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This article is a player character biography page for Arthonias Griggs of Wyrmrest Accord US created by Arthonias. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Physical Description:Edit

Arty has developed and changed over his time spent in Azeroth, growing from being a scrawny lanky boy into a man. His body honed and toned into that of a tracker, hiking long hills and down deep into forested terrain has caused his body to adapt. Lean and crafted his torso shows ample amounts of these alterations, his chest flat with only a slim amount of pectoral muscle showing, down to his abs each of eight abdominal muscles on full display for anyone who catches him without a shirt on. A light dusting of hair covers his front half, from his chest down to his waist, small dark brown curls adorn his skin. Which now keeps a consistent light tan shade, a change from his once pale white coloring. Arty's normal body heat seems to wash off of him in waves of heat, nearly always warm to the touch, or sometimes even hot. His overactive metabolism and Worgen nature seem to allow him to remain warm... nearly all the time. Arthonias' hearing,smell and sight have also changed drastically, only improving due to his 'curse'.

Arthonias stands around six feet and one inch in height, a solid size. His height a family trait consisting from both his Mother and Father's sides. Dark red hair, almost a auburn like mane hangs around his face. Arty is working to style it into something he likes, for now though.. it is intent on just hanging freely about him, a trimmed and cropped goatee cling to his chin and upper lip. Arthonias' nose sloped down, ending in a slight curve at the end, a few freckles here or there dot his upper cheeks and the bridge of his nose, his jaw angular and sharp. A strong chin sits underneath his mouth, slim pink lines with two peaks on his upper lips. Arty's brilliant green eyes are flecked with a deeper green, causing his iris' to near glisten at times of amusement of pleasure.

His hands always soft to the touch, Arty keeps up on them, devoid of any calluses, no markings mar his palm nor his fingers save one. A tattoo dedicated to the love of his life, a deep violet color surrounds her name. 'Zaknefia' is written in a white ink, causing the name to pop. A gold trim line either side of the violet 'band' not only showing his devotion and unending love to her, but the belief and faith he puts in her dream. Hanging around Arthonias' neck a pendant named “Gil-Galad” crafted by a dear friend and given to him by his wife, it was created using a ancient technique, pooling moonlight encased within a moonstone giving off the illusion of a star. On his right shoulder, the most recent of his markings earned is the image of a Lion head and mane, dark red in color the tribal marking. The image depicts a Lion bowing before all of Azeroth, depicting not only Arty's personality but yet his families, putting others before him even the noblest of creature is never too proud to honor the wishes of others.

Arty walks with a sense of nobility, confidence and pride radiates from his very being. Every inch of the man shows how genuine and kind he is. Easy to make friends and slow to anger. Arthonias is the type of man who would gladly give the shirt off his back if someone needed it. Sometimes people consider him to be wise beyond his years, or other times he is just a goofball. Finally, after years of combating shyness and speech impediments Arty enjoys talking, willing to simply listen or give his input he is rather a open book, especially amongst members of the Order.


Shadows and doubtsEdit

Arthonias was born too Aliyana and Martin Griggs. The pair having broken off from their own parents noble houses to create their own.After the ordeal Martin and Aliyana both ended up disowned by their parents who were no doubt furious with their decision. Martin vowing for a better life for his beloved and his new

Tadia, the Kit that Arty rescued.

born Son. Martin started himself out as a common merchant selling wares that normally wouldn't of been found in Gilneas, no one knows how Martin happened to acquire these goods, nevertheless no one asked questions and people absorbed the exotic items quickly.

Years went by Arty grew up and at the age of eleven his father, whom now was quite renown amongst the country and its people, too his Son for the first time sport hunting. To teach his Son how to go about the process. After hours of tireless searching Hafter, Arty's dog (or rather puppy at the time) stumbled across a forest fox's den. Arty stood over it looking down at the beautifully colored fox, a light blue with sapphire eyes. He raised his crossbow and fired,purposefully missing the creature. His father having heard the shot,congratulated Arty on his successful trip and ushered him back home.

Ever since then Arty trained not to become a sport or a game hunter,but to disappear and slip into the forest. To track the animals he found a connection with. Hafter, ever loyal at his side enjoyed the animals just about as much as Arty himself. The years drew on Arthonias' confidence on the rise as women ( mostly) complimented him and tried to draw his attention. Always having been too shy for such a thing and always having had the nagging feeling at the back of his mind that they were after his parents wealth rather than who he was.Arty kept to himself and his true friends.

