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This article is a player character biography page for Te'Nala of Wyrmrest Accord US created by Tenala. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Te'Nala was born in Hillsbrad to her mother Hylariah, a priest, and her father D'mitri, a rogue. Tragedy struck, leaving her alone in the world. She was adopted by a human woman, and lived with her in Silverpine Forest. She was happy 1.


The BabyEdit

When barely an adolescent, Te'Nala went alone to a nearby village. On the way back, she was attacked by a human thug. After he had her way with her, and left her for dead, Siar, another child living with her and Lillith, found her, bringing her home. She recovered, but it became apparent she was with child. After a relatively easy pregnancy, she lost the child while birthing, nearly dying herself.

The LightEdit

She was visited by an avatar of the Light while grieving. It offered to give her the power to exact justice on the one who'd hurt her, if she'd make a Vow of Chastity of a certain period of time. She soon agreed. However, she didn't continue to serve the Light after that, still following it, but not becoming a priestess or anything special.

The RogueEdit

Not too long after this, Te'Nala left home. She began to follow in her barely remembered father's footsteps. Te'Nala worked as a thug, assassin, pirate, thief, and pretty much did any job that paid alright. She seemed to have little in the way of morals, and only stopped at killing anyone younger than herself, and pregnant women. She sometimes got caught, and punished, even tortured, but it was never anything too bad. At least, not until she crossed the Grimtotem.

The GrimtotemEdit

Eventually, Ten made her way to Kalimdor, where she found many new business opportunities. She was given a job to kill a tauren. Too late, she learned it was one of Magatha's favorites. She was captured, and tortured for days. She finally escaped. Only one of the Grimtotem survived, and only then because she thought she'd punched enough holes in his liver for him to do so after she'd left.

Adult LifeEdit

The First Turning PointEdit

Te'Nala began to change her ways after that. She began to pray more, and serve the Light. She'd still perform the same sort of jobs, but they were for the Church. After awhile, she stopped performing those jobs at all, instead becoming a paladin, and a healer.

The Dark PortalEdit

One day, after Ten returned to the Eastern Kingdoms, where she spent a few years in the Undercity, spending time with her now Forsaken caretaker, Lillith, the Dark Portal reopened. Suddenly, Silvermoon was all abustle. So, she decided to take a look at their ancestral city. She was nervous at first, but soon made friends, and even did some dating1.

The MarriageEdit

Te'Nala ended up marrying a paladin. However, when he learned that she had, in fact, never allied herself fully with Kael'Thas, and was a true paladin2, not a Blood Knight, he became furious. He stabbed her in the womb, killing their unborn child, and almost her.

The CatEdit

After awhile, Te'Nala began to be stalked by random people she met in the inn. However, the only one who really caught her attention was a certain cat who was pretty witty and funny. He made her happy in the first time in quite awhile. She even began to compete with others for his heart.

The CompetitionEdit

She pulled ahead again, and dominated much of Tomahna's time, even sleeping with him 3. She also managed to go on quite a few dates with him. He eventually called it off with all of the other's in the competition, and she officially won not long after that. Soon, he proposed.

Happily Ever AfterEdit

They now both live in Feralas, though they still spend much of their time in Silvermoon. They have fun whatever they do, whether it's political intrigue, or making fun of passersby. They are currently building a house in Feralas.


Te'nala and Tomahna.4

Guild AffiliationsEdit

None at the moment.


  • 1 = Emo edited out for easier reading
  • 2 = She picked a trick up to manipulate her eye glow, something that was originally nothing more than a parlor trick.
  • 3 = Chastely. Get your minds out of the gutter, already!
  • 4 = As drawn by Spook of Sisters of Elune.

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