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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

As the note above states, this is complited speculation. Most of this I've created myself.

The Internal Invasion Edit

This expansion deals with the old enemies like the Scourge and Azshara's naga coming back into power while older enemies, the Old Gods, put their plans into action. With the stream of adventurers heading into Outland to slay the evil there, no heroes are left to defend Azeroth. Desperate, the factions across the world have allowed the practice of Necromancy. To keep the necromancers in check they have also begun training Monks.

The Internal Invasion also introduces of a completely new faction, the Splinter. Sub-species of well-known races, this grab-bag of humanoids have joined together to find peace. Whether through diplomacy or brute force, they strive to declare supremacy over any opposition. The Splinter refuse to join the Horde due to the Fenrin Centaurs' bitter hate of the Tauren and they declined the Alliance because of the Duskanvil Dwarves' past discrepencies against the Bronzebeards.

The Splinter Edit

The Splinter are, as stated above, a rather random assortment of races at the look of it. But the stories behind them show how deep their alliances run or how thick their hatred is. The Splinter is consisted of the Icepelt Furbolgs of Grizzlemaw, Bloodaxe Trolls of Zul'Ashir, Duskanvil Dwarves of Goldspire, Fentrin Centaurs of Gourandon and the Wrathtalon Arakkoa of The Nexor.

The basic flying mounts for Kalimdor flight paths is Chimera Chariots (the centaurs have difficulty riding other mounts but can still ride the dragons). The flying mounts for the Eastern Kingdoms are red dragonflight supplied by the Duskanvil. In the Outland, the basic flying mounts are also red dragons (but at still only 60% speed). Similarly, the epic plated dragon is only 100% flight speed. Duskanvil dwarves (exhaulted otherwise) can do a difficult, long quest for a reduced cost flame-crest dragon (280%).

Icepelt Furbolgs Edit

The Icepelts are a splinter of Grizzlemaw. They left strictly because of political reasons but remain close to their brethren. So close that their capitol is actually a sector within Grizzlemaw.

The Icepelts were deeply hurt by the coming of the Scourge and, to escape their effects in Northrend, they sought shelter on the offland island of Crystalmyst. They entered a state of isolationism to ward off intruders and attempt to build a capitol city. They succeeded in creating the ice-carved city of Frostforge. After decades of peace, however, a rogue shaman's experiments to control local ice elementals failed, angering them and eventually destroying Frostforge.

Forced out of isolation, the Icepelt sought refuge with the Grizzlemaw who accepted them greatfully. Their isolation prevented them from learning of the Emerald Dream or more specifically it's taint. In order to find more assistance the Icepelt Cheiftain Kracor sailed to the southern seas and eventually discovered the Bloodaxe trolls.

Classes Edit

Warrior - The staple class.

Hunter - Although against using guns, furbolgs are natural hunters.

Priest - Inclined toward the healing ways, a handful of Icepelts studied under the Duskanvil dwarves. Although the Grizzlemaw accepted their breathren open-hearted, they had regrets when they Icepelts began building a chapel.

Mage - The frosted state of their home made many Icepelts begin to experiment with Frost magery.

Shaman - Some Icepelts have clung onto the shamanistic way that most of their forest brethren still practice.

Racial Abilities Edit

Thick Fur (Passive) - +10 Frost resistance (Resistant to the debuff "Frosty Mist" on Crystalmyst Island.)

Roar of Ferocity (Active) - Buffs up to five friendly players (including self) by XX attack power within 15 yards for 10 seconds. Varies by level, 3 minute cooldown.

Spirit Feather (Shaman, Druid, Priest) Spirit Beads (Warrior, Hunter) - Buffs up one friendly player by XX spirit for 10 minutes. Varies by level, 30 second cooldown, active, five charges at a given time.

Pathfinding (Passive)- Increases movement speed outside of cities by 3%, stacks with other speed buffs.

