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AllianceNPC 32Ashbringer
Title <Uprising>
Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 70 Shaman
Affiliation Exodar
Location  ???

Ashbringer is a fictional character in the Warcraft universe. Although elements of her history may appear to share a background with the Ashbringer, they are completely unrelated. While she currently serves as a member of the Republic of Uprising's Council, her past--and future--are shrouded in controversy and multiple discreprencies.

Earliest SightingsEdit

Ashbringer first appeared after the Exodar crashed into the Azuremyst Isles. All records regarding her past were destroyed along with the dismantled pieces of the Exodar, but she made a name for herself when she aided hundreds of crash survivors with her shamanistic healing talents.

Fame and Infamy: The Legacy of SironasEdit

During the cleansing of Bloodmyst Isle, Ashbringer sought out and slayed the man'ari eredar Sironas in the Vector Coil. Prophet Velen of the Exodar personally visited Bloodmyst to thank Ashbringer for the defeat of Sironas, but the legitimacy of Ashbringer's claims came under quick scrutiny by the Draenei populace.

Witnesses claimed that Ashbringer was aided by two other heroes in the defeat of Sironas: a Night Elf Archdruid, and a Human Warrior wielding a “sword engulfed in furious thunder”. Others pointed out that Ashbringer had been completely dedicated to the healing arts up until that day, and that she abruptly became obsessed with revenge and bloodlust—much like the man'ari eredar she had just slain. Some claimed that although Sironas had fallen at the hand of Ashbringer, Sironas had instilled a corruption within Ashbringer and transformed her into an “abomination”. Around this point in time, questions regarding Ashbringer's origins and name started to arise. Some even accused Ashbringer of being an “harbinger of ash”, but Ashbringer denied these wild accusations and blamed them on her trouble-inciting name. With little explanation and no ill will towards the Draenei, Ashbringer crossed the sea and disappeared into the Night Elf lands of Ashenvale.

While most of the Exodar populace has forgotten these events, there are still a few scattered Draenei who look down upon Ashbringer with suspicion and disdain. Prophet Velen remains silent regarding the controversy surrounding Ashbringer and the death of Sironas.

With the death of Sironas, three female eredar remain alive on Azeroth.

The Ashy Veil of AshenvaleEdit

It is unknown why Ashbringer fled to Ashenvale, but some speculate that she was running away from the Sironas incident. According to witness reports, she was personally escorted through numerous portions of Ashenvale by an unnamed Archdruid. However, Auberdine, Astranaar, Felwood, and Darnassian officials claim that they had no Draenei visitors during this time. Due to the lack of physical evidence and the tension between Draenei and Night Elves at the time, it is unlikely that Ashbringer was truly assisted by an Archdruid.

Latest SightingsEdit

Ashbringer reappears in public record two years after the crash of Exodar. Following the upheaval of the Republic of Uprising, Ashbringer was immediately deemed a member of its Council. While in power, the Republic went on to:

- Free Magtheridon

- Slay Gruul the Dragonkiller

- Exorcise Karazhan

- Defeat Lady Vashj and restore water to Outland

- Defeat Kael'thas Sunstrider and reclaim Tempest Keep

- Prevent the Infinite Dragonflight from tampering with the past

- Defeat Illidan Stormrage and free Outland

Republic of UprisingEdit

The Republic of Uprising was founded on May 22, 2006 by Grand Warlock Mideon. Among its past and current ranks, the Republic boasts: High Priest Deagol, Thunder Lord Thalmos, Archdruid Uziga, Averlence the Heroic, Windseeker Tygon, Denetus the Brave, and Xanidict the Duranin.

A large amount of controversy revolves around the deeds completed by the Republic. An interview with the Council regarding their position in history is currently pending.

Declaration of War: The Ley Lines of Lux AeternaEdit

In early 2008, the Republic of Uprising cast a war upon the Lux Aeternian Empire. While the declaration ended in nothing more than a brief skirmish, it marked an important shift in Azerothian politics. An interview with the Council regarding this skirmish is currently pending.

Horde Exiles and the Conquer of SunwellEdit

In mid 2008, Exiles of the Horde extended their hand to the Republic of Uprising in an abrupt attempt to defeat the demons summoning Kil'jaeden via the Sunwell. With the safety of Azeroth assured, the Alliance and Horde quickly broke out into a series of small scuffles regarding the “true heroes” of Azeroth. The Eredar Twins, M'uru, and Kil'jaeden remain undefeated.

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