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( retcon: character has moved to server:Moon Guard, much information is out-dated )

Andiro Bloome


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A Description of Andiro Edit

Name: Andiro Bloome

Class: Rogue

Guild: The Bloome Company

Rank: President

Server: Sisters of Elune

Race: Blood Elf

Professions: Jewelcrafting, Engineering.

Marital Status: Widower, Single

Andiro Bloome stands about as tall as any normal elf, and is slightly weak in frame. His long black hair drapes behind his neck, and curves off sharply on his brow. His voice is somewhat neutral and kind; and his teeth appear to be flawless. A bit pale in tone, and with a sleek goatee, Andiro seems to hold some form of dignity in his face.

He dresses in a formal white shirt, with a white undershirt beneath it. On his hands are two rings, none of them look to be very expensive but they are intricately cut with flowers in the design. On his right wrist is a mounted pocket watch augmented to a silver band.

Those familiar with Engineering companies (such as G.I.G.A. , M.E.G.A. and B.O.O.M.) should know of the Bloome family and their history in building arms for the Alliance. More recently, those familiar with the politics of the Undercity will be able to recall that the CEO of the Bloome Company was recently arrested for charges of maybe selling weapons to the Cult of the Damned during the third war.

Family History Edit

Andiro Bloome is a blood elf of middle age, who currently lives in Silvermoon City with his son. Andiro was also once married, but his wife is long dead .He has always worked in his father's Alliance weaponry company, though with recent events they now sell to everyone. Andiro was a happy man, until about two months ago (As of The coming Storm patch).

Two months ago, he was going to be given his father's company, so the now forsaken elf could retire in peace and enjoy his golden (albeit) undead years. A large party was held on a zepplin, and many businessmen of all manners of races were their to celebrate Andiro's new rank in society. The party was going well until it was time for the company to be turned over. Andiro's older brother Girard, saw several goblin zepplins coming towards them. The Senior Bloome, was taken by Deathguards aboard, and their flight over the northern sea was quickly ended.

The Bloome family (Andiro, his son, mother, two brothers, sister, brother in law, father and niece) were all taken to the Undercity for interrogation. Apparently, the Senior Bloome had committed several acts of embezzlement (which wasn't why they were taken in) and may have sold several necro-technological schematics to the Cult of the Damned during the Third War. Andiro and the others were let free, and only his father was left to rot in the cells below the Undercity.

Andiro keeps in contact with his father (although he'd rather not), and it has come to his attention recently that the company now belongs to him. His father claims he was a patsy, put up to it by the Gnomes, and that until Andiro needs to prove his innocence. Andiro, grudgingly agreed.

Now he works all day trying to make the Bloome Company a proud source of capitalism. All the while trying to keep his family from killing him (so they can inherit the company), making sure his son doesn't become a bad person, and searching for ways to prove his father's innocence.

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