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HordeNPC 32Athanier Sunsail
Title <[[Title::Arcanist]]>
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Position Herbalist, Skinner
Location Quel'Thalas
Relative(s) His father Quol'dan and his mother Athania

Appearance and Personality Edit

  • Age: 120
  • Height: 5 ft
  • Weight: 105 lbs

Athanier has gone through both physical and emotional transformations when he became a Death Knight. He cropped his long hair and his skin lost it's tannish hue while also becoming noticeably more gaunt, almost stretching across his face. With his joining of Billy, Athanier is now more reserved and is sometimes caught muttering to himself. Those who don't know him, and that is almost everybody, would think he is suffering from a split-personality disorder but that is far from the case.

History Edit

Athanier's grand-father was a great sailor and navigator among the Quel'dorei. His skills were invaluable in the exodus from Kalimdor. When the High Elves first entered Quel'Thalas, Athanier's grand-father knew his heart rested with the sea so he settled down and founded Sunsail Anchorage. Fast forward a few thousand years and Athanier is born.

Though always interested in the ways of sailing like his father and grandfather before him, Athanier chose to forsake that path and become a Mage, like his mother. Athanier was taught to become an Arcanist and master his heritage. Besides helping his father build Elven Destroyers, he played no major part in the Second War. His mother left for awhile to help Dalaran and protect Quel'Thalas borders, but she returned safely soon after.

When the Third War came Athanier and his family took shelter upon their personal vessel and set out to sea with as many people as they could carry. They could see the flames from their burning capital from the water. When they came ashore the land was quiet and lifeless. They led the band of Elves until they joined up with Kael'thas. All three of the Sunsails eagerly took on the name of Blood Elf in honor of their fallen kin. However, both Athanier and his father were suspicious of their Prince Kael'Thas. Athanier's mother was not, and she scolded her husband and son. When Kael'Thas left with a promise to return Athanier's mother went with him. Athanier has not heard word from her since.

By the time Athanier finally set out to make a difference in the world Kael'thas had betrayed his people and raided Silvermoon. Athanier was shocked and hurt, but most of all worried where his mother had ended up.

While out aiding the Blood Elves and their new allies the Forsaken, Sunsail Anchorage was over run by Wretched and Athanier's father was forced to flee. Luckily, Quol'dan was able to save their ship and has become a boon to the Shattered Sun Offensive naval efforts.

In one incident with a group of Scourge cultists Billy was kidnapped. Not about to abandon his friend, Athanier set out after the cultists, trekking across the Alterac Mountains in the dead of winter and following the trail to the gates of Scholomance. What happened after Athanier entered those haunted halls is unknown, but when he emerged he was a different person. He claimed to have reclaimed Billy, though the skull itself is nowhere to be found, and he has dropped the ways of the Mage.

Billy Edit

Those who meet Athanier are usually a little disgusted at the fact that he carries a skull with him. The skull, named Billy, is always with Athanier. Athanier will often enter into arguments with the skull, though what they are about no none knows. The origins of how and when Athanier "met" Billy are unknown to any but Athanier himself as, whenever confronted with the question about Billy's origins, Athanier will let Billy narrate the tale while he sits back and laughs at certain "hilarious" parts. Many speculate that Athanier has adopted the skull as a substitute for his many lonely years of Mage training and the departure of both his parents for Athanier believes that Billy is an actual person, though his race has never been discerned. However, no one can deny the fact that there is something definitely odd about the skull as strange phenomena happen whenever it is around. It was once revealed by Athanier that Billy had lost an eye to a Ghoul and that he wears a silly eye-patch to which Billy "replies" that he had started the eye-patch trend.

In some strange cult ritual performed in Scholomance, Billy's essence has been infused into Athanier's body. Billy now shares Athanier's mind and the two can converse both telepathically and vocally, the latter action leading many to think the tortures of Scholomance merely cracked Athanier's already fragile mind, a ruse Athanier has been keen to pick up on.

Current Activities Edit


Out of Character Information Edit

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