Geography Edit

Icepelt furblogs begin their adventure on Crystalmyst Island (1-12). It is a forested island shrouded in a frozen fog. The coniferous trees are coated in ice and the ground is lightly blanketed in snow. To players who are not a furblog the mist will give them a debuff that will slow their attack and movement speeds. Crystalmyst is home to animals, another tribe of aggressive furbolg and ice elementals who rampage through Frostforge.

The Icepelts do not have a capitol city, persay. They must take a gryphon from the western shores of Crystalmyst that will take them to a Duskhammer junction in Eastern Northrend. A tunnel then directly leads to Grizzlemaw and specifically the Icepelt Quarter. This sector is Splinter owned and Horde or Alliance who come too near will be KoS.

The zone after Crystalmyst is the Steamvent Isles (12-20). The chain of twelve islands is frozen, like Crystalmyst, in the lower 20% of the zone. The rest is tropical, like the Echo Isles, due to the steam vents. Because of this a large variety of fauna roams the islands and the flora assists herbalists. Also, a Bloodaxe Emissary has based itself on one of these islands.

Extra Information Edit

Although the racial ability of Spirit Beads or Spirit Feathers is dependent on your class, a player has the ability to have whichever they'd like as a visual accessory.

Icepelt Furbolgs start Friendly with the Grizzlemaw (as opposed to Neutral).

Their basic mount are black, brown or white bears. The epic is an armored bear.

Bloodaxe Trolls Edit

A tribe of trolls of the Gurubashi Empire, the Bloodaxe splintered at the first signs of Hakkar. They believe that the primal gods are the only trusted ones as humanoid gods still have greed and selfishness. They migrated to an island off the Eastern coast of Stranglethorn called Monsoon Cove. Although they retain many traditions similar to other troll tribes they are strongly against voodoo magic and try to be as civilized as possible.

Classes Edit

Hunter - Hunting is the staple source of food for most Trolls.

Warrior - The basic class for mostly all races.

Warlock - Some Bloodaxe were taught dark magic in the hope to later summon Hakkar. When they split, some of these Bloodaxe continued using dark magic.

Priest - A few Bloodaxe studied under the Gurubashi high priests before they became possessed. They have still retained their pure, healing teachings.

Rogue - Taught to fight guerrilla warfare, the Bloodaxe are capable to enter stealth and engage foes in assassination.

Druid - By worshipping animal gods, The Bloodaxe were able to tap into the emerald dream. Their cat form is a Bengal Tiger, and their bearform is black, light brown face.

Racial Abilities Edit

Enrage (Active) - Similar to the Darkspear Trolls'. Increases attack speed and power for 10 seconds.

Axe Specialization (Passive) - +10 Skill to 1H axes, 2H axes and throwing axes.

Remedial Ways (Passive) - +10 Alchemy.

Competition (Passive) - Increases attack power by XX against other trolls (Including NPC, other Bloodaxe and Darkspear.) Increases with level.

Geography Edit

The Bloodaxe trolls start in the cave of Monsoon Cove (1-12). A tropical beach similar to Jungeuro Isle. Animals include raptors, panthers, tigers and basilisks. Two other immigrated troll tribes have come to the island which pose territorial problems for the Bloodaxe.

The capitol of the Bloodaxe trolls, Zul'Ashir, has grown since it's creation hundreds of years ago. It is now the largest capitol within the Splinter and challenges Zul'Gurub in size. It shares visual such as it's circual set-up around the high seat seperated by a pirahna infested "moat". It is directly above Pirate's Rest (the Troll starting area) but players must travel completely around the island to reach it due to thick vegetation.

After completing Monsoon Cove, Bloodaxe trolls must travel via water-level bridge to Outpost Island (12-20). Technically the most Eastern Island on the overview map, Bloodaxe trolls even come into contact with silithids who've flown from Silithus across the ocean (or so they assume). Other enemies include tropical fauna, Bloodsail Pirates and an establishment of the Venture Co.