When Deathwing came from the Male-storm, and the Gilnean wall broke.Arty on his seventeenth birthday was out in the forest, minding his own business. On his way to visit that same fox he had saved all those years earlier. When he approached the den he found signs of struggle and spots of blood littering and pooling the grounds. He cautiously approached the home. The Fox carrying one of her kits darted out and took shelter behind him. Her fur mottled and coated with caked on blood a deep claw rake oozing blood down her side, she was dying.

He brought his crossbow out quickly and looked into the den. Two yellow orbs flashed to life and a growl of anger filled the air. The Worgen lept and bit into Arthonias' shoulder, struggling under the weight of the creature the two fought for control. Hafter having been close by barked and pounced the feral Worgen his jaws locking around the monsters arm, he was quickly shaken off and the Beast continued his assault. Arty doing all he could to keep himself protected.

As the Worgen went for the kill, the Vixen intervened placing herself between the two. The Worgen showing no remorse batted the Fox away giving Arty just enough time to scramble free and raise his weapon and fire the bolt, embedding it into the creatures head. Arthonias collapsed there on the ground blood oozing from his wound puss growing and forming around the edges of the bite, his other wounds lacerating his body scared and cut up. As the light of day turned tonight, his body changed, turning him into a Worgen.

Worgen form.

Recovery came slow for Arthonias, the kit mourning the death of its mother stood by Arty's side through it all, along with Hafter.

Weeks drew on, Arty knew he could never see his parents, not in the same light. He left Gilneas quickly. Heading into Azeroth, getting away from all he once knew to make something of himself and his new found curse...

WoWScrnShot 100213 200204

Finally, the bride and groom.

The Journal that started it all.Edit

A book went flying over the man's shoulder, smashing into the wall and plopping down onto the ground. The fire crackled loudly as Arty dug through his bag frantically scouring each and every inch of the leather satchel. Checking pockets the item couldn't fit into, even double checking the bigger section of the bag, before he flung his hands up, and let them slap against his thighs. Arthonias sat there, on his knees Scooting the bag to one side. He slowly collected his red hair, and pulled it back, wrapping a tie around the base creating a pony-tail.

“ Great.. just great, I lost it. I.. I hope it caught on fire.” he grumbled to himself. Quickly a idea came to his head, his eyes scanned through the bookshelf to his side, His place wasn't much a stone little cottage, decorated with the necessities of life. A table, along with bench seating, a bookcase, shelving and two large backed chairs dead center of the main room. His bed tucked away on a platform in the far corner. The fire snapped again, Arty jumped. His nerves wound so tight just about anything set him off. “Get it together Arty.. come on... think back.” He slowly tapped his chin, considering all the places he had been. “ Stormwind! Yes... it has to be there, that was the last place I was, I went from there to here.” He sighed and took a deep breath. “ Well.. off to Stormwind.” he picked up the bag, and headed off leaving his little place behind.

Meanwhile a woman received a letter, a letter containing letters. As her eyes scanned the pages, she found the letters to be sweet, kind. Not long after reading through the second page she found the man's name. The letters were a bit of a diary or a journal entry. At the end of each entry, the mans name was signed 'Arty Griggs' unknown too her, the pages were lost and dearly sought after.

A days journey back to the City and a quick guzzle of water from a nearby Tavern. Arty began his search, re-tracing his steps through the city. Taking each path, each leap, jump, skip, short cut, flight of stairs and every bridge he crossed that day. His eyes downcast to the ground as he inspected it for any sign of his Journal. It didn't take long before he collided into a woman, not just any woman though... THE woman, the one he had written about in his journal. That woman he had his heart set on, and for the most part she probably didn't know. They have shared copious amounts of time together, doing various things for the citizens of Azeroth.

“Arty! Hey... I have something of yours.” Zaknefia Silverspear smiled at him. Quickly digging through her bag and producing the pages of written material. Arty's jaw dropped, his mouth agape as he slowly took the letters, his face flushed with color. As he opened them and closed them quickly reading through them to see what they contained.

'Of course, the only pages she had were the entries written about her' Arty thought, his blush remained as he looked up at her. Unsure of what to say next. “ Uh.. um.. Thank you M'lady.” he smiled, rubbing the back of his neck, he folded the papers up and tucked them away into a pocket.

“ Soooo... who is it? Do I know her?” she leaned in to ask, a small grin growing across her face, her always happy attitude shimmering through just about any dark presence. Arty blinked, he looked back up, his eyes going wide. It dawned on him. He never wrote the woman's name he merely wrote her's she's and probably the word amazing about one hundred times too many.

