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HordeNPC 32Lavielle Eldel'rai Tyranoris
Title <Ruby of Wyrmrest Accord>
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Level 80
Character class Priest, Dragonsworn
Affiliation Wyrmrest Accord, Ashen Verdict, Argent Crusade
Position Dragonsworn to the Red Dragonflight (subservient to Rakorstrasz), Priestess of the Ashen Verdict, Lady of House Rendelah
Location Varies. Wyrmrest Temple, Silvermoon City, Icecrown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Telvenrah Rendelah (mother), Haloren Rendelah (father), Astarelle Estas Tyranoris (daughter)

Lavielle Eldel'rai TyranorisEdit

Lavielle is recognized and regarded as an Ambassador of relations for the Wyrmrest Accord to the Horde, primarily serving as mortal standpoint. She was originally recruited to the Temple on behalf of the Sin'dorei, but when they became allies of the Horde her position shifted to more of a Horde Ambassador. However, this position changed rapidly when she became sworn to Rakorstrasz due to his request, and thus she was replaced and now considers herself allied with the Accord, with emphasis upon servitude to the Red Dragonflight.

Currently her location is unknown, as she recently was lifted from her obligations to the Ashen Verdict in order to serve the Temple on a scouting mission. The exact details of the mission are kept to only the Red Dragonflight and herself, but it is known that she is traveling around Azeroth with Rakorstrasz gathering information.

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