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Physical Description:

Arty as he normally goes by is six feet one inch in height. His overall build is skinny, he is flat almost pencil like with only a small amount of definition about him, clearly starting to bulk up some as his body grows. Mostly from running and long hikes and walks through heavily forested areas, His muscles and body having adapted to that sort of terrain. He carries himself with a aura of nobility. Arthonias' father having been a noble himself,Arty knows his place and would never flaunt his position or the title his father has within the kingdom. But nevertheless he carries himself, personally to a much higher stature and standard. Being overly kind and generous, helping others however he could.

Arty's strawberry blonde hair having its own small natural wave is now long enough to be pulled back into a pony tail, his bangs still parted somewhat above his forehead,creating a loosely held together pony tail. Clearly its not something he knows how to do all to well. A five o'clock shadow covers his cheeks and chin a darker reddish color. His face has attribute of both a boy and a man, clearly in between full maturity and youth. He is wise beyond his years. But tends to think too much rather than act.

Arty's pale skin, soft, smooth his face free of any markings such as scars or tattoos, his vivid green eyes scanning every aspect and detail about the world around him. A small dash of freckles dot his nose, which curves upwards at the tip ever so slightly creating a small slope.

His armor clearly of high quality and craftsmanship. Clearly new, and obviously never worn into battle,bearing the same color as the organization he has so very much dedicated his time towards. Arty's purple armor shining bright and perfect. A ornate crossbow hanging from his back and a abundance of bolts in a side quiver that hangs loosely on his left side for easy access.

Arty despises his Worgen curse, and for that reason alone he would hardly be seen in it. Unless he must be.Normally he is kind, polite. He is confident in his abilities. But when it comes to talking about him he is quite shy and to himself, he is very easy to make


Arthonias was born too Aliyana and Martin Griggs. The pair having broken off from their own parents noble houses to create their own.After the ordeal Martin and Aliyana both ended up disowned by their parents who were no doubt furious with their decision. Martin vowing for a better life for his beloved and his new

Tadia, the Kit that Arty rescued.

born Son. Martin started himself out as a common merchant selling wares that normally wouldn't of been found in Gilneas, no one knows how Martin happened to acquire these goods, nevertheless no one asked questions and people absorbed the exotic items quickly.

Years went by Arty grew up and at the age of eleven his father, whom now was quite renown amongst the country and its people, too his Son for the first time sport hunting. To teach his Son how to go about the process. After hours of tireless searching Hafter, Arty's dog (or rather puppy at the time) stumbled across a forest fox's den. Arty stood over it looking down at the beautifully colored fox, a light blue with sapphire eyes. He raised his crossbow and fired,purposefully missing the creature. His father having heard the shot,congratulated Arty on his successful trip and ushered him back home.

Ever since then Arty trained not to become a sport or a game hunter,but to disappear and slip into the forest. To track the animals he found a connection with. Hafter, ever loyal at his side enjoyed the animals just about as much as Arty himself. The years drew on Arthonias' confidence on the rise as women ( mostly) complimented him and tried to draw his attention. Always having been too shy for such a thing and always having had the nagging feeling at the back of his mind that they were after his parents wealth rather than who he was.Arty kept to himself and his true friends.

When Deathwing came from the Male-storm, and the Gilnean wall broke.Arty on his seventeenth birthday was out in the forest, minding his own business. On his way to visit that same fox he had saved all those years earlier. When he approached the den he found signs of struggle and spots of blood littering and pooling the grounds. He cautiously approached the home. The Fox carrying one of her kits darted out and took shelter behind him. Her fur mottled and coated with caked on blood a deep claw rake oozing blood down her side, she was dying.

He brought his crossbow out quickly and looked into the den. Two yellow orbs flashed to life and a growl of anger filled the air. The Worgen lept and bit into Arthonias' shoulder, struggling under the weight of the creature the two fought for control. Hafter having been close by barked and pounced the feral Worgen his jaws locking around the monsters arm, he was quickly shaken off and the Beast continued his assault. Arty doing all he could to keep himself protected.

As the Worgen went for the kill, the Vixen intervened placing herself between the two. The Worgen showing no remorse batted the Fox away giving Arty just enough time to scramble free and raise his weapon and fire the bolt, embedding it into the creatures head. Arthonias collapsed there on the ground blood oozing from his wound puss growing and forming around the edges of the bite, his other wounds lacerating his body scared and cut up. As the light of day turned tonight, his body changed, turning him into a Worgen.

Worgen form.

Recovery came slow for Arthonias, the kit mourning the death of its mother stood by Arty's side through it all, along with Hafter.

Weeks drew on, Arty knew he could never see his parents, not in the same light. He left Gilneas quickly. Heading into Azeroth, getting away from all he once knew to make something of himself and his new found curse...

Quick Summary

Name: Arthonias Griggs or 'Arty'

Age: 18

Weight: 180lbs

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Place of Birth: Gilneas, StormglenVillage

Home: Small little cottage tucked away beside Ironforge's mountain.

Likes: Kindness, Honesty,Understanding, Animals and crossbows.

Dislikes: Rudeness, Over-aggressiveness

Martial Status: Happily Engaged


Hafter: Arty's first hound, and best friend. Wearinga bluish grey coat, his paws speckled with white just like theunderside of his stomach.

Tadia: A beautiful blue fox, with turquoise coloredeyes, clearly also a very good friend of Arty's her stomach alsocovered with white fur, black 'socks' adorning all of the Vixen'sfeet and the very end of her tail covered in white fur.


Violet dawn
Arthonias, has found a home and friends amongst the Violet Dawn, currently Arty is in a quite dedicated relationship with another member, in fact having just gotten recently engaged! Arthonias is excited beyond words. With his new fiance's help and love, Arty has become more forward, and more of who he once was. His body having changed even further. Becoming slightly bulkier it having grown in definition to be noticeable now. All of his travels having shaped and formed not only Arty's body but also his mind to be more of a diplomat rather than a fighter. If he must, especially to defend those he cares for he will fight, but only as a last resort. His goals having mirrored the goals of the Violet Dawn and those who reside within the Organization He has made plenty of friends and is always seeking more. Consistently with a happy-go lucky attitude, he is willing to give the shirt off his back to assist people in need.

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