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AllianceNPC 32Hagrim Feathermane
Title <[[Title::the Explorer]]>
Gender Male
Race Wildhammer dwarf
Position Mining, Skinning
Location Wandering the various regions of Lordaeron and Khaz Modan
Relative(s) Mom and Pop in Ironforge

Appearance and Personality Edit

  • Age: 40
  • Height: 4 ft
  • Weight: 175 lbs

Like all Wildhammers Hagrim stands taller then his Ironforge cousins. His beard and hair are blond, and his skin has a heavy tan to it. He has not come of age to receive his tattoos that show he is a part of Wildhammer society, though he eagerly awaits the day.

Always at his side is his Crag Boar Tusk, who he has shared many adventures with. Tusk is protective of his master, and has been known to shove away more then one girl who he felt has gotten to close to Hagrim (much to Hagrim's displeasure). Recently Hagrim has left an elderly Tusk with his parents in Ironforge and has adopted a Worg of his homeland. Rightly named Fang the two share a tenuous friendship at best and since their meeting Hagrim has been showing many new cuts and bites on his arms and legs.

Hagrim is fond of the drink, like any good Dwarf would. He refers to everyone as "lad" or "lass" regardless of age and begins his sentences with the word "Oi!" when excited or angered. Hagrim is a jovial fellow all around and has even been known to come out of the Arathi Basin, covered in blood, with a smile on his face and a beer in hand.

History Edit

Hagrim was born in Aerie Peak among his Wildhammer brethren. At the time the Ironforge Dwarves were working closely with the Wildhammers to procure some Gryphon eggs to train in Ironforge. Though a few Wildhammers did not like the idea, many rejoiced at the thought of their Ironforge cousins pulling their heads out of the ground and taking to the skies with them. Hagrim's parents and a few others were chosen to go with the Gryphon eggs and teach the Ironforge how to correctly train and take care of Gryphons. Thus baby Hagrim was taken from his homeland and brought to live in Ironforge. He had a very closed childhood, one spent with the Gryphons his parents trained. His relationship with his parents was extremely strong, as was the Gryphons who considered him a part of their family.

It was in those hallowed halls that Hagrim came upon the Explorer's League. Their stories of archeology and adventure captivated the young Dwarf and it became his dream to someday join them.

The time came when Hagrim's parents believed that the Ironforge were capable enough of raising and taking care of their own Gryphons. However, they had come to love the city and made many dear friends there. They chose to stay and start a small weapon making and trading business. The idea of living the remainder of his life under the mountain never appealed to the young and restless Hagrim, and the first chance he got he bid his parents farewell and went out to aid the Alliance.

Hagrim took up the visage of a mercenary for hire, though his skills were open exclusively to the Alliance. He first went into Dun Morogh to hone his new skills as a marksman. It was here that Hagrim met Tusk, his loyal boar friend for life. The two wrought havoc on the enemies of Ironforge in Dun Morogh and Loch Modan. Hagrim was creating an excellent reputation and a pile of gold to match. Coupled with his growing mining and skinning business and his new found enjoyment of the cooking profession, things seem to be going Hagrim's way.

For awhile Hagrim took work with the League of Arathor, but that didn't suit him quite well. Seeking adventure and gold Hagrim booked a boat over seas and arrived in Theramore. Hagrim would make many return trips to Khaz Modan, most notably to purchase a Ram to help him traverse the new continent.

After his work in Theramore was done Hagrim headed back east to the Plaguelands. The threat of the Scourge had long been a problem to the relatively untouched Hinterlands, and Hagrim sought to make it nonexistent. As he took up arms with the Argent Dawn he found himself questioning his lot in life and whether he could truly accept the mark of a Wildhammer after spending so much time among the Alliance.

Regardless, Hagrim finished up his jobs in the Plaguelands, and then took a step through the Dark Portal where he heard adventures and gold abounded. He blazed his way through Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh, ending up at the doorstep of Illidan himself! And though he never got a chance to face the "Lord of Outland" he did put a major dent in the Naga and Blood Elf forces of the region. The Dwarves of Wildhammer Stronghold were so pleased that, when the time came, they offered Hagrim a Gryphon mount. With a tear in his eye, Hagrim accepted the beast and took to the skies to rain terror from above.

Present Activities Edit


Out of Character Information Edit

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