nazjatar Rise of Queen Azshara Edit

Azshara Naga with Tentacles

Azshara Naga with Tentacles

Queen Azshara

Queen Azshara's thrue form

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