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Who is Legebril?

Legebril is a Draenei Shaman located on the European Argent Dawn server. He is widely known for being the hottest Draenei known to man.

Legebril Full Body Pose

Legebril, Wearer of the Mankini of Legends


Legebril arrived on Azeroth by means of his personal starship Exodar which he loaned out to High Priest Velen so he could save the Draenei race. Velen forgot that he had absolutely no skill in flying a spaceship and crashed down on the nearby planet Azeroth. If any of the residents ever wonder why the Exodar hasn't been fixed yet it's because Velen is still paying Legebril back for his personal loss of his family jewels during the crash.

After leaving the Exodar Legebril proclaimed: "You better fix my ship fast you noob!" to Velen.

Here Legebril's journey for phat lewt begins...

Early accomplishmentsEdit

Upon leaving the Exodar Legebril waterwalked over to the nearby city of Darnassus. Arriving in the city he was welcomed with open arms by High Priestess Lady Tyrande Whisperwind. The Lady entertained Legebril with many a story of the history of Azeroth and Legebril in return did the same.

Many rumors circulate about the personal time Legebril spent with Lady Tyrande. It is said that the reason Malfurion has never been seen openly declaring his love for Lady Tyrande is because he is still miffed about the time Legebril and Lady Tyrande spent together.

When Legebril is asked about the subject he usually proclaims: "I would never do anything with that noob. She doesn't even stock up on arrows and she has no clue about hitrating."

Legebril set out after a brief stay in Darnassus to explore the rest of Kalimdor. Upon arriving in the Barrens Legebril destroyed the Tauren stronghold at the Barren Crossroads. The Tauren have never quite recovered and the Crossroads were kept in a small settlement for the fear another stronghold would attract Legebril's vengeance once again.

Legebril's exploits in the Barrens were so widely known that they are still being spoken of today. However Legebril did not like the attention so he ordered everyone in the region to replace his name with "Chuck Norris" when they spoke of him.

There are many other tales of Legebril's exploits in the continent of Kalimdor such as: The Sundering of Thousand Needles, The Desolation of Desolace, Legebril's Summer Crib (also known as the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj) and the Destruction of Thunderbluff (also known as The Great Barbecue). These tales tend to be vague seeing as the only survivors of these situations turned into blabbering madmen.

The Eastern KingdomsEdit

After getting bored of Kalimdor and it's lack of phat lewts Legebril proceeded to head towards the Eastern Kingdoms.

Legebril was not in the mood to waterwalk again so he summoned his loyal servant Ozumat to carry him to his destination.

Upon his arrival in the local Pirate town of Booty Bay he was welcomed by the leader of the Steamwheedle Cartel and the Bloodsail Bucanneers at the same time. Until now no one but Legebril has ever managed to reach exalted status with both these factions simultaeniously.

His journey continued through many lands and areas and his mark was left on all of them. There are rumors that Hogger came to be after Legebril hugged a Hyena. The Hyena is said to have been empowered by his magical skin and transformed on the spot into the creature that is still feared today.

Legebril was welcomed in the grand city of Stormwind by Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. King Varian Wrynn was said to quickly leave the city when he heard of Legebril's coming. It is also said that he willingly got abducted by Orcs in order to avoid Legebril's wrath.

The Dark PortalEdit

Upon the reopening of The Dark Portal Legebril traveled back to outlands to visit his friends and family and was not heard of in Azeroth for a time. The only thing known about this time is that Legebril's loyal servant Ner'Zhul (who had opened The Dark Portal so Legebril could visit his home) was told to start gathering phat lewts and turn into the Lich King so Legebril could later beat him for sport. Ner'Zhul humbly accepted this honor and left for the continent of Northrend to follow his given orders.


After his stay in his homeland Legebril returned to Azeroth once again to continue his journey. Legebril's servant Ner'Zhul kept to his orders and ravaged the lands as the new Lich King. Legebril was pleased to see that his servant had also managed to recruit more servants that were honored to take a beating and drop their lewts. Ofcourse there were also those that sought to oppose Legebril.

But not for long.


When the Old God of Death Yogg Saron proclaimed himself to be the strongest one around Legebril quickly proceeded along to wipe the many smirks off of his ugly face. Seeing as Legebril was not the worst guy around he also allowed his guildmembers (read: Worshippers) to tag along while he steamrolled into Ulduar in a whirl of fire and lightning. As he arrived at Yogg Saron's lair he noticed that Yogg Saron had sent his female servant Sara to talk for him instead while cowering underwater in hiding. Naturally Sara was no match for Legebril's charm and she proceeded to wait at her house for him for some furious victory-lovin'. Yogg Saron had no choice to reveal himself and after a quick lesson by Legebril on the proper use of tentacles he yielded and promised to never act tough again. After yielding his lewts Legebril gave Yogg Saron mercy and left. It is said that Sara is still waiting to this day and hasn't left the house in fear she might miss Legebril if he stops by.

