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Neutral 32Geolan
Gender Male
Race Draenei
Level 64(current), 80(future)
Affiliation Alliance, Exodar, Aldor, Sha'tar, the Hand of Argus, Argent Dawn, and Argent Crusade
Position Vindicator
Location The Outland
Status Alive
Relative(s) Velen (great-uncle) Geodor (father)

Introduction Edit

Geolan is a draenei paladin who is greatly opposed to the legion, beause they brainwashed the orcs that killed most of his family, and greatly devoted to the Light. He despises Blood Elves for their cruel manipulation of Mu'ru and slaughter of his race when they lived on Dreanor. However other then that he is kind to all races ('cept Forsaken :P) including most of the Horde who he does not blame for his parent's death. He is also usally calm and mercifull except when it comes to Blood Elves.

Draenor Edit

Geolan was born in Shattrath City, in 58 B.F.W. to a Aldor Vindicator and a Karabor Cleric. During the first 14 years of his life Geolan grew up in present day Shadowmoon Valley, made friends with a few orcs local and learned their language. When Gul'dan rose to power, everything changed. Geolan's parents were killed by savage orcs, A barbarian and a warlock, after they made sure he fled to safety. He was raised by his grandfather's brother, Velen. Velen thaught Geolan about the Holy Light and how "It will always guide us in the right direction." . Geolan, inspired by Velen's teachings and his Father's courage, decided to become a paladin when he came of age, (60 years old). During the first war on Azeroth, Geolan, on Dreanor, was employed as a city guard, part time chaplain, and also worked for equal right among the Broken. After draenor shattered, and Illidan along with his vile naga and blood elves attacked Tempest Keep, he was one of the few that escaped on the Exodar.

The Azuremyst Isles Edit

Geolan, now 80, landed on Ammen Vale island when the Exodar crashed. He found that all of his power had drained away and was as weak as when he was 14. He still believed in the light and prayed for the souls of the dead. He was startled by Megelon who shouted "You Survived!" Geolan was sent to Proenitus, and later to Aurelon for renewed paladin training. Geolan having a kind heart help as much as he could and was sent to Azure Watch, and later as a ambassodar to the Alliance at Odesyus' Landing. After returning to Azure Watch,He took a long jouirney to the Furbolg inhabited part of the island. Through a series of totems, he learned their language and relized that their ancestrol home, Stillpine Hold and took it back from the Owlkin and the evil Kurken. After that success, He was spent to the Exodar for a little while and there was reunited to his great-uncle. After a long talk, Velen mentioned he should journey to Bloodmyst Isle and help those at Blood Watch. Geolan was horrifeid at what he saw, curruption everywhere. Geolan worked hard to purify the land, and when he found out that the blood elves were behind it, and they were trying to summon Kael'thas from Outland, He went into a rage and killed many of the blood elves at the foot of the Vector Coil. Seeing Matis the Cruel, a blood elf leader with a price on his head, it was all a nearby Tracker of The Hand could do to stop Geolan from killing Matis. During Matis's trial, Velen appeared on the transmitter,and after Vindicator Kuros killed Matis, Geolan asked forgivness of Velen, Velen said, "Geolan, I know your feeling, but if we succumb to our rage, then we are no better than the Man'ari. However you can redeem yourself by killing one. Demolitionist Legoso has tracked the location of Sironas. I want you to help him kill her." Geolan decided to but he needed to build-up his strength. All of a sudden a ghost of a lost prince asked Geolan to help him at wyrmrest isle first. After doing everything that he could possibly do for the better of everyone on Bloodmyst (all the quests) Geolan ran to Vindicator's Rest. Geolan told Legoso that Velen had sent him, along with a human ally, Geolan made his way to the Vector Coil, after planting dynamite and killing many Blood Elves, The small group made it to the top. at the top they found Sironas harnnessing the power of the vector coil in a attempt to summon the Burning legion back in to Azeroth. After Legoso blew the Vector coil up, Sironas rushed at them with great anger. During the epic duel with Geolan, Sironas taunted him saying that he was a wimp and that anyone could see that he was just a rage filled whelp. Geolan who almost tryed to kill her, but then he stop to say, "No I'm better than that." and then something just flared-up inside him and he was filled with the holy light in it's purest form, The Light of the Universe that always dirves away darkness. He took his mace, and used it to strike the fimal blow to Sironas. However Sironas seconds before she died, Sironas gasped, "Your father whom you love so dearly was reamimated by a necromancer and is now part of the Scourge. You may be light, But he is surely darkness," and Sironas took her last breath. At Blood Watch, The draenei held a party for him, and even Velen came to celebrate.After all the hand shaking, Geolan thanked the inhabitinats of Blood Watch, but before he left to the Exodar, The Triumvite of the Hand welcomed him into the order. Geolan used most of his power to heal survivers and watched Velen as he healed the islands. Geolan whose power had returned to that of a normal paladin, said his goodbyes and set out to see the rest of the world.

Current Wherebouts Edit

Geolna has been all over Azeroth. He's been from Darkshore to Stranglethorn, from Feralas to Swamp of Sorrows And from Tanaris to Tirisfal Glades. He has bought a house in in Ironforge and lives there when not on adventures.

Geolan&#039;s House

Geolan on his horse, Lightspeed, in fornt of his house in Ironforge.

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