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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession / Profession Guild Mount
Krall Horde 15 Ner'zhul Undead
IconSmall Undead Male
Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue
56 Skinner / Herbalist The Dark Hand Covenant Blue Skeletal Horse
Dhc krall

Krall of the Dark Hand Covenant


Krall grew up in the town of Strahnbrad in the Alterac Mountains, and during his adolescence he moved into the capitol of Alterac. There, he served as a member of the early workings of the Syndicate led by Lord Perenolde.

Eventually, when it was discovered that the Alterac government had betrayed the Alliance, the city was sacked and its officials banished. Krall then wandered the Eastern Kingdoms, homeless, before finally settling in the naval state of Kul Tiras.

Following the founding of Theramore Isle by the Kul Tiras navy, led by Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, Krall migrated to the newfound city in Dustwallow Marsh where he started life anew in a new world. Soon after, however, he encountered Syndicate loyalists who secretly continued on the name of Alterac. Known as the Blue Bishop Sovereignty, they worked behind the scenes in the Theramore government, vying for control of the political framework. After the death of Admiral Proudmoore, the government fell into shambles, at which time the Blue Bishop Sovereignty attempted to usurp control, but were thwarted by the emergence of the Langdon-Ocelot Society, a rival syndicate attempting to take control. The Blue Bishop sent Krall to assassinate the Langdon-Ocelot leader, after which he assassinated his own leader as well, realizing the danger of either group taking control of Theramore.

After the travesties he committed, Krall was sought after by Theramore lawkeepers as well as members of both the Blue Bishop and Langdon-Ocelot. He fled Theramore, escaping into the Barrens where he travelled north. Fresh on his heels, a posse led by Silver Hand Paladins Alistair Whiteheart and Adelbert Renhold tracked him. They eventually caught up and confronted him in the woodlands of Ashenvale, where he ambushed and killed Whiteheart. Renhold, distraught at the loss of his friend, overpowered Krall in a fit of rage, striking him in the face with his hammer. Disfigured and missing his jaw, Krall died on the forest floor.

Krall's corpse lied rotting for a long time before the coming of The Dark Hand Covenant. Led by the death knight Mauron Alnamis, the Covenant travelled through Ashenvale on their unholy pilgrimage of spreading the taint of the Burning Legion. Mauron's unholy aura reached out around him, reanimating Krall's corpse as he passed by. Always seeking to bolster his forces, Mauron welcomed Krall into his ranks and brought him back to his base in Silverpine. Upon arrival, Mauron tried to sway Krall to his will to turn him into another mindless slave, but he resisted, due to a holy resonance that transferred into his body from Renhold's hammer. Due to his resistance and refusal to join the Covenant, Krall was locked away in a prison within the depths of the Skittering Dark, where he was scheduled to be executed.

Before long, Mauron was overthrown and banished away by his second in command, Embron, who then took control of the Covenant. In the absence of Mauron, the undead forces began to regain their free will, breaking out of their collective slavery. With the aid of Covenant members Dalan and Banisher, Krall was freed from his prison and aided in the civil war that broke out amongst the freed and the enslaved. Banisher challenged Embron, and the two broke out into a magical duel, which led to the collapse of the deepest caverns of the Skittering Dark and the mystical hibernation of the surviving Covenant members.

Nearly four years years later, Krall reawakened alongside Dalan in Deathknell among the Forsaken. From then on, the two ventured out into the new world, reforming The Dark Hand Covenant anew and setting a goal to seek out and destroy the remnants of the old Covenant to cleanse its taint from the world.

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