Other exploits in NorthrendEdit

Other exploits in Northrend include the following:

-Magic Lessons with Malygos.

Legebril visited Malygos the Dragon Aspect of Magic to ask why he was so mad. After a short councelling session and an instruction on the proper use of magic Malygos was soothed and decided to retire. Legebil was given phat lewts as payment.

-Nursery with Sartharion.

Seeing the frustration of Sartharion and his 3 nurses he proceeded to go into the Obsidian Sanctum to help out Sartharion to properly nurse his eggs. His 3 dragon nurses were also instructed and the 4 dragons combined managed to relax and sit out their pregnancy without all too much stress.

-Naxxramas home decoration.

Ner'Zhuls servants were quickly beaten and gave up their phat lewts to Legebril. As a reward for their loyalty Legebril gave all servants a specially themed wing in their new home of Naxxramas. These wings incorporated their favorite things and also fitted each individual style. Naxxramas itself was raised by Legebril's air spell. This spell has an infinite duration and no cooldown. This was the same spell used by request of Rhonin to keep Dalaran afloat.

-The not-so-trial of the Crusader.

Legebril's personal friend Highlord Tirion Fordring thought to make a special tournament so Legebril could spend some time beating various enemies for fun. The Trial itself was of course not hard but Legebril enjoyed the effort all the same. There was even a special guest appearance by his servant the Lich King and an extra boss with some more lewt. Legebril was touched and hugged all of his friends who instantly turned into raidbosses. Tirion wanted Legebril to have his special sword The Ashbringer but Legebril thoughtfully declined. Even though Legebril is the only Shaman known to man that can wield 2-handed swords he said: "Windfury is for noobs."

Icecrown CitadelEdit

During his fun in the Trial of the Crusader Legebril finally came across some people that were skilled. These people were led by the illustrious Tenshi Duo. Legebril requested the duo and their merry band of misfits to join him to his new citadel which had many fun bosses to beat and many sparkly lewts to drop.

The Tenshi Duo invited Legebril to become a member of their community and Legebril gratefully accepted finally finding people that were skilled and strong.
File:WoWScrnShot 110511 022834v.jpg

Upon their arrival they were shown into the citadel and welcomed by many friends such as Highlord Tirion Fordring, Highlord Darion Morgraine and after a while King Varian Wrynn also decided to show himself after being coaxed by Tirion and Darion that he didn't have to be scared. Wrynn came with a present that increased the power of everyone in the area majorly but it had no effect on Legebril and the Tenshi duo seeing as being better than the best is not possible.

The Citadel had many fun attractions and sparkly treasure so this was a great time for Legebril and his friends.

Upon arriving at the Frozen Throne Legebril told the Lich King to get the hell off his chair. The Lich King nervously agreed. Legebril and his friends proceeded to beat the Lich King and Legebril was pleased by all the training the Lich King had done. It was not all too much of a challenge but at least he didn't die from one lightning bolt.

After his defeat the Lich King called for his daddy and fainted. His daddy carried him home to go into his bedsies to have a nice sleepy time.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon was told by Legebril to stay on the throne and warm his seat until he returned.

The Mankini of LegendsEdit

It is not known where it came from. It is not known how it was created. But the Mankini of Legends was found by Legebril. Some say it was created by Legebril himself. Some say the Titans themselves imbued it with their power. Some say that one of the Tenshi Duo hinted towards its existence.

It was foretold that after the defeat of death itself it would arise and that only the most sexy Draenei known to man would be able to find and wear it.

The one thing that is known. Is that it's so damn hot.

The CataclysmEdit

After his exploits in Northrend Legebril decided to return to Azeroth. Sick of the same old Azeroth he decided to call his pet dragon Deathwing to make a change of scenery.

Deathwing was also sent out to create challenges while Legebril enjoyed the newly shaped Azeroth. Imbued by the power of the Mankini of Legend Legebril quickly attracted the attention of the Dragon Aspects. Seeing as Malygos has been retired for quite a while now there was need for a new Aspect of Magic. Legebril himself kindly declined but asked one of his many girlfriends Tarecgosa is she would like to do it. Tarecgosa accepted the task but got killed shortly after while trying to protect Kalecgos from being ambushed by members of the Twilight Dragonflight. Legebril quickly bonded himself with her essence to make sure he got awesome legendary loot later.

Legebril on Dragon

The creation of Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's rest. Imbued with the power of the Mankini of Legends

After combining the power of the Mankini of Legends and the essence of his deceased concubine Legebril managed to create the most powerful weapon in the history of Azeroth: Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

Many other people in Azeroth have tried to recreate the weapon but no one has even come close to recreate the power of the Mankini of Legends.


Legebril has announced recently to the people of Azeroth that he would be leaving to tend to other important matters. His quest for lewts will be postponed until then.

Do not fear my good people of Azeroth. Legebril will return soon. And it will be Legendary.

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