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About MeEdit

Until I manage to get this user page in order, I'll simply list a few details about me. My name is Matt, and I live and attend college in northwest Arkansas. I enjoy playing wow on US pvp servers, almost exclusively as the horde and frequently as a blood elf. My favorite classes are the warrior, the rogue, the paladin and the priest, roughly in that order. I play on Mac OS X 10.5.4 running natively on my PC, an intel Q6600 @ 3.0ghz with 2gb DDR2 800 and a Radeon x1900GT 256mb. If you would like more info on running wow under OS X, or running OS X on your PC, don't hesitate to leave a comment on my talk page.

By the way, I think mages are way OP. I can't wait to roll one.

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