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World of Warcraft: Emerald Dream is the fifth World of Warcraft expansion and will be announced on 2014. The majority of the expansion content takes place in the Emerald Dream and centers around the plans of The Nightmare Lord. Emeralddreamlogo


The Emerald dream has been corrupted by an ancient legion. Our world wouldn’t last it's just a matter of time. Ysera search aid to save the eternal diemension called the emerald dream from corruption to save the world from destruction. Xavius the Nightmare Lord threat to corrupt the Emerald dream, expand the Emerald Nightmare and corrupt the dreams inhabitants to madness. To save the Emerald Dream Green Dragonflight now open the portals to the Emerald Dream and letting adventures from both the Alliance and the Horde into the dream and save it from corruption. It is the Green Dragonflight open the portals you play by their rules and the Emerald Dream are how Azeroth would been without magic and mortal humanoids. That means: NO BUILDINGS, NO SUNDERING, NO ARCANE AND NO WAR BETWEEN THE HORDE AND THE ALLIANCE!

Major expansion changes and updates

  • Portals to Emerald Dream is now open.
  • Flight Path added outside the area.
  • Aviation battle added (Duels whith flying mounts in the sky
  • 2 new playable races
  • Gilneas City open as Alliance city
  • 2 ways in the Emerald Dream: Corssing the portals (enter physic form) or Sleep and dream a Emerald Dream at Dreamcenters in Darnassus and Violet Wrymrest Temple (enter sleeping).
  • Druids learn an abillity to tranfer themselfs and other players into the emerald dream
  • Emerald Dream the largest continent ever seen added
  • Level cap raised to lv. 95


Centaur Female and Male

Alliance Centaurs

Zaetar and Princess Teredas children, the Centaurs slain their father but his spirit are still alive in the emrald dream. Zaetar sceach to bring hope to his children. He begs the night elf to save them from corruption in the nightmare. Also the Night Elves and the Centaur and enemies to the Horde the Maurauding Centaur join the Alliance. ALLIANCE NEW RACE: CENTAUR

Alliance 15IconSmall Centaur MaleIconSmall Centaur FemaleCentaur

Character classes: Warrior Shaman Hunter Druid Warlock

Raical abilities: Horse Running (Just like Running Wild), Hoff-Kick (Kicks down the target an damage physical damage), Inpowered Eath Abiliies (Shamans)

Languages: Krenkese, Common (language)

Starting Zone: Splithoof Heights (1-5)

Capital: Splithoof Heights

Racial mount: Horse Running (Just like Running Wild)

Faction: Alliance 15Galak-Krenka co-tribe

Leaders: IconSmall Centaur MaleGalak Khan & IconSmall Centaur Male Forgol

NPC Says: Male: "Arrrgr (Growl)" Female: "Ist there a problem?" "Ahh the great out doors"

Flirt: Male: "You know that I'm a horse below the belt", Female: "I can show you my face? If you are really naugty"

Reputation: Stormwind City Ironforge Darnassus Gnomeregan Exodar Gilneas Tushui Pandaren


Drakonid Female Male

Horde Drakonid

The Dragonmaw Orcs transformed themselves to Drakonids and something went wrong? They could not go back to their original form. They now search for more Drakonids to join their horde. They find Dragon Island with a forgotten dragonflight that are willing to join the horde. Dragonspawns are only loyal to their specific draonflights and no one else. Are Drakonids the same? They are not, many Drakonids from various dragonflights joins the hordes forgotten Violet Dragonsflight. The green Drakonids joins if the Violet Dragonflight help them in the Emerald Dream and they do. HORDE NEW RACE: DRAKONID

Horde 15IconSmall DrakonidGreenIconSmall DrakonidVioletDrakonid

Character classes: Warrior Mage Paladin Priest Hunter Rouge Warlock

Raical abilities: Dreamsight (Green), Arcane Powered (Blue), 5% More Life (Red), Forsight (Bronze), Firebreath (Others)

Languages: Draconic, Orcish

Starting Zone: Dragon Isles (1-20)

Capital: Violet Wrymrest Tepmle

Racial mount: Drakeadon

Faction: Dragonmaw 15Violet Dragonflight

Leader: IconSmall ProtoVioletIconSmall Blood Elf FemaleViolet Horde Dragonaspect

Reputation Orgrimmar Darkspear Trolls Thunder Bluff Undercity Silvermoon City Bilgewater Cartel Houjin Pandaren

New Zones

Horde 15 Dragon Isles Lv: 1-20. Drakonid starting zone. Capital: Violet Wrymrest Tepmle

Neutral 15 Direland Canyon Level: 89-90. Acces: Feralas (Dream bough). Capital: Centaur Village

Neutral 15 Verdant Fields Level: 89-90. Acces: The Hinterlands (Seradane)

Neutral 15 Emerald Forest Level: 89-90. Acces: Ashenvale (Bough Shadow). Capital: Violet Settlement

Neutral 15 Rift of Aln Level: 89-90. Acces: Duskwood (Twilight Grove)

Neutral 15 Eye of Ysera Level: 89-90. Acces: Crystalsong Forest (Great Tree). Capital: The Eye (Scanturay)

Neutral 15 Ny'alotha Level: 90-91.

Neutral 15 Ysera's Dreamways Level: 91-92

Neutral 15 Emerald Paradise Level: 92-93

Neutral 15 Daral'nir Level: 93-94 Capital: Worgen Settlement

Neutral 15 Cenarion Forest Level: 94-95. Capital: Cenarius Grove

Neutral 15 Emerald Nightmare Level: 95-Boss 15 Ruler: Xavius The Nightmare Lord.


Aviation battle You can batte other players on mounts. You can use your ordinary attacks and the mount have also diffret abilities.

Dungeons and Raids


The Rift

The Nightmare Chasm: Enemies: IconSmall FleshbeastIconSmall FloatingEyeNightmare creatures. End Boss: IconSmall Yogg-SaronN'Zoth

The Nightmare: End Boss: IconSmall SatyrXavius

New Characters

Factions and organizations

Various organizations, factions and new races are highlighted in the expansion. In this expansion, new playable races have been implemented.




Major Creatures


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