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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Untainted Heart is an order of exiled night elf druids who currently reside in a rural part of Ashenvale forest. They were once part of mainstream night elf society and lived amongst the druid community, but were exiled when they began to experiment with arcane magics drawn from the World Tree Nordrassil. They were also banned from the Emerald Dream and remained in exile when the Long Vigil began.

In recent times, before the Alliance's arrival on Kalimdor, a Human explorer ventured into the lost continent and found his way to the then uncharted forests of Ashenvale. There, he was met by the exiled druids, who fascinated him. They developed a mutual friendship and the explorer lived with them, learning of their culture. Before long, the druid elder had a precognitive vision of the coming of the Burning Legion and the utter destruction of Lordaeron. The human explorer then asked that the order assemble an expedition to sail east to warn the mages of Dalaran so that a preemptive defense could be prepared. A small group of druids was gathered, including Alexandreta, Dartain, and Anakali, and together with the explorer they sailed east to meet with Archmage Antonidas.

When they reached the shores of Silverpine Forest, they were shocked when they were ambushed by a legion of undead soldiers. According to the elder's vision, the undead forces were not yet supposed to exist, yet here they were. It so happened that these undead agents were operating under the banner of The Dark Hand Covenant, a race of undead created independently of the Scourge. The expedition was almost entirely wiped out, and the human explorer was killed. Alexandreta and Dartain were able to spirit Anakali back to the ship, but were unable to escape with her. They were cornered in the darkness of the Skittering Dark by the undead, and eventually, were killed.

Anakali, an upstanding member of Night Elf society, returned to Ashenvale safely, where she was admonished by her Sentinel superiors for consorting with the exiled druids. Her warnings of the Undead threat went unheeded and she was sent away adjust her training.

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