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NeutralNPC 32Isak∙E
Qiraji general gold
Title Ambassador

Of the Shattered Sun
The Patient

Gender Male
Race(s) Qiraji (WoWWiki),
Night elf (World of Warcraft),
Human (IRL)
Level 86
Character class Death Knight
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation WoWWiki, Pearlfin Jinyu, Shattered Sun Offensive, Gilneas, Tranquillien
Position Creator of this expansions: Emerald Dream,
Rise Of Nazjatar,
The Woid Invasion,
Residers in Shadows,
From The Ashes
Location WoWWiki
Status "Alive"
Relative(s) Violastrasa,
Gakknahk (Ideas)
Avantina (Player character)
Alignment Lawful Good

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