Extra Information Edit

They contain similar visual appearences to Darkspear trolls but have more red to yellow skin tints (as opposed to black and blue).

A large number of quests on Outpost Island involve the Bloodsail. This means the Splinter can gain an early start on rep with Booty Bay.

The basic mounts are teal, green or black basilisks. The epic mounts are plated basilisks in the same colors (but more radiant).

Duskanvil Dwarves Edit

The Duskanvil Dwarves are a splinter of the Dark Iron. Strongly against the Dark Iron's actions, the Duskanvil strived to save the enslaved red dragons and were successful on some fronts. They migrated to the mountains west of Loch Modan and built their own mountain domain of Goldspire.

Even though they despised the Dark Iron the taint of Blackrock led them to believe that the Bronzebeards, and therefore the Alliance, were evil. This poses many problems as the Ironforge settlements of Loch Modan are within minutes of a hike across the mountains. As of now they have declared an unspoken treaty and fighting has been minimal.

The few red dragons that they saved are in debt to the Duskanvil and can be seen flying around or walking within Goldspire. Due to this, it makes the Duskanvil a very strong force and it makes up for their lack of diplomacy skills. The Splinter welcomed them primarily for this reason.

Classes Edit

Hunter - They share this class with the Bronzebeards.

Warrior - The common class.

Paladin - Although tainted by the Dark Iron the Duskanvil strive to become pure of light. Some have succeeded and can bend it to their will.

Priest - Similar story as the paladins.

Rogue - The Duskanvil responsible for freeing the red dragons needed stealth and cunning. Their teachings are passed down in the form of rogues.

Monk - There are many abandoned troll temples within the Duskanvil region and their secludedness has allowed certain Duskanvil to achieve nirvhana in their quest for light.

Racial Abilities Edit

Dark Iron techniques (Passive) - +10 Mining

Whistle of the Red (Active) - Summons Red Whelp to protect the Dwarf for 5 minutes or until killed. 5 Minute Cooldown.

Stoneform (Active) - Increases armor by 10% and provides immunity from poison, bleed or fear for 8 secs. 3 minute cooldown.

Blackrock attunement (Passive) - +10 Fire resistance

Geography Edit

The Duskanvil start out within the mountain chain east of Loch Modan in the Sparkling Mines (1-12). This extensive network of tunnels is completely within the mountains having only one exit; Goldspire. The mining is plentiful and the walls are filled with so much ore it looks almost as if it is day. Dwarves will face troggs, kobold and tunneling animals as they explore the caverns. It is expected that the Duskanvil won't see the light of day until level 12.

The exit to the Sparkling Mines leads to the Production Quarter in Goldspire. This city, resembling Ironforge, is also completely within the mountains. But as Ironforge has the great forge Goldspire has the Nesting Grounds. This sector is home to the red dragons who have come to depend and protect the Duskanvil who provide the same for the dragons. The entrance to the city is guarded heavily by red dragons.

After spending so much time underground, new Dwarves will first see the entirety of the Armani Gorge (12-20). This expansive valley is dichotomized by a river that eventually leads to the Wetlands. Enemies are similar to Loch Modan like troggs, kobolds and bears. There is also a Wrathtalon Arrakoa on the other side (Eastern) of the gorge that has a combining tunnel to The Nexor crash site.

Extra Information Edit

The basic mounts are battle turtles (enhanced to run at 60% speed increase). Shell colors range from black, yellow, green or white.. The epic mounts are plated turtles.

At 70 a very long and difficult quest line is availible to make a flame-crest dragon (280%)purchasable for 3000 gold.

Fentrin Centaurs Edit

A tribe of centaurs that fights for the rule of Desolace, the Fentrin are by far the most aggressive race of the Splinter. They center themselves around the underground complex of Gourandon on the Western side of Desolace.

Well aware of the bleak conditions in Desolace the Fentrin have embraced the dark aura but are sure to keep their power in tact.

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