“ I.. I.. um.. well M'lady... yes, You um do.” he stuttered, ' I could get out of this, she could never know' he thought quietly starting to plot himself an escape route.

“Well who is it?” Zak continued to poke eager to discover who had caught her friends interest so heavily. She rocked back and forth on her heels, grinning still. As she waited for a answer. Arty sighed heavily, he couldn't lie too her. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath.
“Y-you..” He mumbled his bright green eyes darting downwards too the stone floor, he blushed heavily his pale face lighting up with a deep crimson color as his toes fiddled together awkwardly in his boots. “ You..” he stated a bit more clearly this time. Zak blinked, blushing herself now. Her own cheeks darkening. Zak's mouth opened going to speak, her teeth clicking together unable to find the words. Her cheeks remained flushed one hand wrapping around the opposite elbow.

“ I.. um.. really?” Zak's own eyes darted between the ground and Arty. Arthonias ran his hand back along his hair, brushing away a stray strand of hair that had seemed to of fallen loose

“ Yea.. really.” he continued. His hands were busily fiddling together, as his own eyes flicked back and forth between the ground and her. He sighed, unsure of what she would say. Arty's mind started to race back and forth between 'what if's' and wondering if he was wrong in saying so. The silence seemed to last forever before Zaknefia perked up, her ears gave a subtle twitch and she smiled.

“ Well.. I, you know... like you too Arty.” she replied softly. The blood in the pairs cheeks never once leaving, if only intensifying throughout the whole ordeal. Arty's heart raced this was the moment he had been waiting for a flicker of fire spurred within his core.

“ Really?” he asked hurriedly. A nod from Zak caused Arty to smile brightly, flashing his teeth.

“ Really, I think.. you will have to stop calling me M'lady though..” she stated chuckling whimsically Arty's smile remained.

“I will try M- I mean.. Zak. I promise you.. I will try.”

Quick SummaryEdit

Name: Arthonias Griggs or 'Arty'

Age: 21

Weight: 187lbs

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Birthday: Feburary 13th

Place of Birth: Gilneas, StormglenVillage

Home: Small little cottage tucked away beside Ironforge's mountain.

Likes: Kindness, Honesty,Understanding, Animals and crossbows.

Dislikes: Rudeness, Over-aggressiveness

Martial Status: Married to Zaknefia Silverspear-Griggs


Hafter: Arty's first hound, and best friend. Wearinga bluish grey coat, his paws speckled with white just like theunderside of his stomach.

Tadia: A beautiful blue fox, with turquoise coloredeyes, clearly also a very good friend of Arty's her stomach alsocovered with white fur, black 'socks' adorning all of the Vixen'sfeet and the very end of her tail covered in white fur.

Voice Refrence: Steve Valentine (Alistair, Dragon Age: Origins)

Noticeable Markings/Traits:
1) A purple sash wrapped around his right bicep, signifying his devotion to his Fiance's Orginization.

Tattoos: One, a band around his ring finger, symbolizing his devotion to not only his love but the commitement it means, it is simple, blue and within the bands lines her name is inscribed.

Markings: A dark red, almost purple tribal marking, in the shape of a Lion on his right arm. It looks almost burnt into his skin, warm to the touch.
Theme Song (For Him and his Fiance): "A Thousand Years" by Aimée Proal and Lindsey Stirling

1) Zaknefia Silverspear [Wife]
2) Aliyana Griggs[Mother]
3) Martin Griggs [Father]
4) Thaidis [Grandfather]
5) Evrain Thatcher [Uncle]
6) Tia 'Honi' Thatcher [ Cousin]
7) Sildra Balaqwal [ Life-Long Friend (Practically Sister)]

Smell: A heavy wooded forest, and musky scent, with a subtle vanilla aroma lingering around him


Violet dawn
Arthonias, has found a home and friends amongst the Violet Dawn, currently Arty is in a quite dedicated relationship with another member, in fact having just gotten recently engaged! Arthonias is excited beyond words. With his new fiance's help and love, Arty has become more forward, and more of who he once was. His body having changed even further. Becoming slightly bulkier it having grown in definition to be noticeable now. All of his travels having shaped and formed not only Arty's body but also his mind to be more of a diplomat rather than a fighter. If he must, especially to defend those he cares for he will fight, but only as a last resort. His goals having mirrored the goals of the Violet Dawn and those who reside within the Organization He has made plenty of friends and is always seeking more. Consistently with a happy-go lucky attitude, he is willing to give the shirt off his back to assist people in need.

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