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HordeNPC 32Arentil
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Character class Rogue
Position Mercenary
Location Unknown
Status Alive and slashing
Relative(s) Unknown

Description Edit

He looks like a completely feral man. His hair is braided into dreadlocks, and has tiger teeth and twisted bits of metal capping each braid. Blue tattoos cover his torso and arms, each one seemingly troll design in nature. His face tends to have a weathered look, but it's always quick to break into a seamed smile whenever something entertains him. His muscles are larger than most elf's, being used to wielding all kinds of weapons. He wears a scowl of disgust in Silvermoon, almost as if he almost can't stand the place.

He's shorter than the average male elf, but he's built solidly, almost as if he's been training in strength for ages. His eyes have a yellow-ish tint to them, along with the green.

Out of Character Information Edit

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