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AllianceNPC 32Gakknahk
Arakkoa nopic
Gender Male
Race Arakkoa (Humanoid)
Level  ?? (Boss)
Character class Warlock
Health A lot
Reaction Alliance Horde (Stormwind Vault) Alliance Horde (Blackwing Lair)
Affiliation Alliance Grizzikar, Dark Concave, The Fallen Ewils
Position Prisoner in Stormwind Vault
Location Stormwind Vault, Formerly Blackwing Lair
Status Killable
Mentor(s) Salanar the Horseman (presumed), Summoned Old God
Comp(s) Alliance Players, Varian Wrynn, Genn Greymane, Grarkpaw

Its not known much about Gakknahk. He hate Orcs beacause they killed almost everyone in his trbe but somehow he survived all Orcs attacks on Draenor. He became posessed to kill as many Orcs he could find. When his tribe Dark Concave Summoned Old God he was told by the Old god what he sould do. As inteligent Arakkoa is he

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