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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
AnitaconDoin Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Draenei Female Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 70 Guild:Shardracona (Feathermoon US) Silver Keeper
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Keeper of the Altar for Shardracona

Age: Mid twenties
Birthplace: Draenor
Race: Draenei
Religious Affiliation: The Light

A player character who may be found on the Feathermoon Role Playing server.


Anita was born on Draenor a few years before the Tempest Keep was launched to travel to Azeroth. During her years there, she studied under her father as a miner. In her sixth year, she unfortunately witnessed an entire legion of Draenai warriors be destroyed by an enraged dragon. This experience caused her to not speak for several years, until she arrived on Azeroth. There, she met Siji Anna'Erusen Denselde, and Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde, as Siji was coming off the boat from Auberdine to learn more of Jewelcrafting. Even though at times she is still quiet, she has often been a bit of a chatterbox since that point. After joining the Shardracona family, she met Astadaa Kirsantii, a young Draenai Shaman. She was instantly struck by the younger Draenai's beauty. She can often be found in Astadaa's company, working on tasks in either the Bloodmyst Isles, or throughout Azeroth, attempting to cleanse the world of the Burning Legion's agents. She also travels on occasion with the Night Elf druids Yagul and Acailaa. She is slightly shy, but extremely impulsive, which at times, can drive Astadaa and the other members of the Shardracona family to distraction, as she is also known to work through the night trying to complete her tasks, and refuses to quit, even when she has just taken a beating.

Recent HistoryEdit

Anita has recently attained her sixty-fifth season, and has received her training in summoning a warhorse, and a charger. She has also retired her faithful Spotted Frostsaber Rhuagh, having met, and bonded with the swift Frostsaber Ryana. She has completed a set of Jade Armor, Bloodscale, and is working on several other sets of fine armors to wear.

She has also become the spouse of Astadaa Kirsantii, at a ceremony held in the Exodar in front of O'ros. The ceremony was attended by many members of Guild:Shardracona (Feathermoon US), with Persis as Astadaa's Maid of Honor, and Siji as Anita's.

The Book on Drinlana's DeskEdit

Anita has made a recent discovery on Drinlana's desk while on an errand in her study. An open book lay on the surface, and in its pages, Drinlana had marked a passage that made mention of one of the displaced families that lived within the Black Temple when it was a paradise... One name struck Anita upon reading it... Farseer Condoin Khaandaris... the word... ConDoin... underlined three times. Upon seeing this, Anita had bolted from the room in confusion and uncertainty. Why was Drinlana researching her family? How had she found that particular book, and where? Anita has started searching for answers, not quite willing to ask Drinlana just yet.

As Seen By Others Edit

Persis Anarane'Annare DenseldeEdit

With the arrival of the Draenei mothership to Azreoth, Persis has gained many good and dear friends. Anita conDoin is one such person. The two have been seen chatting and laughing, on many an occasion, in Stormwind. Anita has even accompanied Persis, into the Catacombs of Duskwood, to find a rare tomb that might give clues to Persis's heritage and blood family. Anita was utterly fearless, smiting many Scourge with her Verigan's Fist.

Persis was especially honored to be Maid of Honor for Astadaa Kirsantii, true love of Anita conDoin, at their Union, in the Exodar.

Drinlana Isil'Litla DenseldeEdit

When Drinlana saw Siji arrive home to the halls with tales of the friend she had met aboard the Exodar she heard an excitement that she rarely heard in her little girl. She spoke of a gentle, kind, friendly, warm and stunningly beautiful woman by the name of Anita conDoin. Since her arrival in to the Shardracona Estate, Anita has proven to be a wonderful addition to the family and guild. Immediately fitting in, always helpful, ever plesant and a simple joy to both know and see and have as a friend and dedicated, devout companion. Drinlana has watched her steady rise in skill and faith and views Anita as a true symbol of Draenic strength and beauty.

Quotes Edit

"Yes, they are real... And, they can cut glass!"

"Ask for directions, I said... But Noooooo.. It's Interdimensional, he says. What could go wrong?"

Fighting Style Edit

Anita is, for lack of a better term, extremely brash. At times, she will get in over her head, and spend the better part of the fight healing herself. She will rush the creature she is fighting, hitting it with a Seal of the Crusader, then start chopping it to pieces with her Ravager (axe), or pounding it to a pulp with Verigan's Fist.

Notes Edit

Anita is entirely a creation of her player's imagination. She was created to be elegant, yet slightly sensual at the same time. She was a part of the Shadows of the Abyss guild before joining the Shardracona family, and is still frequently seen running with members of her former guild, the druids Yagul and Acailaa, and the fire mage Lafemmenoir.

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