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This will be a changelog for my edits so I can explain what I am working on in regards to big changes.


Cancelled the Echelon Prime Initiative, proceeding with a subdued interpretation of the project.


Moved all Echelon Prime content to Cat Team Projects Page.


:Merged Player Character category with Players category.
  • Placing Class specific Abilities and Spells categories as subcategories within the parent Abilities category.

Got the Categories under 500. W00t!

I'm going to restructure the Armor Set categories. As it stands, theres Sets, Armor Sets, then each individual Class Armor Sets. I'm going to make Armor the parent, with the Class Armor Sets nested within, and get rid of Sets and Armor Sets. Too many branches on the tree.

STILL need to do the work on the NPC and Character category trees.

Effectively titled my categorization project "The Echelon Prime Initiative." Did some major cat cleanup. Unlinked/merged about 60-some categories, pulling the category count to well under 500. I'll do some more work on the Weapons and Armor category trees later on. I'm also putting off work on the NPC/Character section until I get a tighter grip on Weapons and Items and such.


:I have started a widescale Category maintenance project in which I will be clearing unneccesary/unused categories. I will also be looking for similar categories that can be combined into one, for example: Blacksmithing and Blacksmithing Supplies. I've merged Category:Blacksmithing Supplies and moved all content into Category:Blacksmithing.
I will be merging the NPC category into the Character category, since they are pretty much the same thing, plus there are minimal articles under NPC. - ALSO: Merging Naga Clans category into Naga category.

Merging class specific Trainer categories into the main Trainers category.

We have way too many categories and subcategories that get too specific. Example: Alliance / Alliance City / City categories. Going to try and merge similar cats and narrow down the list.

I'd just like to note: Any categories that I delete today may be recreated as I assess the situation later on. I am trying to clear out as many cats as possible so that I can merge and/or create better ones for maximum functionality.

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