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AllianceNPC 32Avantina of the Shattred Sun
Title Of the Shattered Sun
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Level 89
Character class Death Knight, formerly Sentinel
Affiliation Alliance (Pearlfin Jinyu), Shattered Sun Offensive; formerly Scourge (Death knights of Acherus), Sentinels
Position Mining, Engineering
Location Unknown
Status Undead
Relative(s) A mother in service of Temple of the Moon, Yazmina Oakenthorn (surrogate mother), A Banshee in service of Burning Legion and later The Scourge (sister)
Mentor(s) Fandral Staghelm, Shandris Feathermoon, Dar'Khan Drathir, The Lich King (Ebon Hold), Darion Mograine, Lord Thorval


Birth and early life

Avantina was born after War of the Shifting Sands and grev up healthly. When she were a child her mother would leave you in care of Yazmina Oakenthorn while she served at the Temple of the Moon and was trying to find a way to resuresct her other daughter to life. Avantina lacked experience of bad times like War of the Shifting Sands and War of the Ancients made her unware of ewil organisations like Burning Legion and Ahn'Qiraj. Fandral Staghelm told her Valstann Staghelm death and his eager to have him back. That idéa grestly exited her and also wanted to return her deaceaced sister that died in the War of the Ancients back to life so that she could meet her. However unkown to Avantina her sister had been raised that the by Nathrezim as a Banshee that time and was in service to the Burning Legion. She was planning to be a Druid or a Priest so that she might learn the power to Resurrect Valstann. However Fandral disapproved of female Druids and wasn't that patien to lern the ways of The Holy Light. Afeter training in the Sentinel army and almost find the purpose she have been serarching for.

Third war

During the Third war Orcs and Humans invaided Ashenvale and Grom Hellscream killed the Night Elves beloved Cenarius she became both angry and curious. When Tyrande Whisperwind instuced Shandris Feathermoon and the Sentinel to attack them she followed her orders. She had only heard tles of Illidan Stormrage and The Highborne and when Tyrande released Illidan from his prison she was excited and approved of Illidan's desition of consuming Skull Of Gul'dan. When the Kal'dorei later allied with Orcs and Humans to fight of Archimonde she had easy to co-operate with Humans. She was furios when the Night elves imortality faded and was later contacted by Fandral. He told her about plans of restoring imortality to the Kal'dorei by plantin Teldrassil (a new World Tree) and she was exited indeed. Se and Yazmina Oakenthorn began to call Teldrassil their home. When Illidan was exiled and Hunted by Maiev Shadowsong she disapproved of Maiev's actions until Illidan killed a lot of Night Elves. she was included in Tyrande's forced and followed them to Lordaeron (continent) alongside many other Night elves. After they allied with Kael'thas Sunstrider she became glad because she had alwys been intraested about The Highborne and their ancestors. She was separadde from the group and was belived dead by her companions.


Her curiosiy of the High elves motivated her to serach of what remains of the High elves. She meet up with some other Night elves in Ghostlands who told her about Fandral's plan of restoring imortality she belived that she had to take it in her own hands. She was met by the Elven traitor Dar'Khan Drathir. He told her that she could restore imortality to her people and her intrest of genoside intrested Dar'Khan. She wasn't about to trust him until she herd ser deceased grandmother speaking to her. She was unware about however that The Lich King had foced her to lie to her sister or suffer ethernal torment. Her sister told her to lisen to Dar'Khan so she did. She then meet up with some night elves staioned in Ghostlands there she met with Dar'Khan time to time. By doing what Dar'Khan told her, she made bad desitions that resulted in some of the Night elves death. Lich King told her that she was her grandmother and showed her a vison of imortality to the Night Elves was at first beautiful. After being contacted with the Naaru M'uru from Silvermoon City nearby the vision slowly faded and became a vision of death and the Night elves as Lich King's slaves, horros called Death Knights she was terryfied and tryed to warn the Night elves and Blood Elves but the Blood elves attacked her. She then ran back to camp, by doing so the Blood Elves discovered the Night elves and it all resulted in a bloody shred. Bearly she fled with her life to Windrunner Spire there she jumped in the water and swimmed towards the coast of Tirisfal Glades. The rock cliffs and the cold water from Quel'Thalas to Tirisfal Glades was a teriible experiance. Numerous Scourge minions followed her into the water. Unlucky she was killed by The Scourge in Tirisfal Glades and raised as a Death Knight.

In World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

0300Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

After being raised as a Death Knight she woke up in Acherus: The Ebon Hold. She knew that her imortality has been restored at the cost of her own free will. After doing what The Lich King has been told her and was sent to the ground base. She was trying to leave Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave when Scarlet Crusade attempted to kill her, Lich King ordered her to kill kill them and she did. After passing Tyr's Hand she couldn't go further because The Lich King didn't let her leave and the only way for her out was through victory. At first she tolerated to be with The Scourge, she losed however more and more faith in their Unholy mision. The Scarlet Crusade inprisoned Koltira Deathweaver and Avantina was sent to release him and she did. The Death knights discovered that Galvar Pureblood began assembling a host from Hearthglen and the surrounding lands. His plan was to unite with Abbendis' forces and drive back the Death knights. Abbendis, however, was being manipulated by Mal'ganis under the guise of the Light into believing that Galvar and his forces stood no chance and would be slaughtered. A Scarlet Courier was sent with a message from High Commander Galvar Pureblood, leading an army of the Scarlet Crusade to fight off the death knights of Acherus to Brigitte Abbendis. However Avantina' foiled his plans and Galvar Pureblood's firces was ahnilalated by The Scourge as a result. Later Avantina was sent to execute a Night Elf in service of The Argent Dawn. She fooled herself (with a lot help of The Lich King that it was her peoples only chance to be restored to imortality. But that was before she saw that the deathmarked Night Elf was Yazmina Oakenthorn. At first none of them saw the others face but when Yazmina Oakenthorn started to talk about thier past Avantina remembered more of her former life and was told that The Lich King is a monster that wants to see this world - our world - in ruin AND THAT SHE MUST FIGHT HIS CONTROL. Knight Commander Plaguefist rudely interupted from outside and asked why it was taking so long. Yazmina Oakenthorn then stated that she must be killed or else Avantina wouldn't survive. After killing Yazmina Oakenthorn she was broke. Almost everything in Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave had rot because of them and she realised that it wasn't any point of living forever in a rotten land. The Lich King called for her, staing that the only way to be free from The Scourge she must complete one final mission, Battle for Light's Hope Chapel. Stating that she mutserve him a last time before beeing free from his mind grasp she still refused, however The Lich King triumpher to bent her to his will. Avantina alongside Darion Mograine, Orbaz Bloodbane, Koltira Deathweaver, Thassarian and Trag Highmountain was sent to Light's Hope Chapel to destroy it. When Tirion Fordring arrived Orbaz Bloodbane fled and all holy chanpions that lied burried there made it impossible for The Scourge to win. Darion then surrender alongside the remainging forces. Tirion told his that he had became all that Alexandros Mograine fought against and that Arthas was a dammed coward that sent them to meet thier doom. Darion was furious about it, stating that The Lich King had betrayd them. The Lich King was about to sacrifice them, not to grant her freedom and imortality as he had promised. The Lich King was force to leave beacuse he couldn't win on holy ground and the Knights of the Ebon Blade was finaly released from him. Darion ordered Thassarian, Avantina and other Death knights to The Alliance. Tirion Fordring told King Varian Wrynn taht he should accept Death knights into The Alliance, despite the horrors they had commited.

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