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Recent News Edit

2008/03/10 ArmoryProfileBot offline 
The short version is that the Armory has been feeding APB garbage and it's made APB very, very sick. Rather than make you all continue suffering through disappearing/reappearing APB pages, APB has been taken offline TEMPORARILY while I finish work on his older brother. The new APB will not only be smart enough to not eat garbage, it will know a number of other tricks as well. In the mean time, please don't take down your APB Config pages or remove yourself from APB Users; I'll need them when APB 2.0 is ready to take over. Wish me luck!
2007/08/22 Host Change 
The Armory's URL changed today, killing this morning's update attempt. I have successfully run it manually.
2007/08/20 Update Trouble 
Though WoWWiki seems to be working fine, most of APB's attempts to contact it today are simply being ignored, even when I run the update manually. I can't promise there will be an update today.

Introduction Edit

Unlike the other bots, this is not a general-purpose, bulk-update bot. It runs once a day and pulls character profile data from the Armory (EU or US) and posts it to WoWWiki. There are three steps to getting ArmoryProfileBot to include your characters in this update:

  1. Add your username to APB's list of users.
  2. Create a list of characters at [[User:<your username>/APB Config]].
  3. Add "{{/APB Table}}" to your user page wherever you want your character list to appear.

Check out my character list and user page to see how it looks.

Rules Edit

There are a few simple rules to using APB:

  • The {{/APB Table}} gets completely overwritten every day when the bot runs, so there's generally no point in editing it.
  • You can remove yourself from future updates by removing yourself from the user list. Doing so will not delete your existing character table; it just won't get updated anymore.
  • The list of users and list of characters have a simple, but required, format. If you don't follow it, your updates won't work.
  • If you mess with APB's images, templates, or user list — or other user's character lists — expect to get reported as a vandal, as it's almost certain to break something. If you want changes made to APB, say something on my talk page.

FAQ Edit


Can I add an APB character table to a non-User: article?
No. APB currently only supports articles in the User: namespace, to prevent the possibility of its damaging "real" wiki articles. If you want an APB table to appear in another namespace, create an article under your user page and add it to the user list, then include that page's {{/APB Table}} in the non-User: article.
Wait, what do you mean "an article under my user page"?
For example, Kirkburn has "Kirkburn/Characters" in the user list instead of "Kirkburn", so APB looks for his character list at [[User:Kirkburn/Characters/APB Config]] and posts the character table at {{User:Kirkburn/Characters/APB Table}}. By using sub-pages this way, you can place as many APB tables as you like under your user page -- one for you, one for your guild, one for the scepter holders...
Can APB create tables in other languages?
No. WoWWiki is an English-language wiki and visitors expect the information here to be in English. Charater, guild, and server/realm names pulled from foreign-language Armories will be displayed in their native language, of course, but all other information (stat names, professions, classes, races, ...) will be displayed in English.

Character Lists

Is there a limit to how many characters APB will retrieve for me?
Yes. APB uses several fairly complex templates, so having too many characters on the same page (even if they are in separate tables) can overload MediaWiki's template engine. To help prevent this, APB currently only publishes the first twenty characters in your character list.
What regions does APB support?
Currently, APB only supports the North American (US) and European (EU) armory servers. I will be looking at adding support for the Korean (KR) region soon. If you are aware of an Armory in another region which you would like to see supported, drop a note on my talk page with the URL.
Does APB work with servers/realms whose names contain spaces and apostrophes?
Yes. Because region names do not (and character names cannot) contain non-letter characters, they're very easy to handle in server/realm names.
Does APB work with character/server/guild/etc. names with accented or other non-ASCII letters? (e.g. ö é β ...)
Yes. APB should be able to read character names which contain accented letters typed directly (ö), as named HTML entities (&ouml;), as numeric entities (&#246;), or as hex entities (&#xF6;).
Does my character list need to include the {{data}} template?
No. APB ignores it if it is present and will not complain if it is not. However, some users (myself included) like to add that template, as it indicates that the character list is not a normal wiki article and should not be edited like one.

Character Tables

Can I change the way my character table looks?
Not at this time. However, the ability to use templates of your choosing is planned for a future version of APB.
Help! My character table didn't get created!
In order to avoid swamping WoWWiki or the Armory, APB only runs once a day, early in the morning Pacific time, so if it's been less than a day since you posted your name to the user list, you just need to be patient. If it's been more than a day, then most likely APB was not able to find your [[/APB Config]]. Double-check the entry you added to the user list and the name of your Config file and make sure they match. If you added "JohnDoe" to the user list, then APB will look for an article named "[[User:JohnDoe/APB Config]]" for your character list.
One or more of my characters don't appear in my character table.
Check the source of your {{/APB Table}} by visiting that page and selecting the  edit this page  tab. APB leaves notes in your character table as <!-- HTML comments --> when it encounters a problem with a character. The most common of these is:
<!-- No character named "name" on server "server" in region "region" or other Armory error. -->
This means that the Armory returned an empty profile for that character, either because it does not exist at all in the Armory or because it's level is too low for it to be tracked. If you can see that character in the Armory directly, double-check your character list for typos.

List format Edit

The formatting of the user and character lists is simple. One name per line, optionally with a numbered or bulleted list marker in front. Blank lines, headings, and lines containing templates are ignored. The idea is to make it possible to make your list look nice enough to include in a page if you like without getting too difficult for APB to read. Here are some example character lists:

  • The wiki formats this as a big blob of text, but APB reads it just fine:
US Draenor Malefactor
US Draenor Caegar
US Malfurion Crass
  • This will be displayed as a simple bulleted list:
* US Ner'zhul Ethstabe
* US Ner'zhul Attarn
  • Using headers makes it possible to group characters, but they're ignored completely by APB:
=== My toons ===
* US Draenor Malefactor
* US Draenor Caegar
* US Malfurion Crass

=== Friends' toons ===
* US Draenor Jendala
* US Draenor Nazeemba
* US Malfurion Jenraani

Source Edit

This bot was written in PHP and uses the HTTP extension. The full source can be viewed here.

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