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World of WarcraftEdit

I presently live on the Uther server and make semi-frequent forays onto the Shadow Council server. My list of characters is presently...

Uther Server Characters (PVE Server)Edit

Ollin: (main) level 70 Human Demonology Warlock (Unlimited mana rules!)
Istana: level 70 Draenei Resto Shaman
Quan: level 53 Nightelf Marksmanship Hunter
Trasana: level 63 Nightelf Two-Weapon Mortal Strike Sword-Bleed Arms Warrior
Pristinne: level 42 Human Subelty Rogue

Shadow Council Characters (RP Server)Edit

Dogg: level 24 Beast Mastery Hunter. Is known to talk to his pet... You're not crazy if it talks back...are you?
Zallita: level 28 Frost Mage from HELL. She's always..."jus chillin' mon."
Henikie: level 17 Tauren "I can't decide what the hell I am!" Warrior. A real ladies man...even when it hurts.

Rest of my LifeEdit


I am presently a Computer Information Systems major attending Eastern Washington University in Cheany Washington (just outside Spokane Washington...if you don't know where that is...think Seattle, only southeast across a mountain range. If you're thinking the're thinking about a thousand miles too far east.)

Java ProgrammingEdit

If you know Java 5 GUI programing head to my talk page.!
Update: Learning slowly but surely.
javax.swing = = satan
Java programmers know what I'm talking about.

JSP ProgrammingEdit

If you know JSP and/or JDBC head to my talk page.

PHP ProgrammingEdit

If I never get to write another line of PHP code in my LIFE I will be very happy. Hodge-podge languages are for the birds.


I origionally learned to program in C++. Now that I'm finally starting to actually know what I'm doing when I program, I'm loving these two languages more and more.</br> Pointers rule...</br>


I play Necrons in 40k and I'm working on an Ogre Kingdoms army in the mean time. If you play drop by Librarium Online and drop me a PM. If you found this page, you know what my user name is on there too.


Warlock TalentsEdit

To be blunt, I hate the Warlock_Talents page. So I'm rebuilding it...but having problems.

It's rebuilt, but still needs a lot of work. To be more specific all the warlock talents need their own pages.

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