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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession / Profession Guild
Obedai Alliance 15 Shadowsong Human
IconSmall Human Male
Ui-charactercreate-classes mage
16 Herbalist / Skinner The Bleeding Oracle
Dhc obedai

Obedai, formerly of the Burning Blade


Obedai was raised in Elwynn Forest near Stormwind, and at a young age became an apprentice to the Clerics of Northshire. After the First War, when Northshire Abbey and Stormwind were destroyed, Obedai took refuge in Stromgarde. He bade his time until the rebuilding of Stormwind and then continued his training under the mage trainers of the Mage Quarter and journied across the land seeking further training.

Eventually, he began to become disillusioned with the Alliance and appealled to the dark arts. He first sought kinship with the Defias Brotherhood, but, unsatisfied, travelled across the sea where he found members of the Burning Blade in Desolace. He joined their ranks and found the continuity he was looking for. While stationed in Thunder Axe Fortress, Obedai met a fellow mage named Mathus, whom he formed a bond with.

The Burning Blade of Thunder Axe Fortress possessed an artifact known as The Hand of Iruxos, which contained the essence of the demon Iruxos. Obedai and Mathus were not involved in the cult's use of the hand to open demon portals in Mannoroc Coven, but Obedai at one point experienced a communion with the demon himself, who projected his thoughts into the surrounding area. Through the psychic link, Obedai learned of the demon's association with The Dark Hand Covenant, the group whom in earlier years summoned forth a demon ally of Iruxos into Azeroth. Obedai also learned of a mystical book known as the Grimoire of Embron, a collection of spells that would allow the owner to summon forth an army of demons to do their bidding.

Before long, Thunder Axe Fortress began to fall under frequent raids from nearby enemy outposts, which prompted Obedai and Mathus to leave. They severed their ties to the Burning Blade and ventured out on their own, taking on the task of tracking down the Grimoire of Embron so that they may create their own army of demons.

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