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Anasmira is a player on the Aerie peak realm. He has 2 level 70 Characters, a Hunter and a Shadowpriest (named Zepidine), talk about LOLEASYMODE. His hunter is his main, it has been on the server since day 2 of its existence, (June 16th, which is also Anasmira's Birthday IRL).

Anasmira picked up WoW inbetween girlfriends to destroy his soul. Finally succeeding in that goal, he actually stopped failing miserably and learned 2 play.

In addition to having the most Hunter-Agility on his server (As of June 16th, 2008, before WOTLK), Anasmira has the smallest wallet and an extra large... Heart IRL.

He is a member of the guild Outlanders and maintains his own Guide for Hunters, used as both self reference and for the reference of others. It is a good excuse to keep on top of things =)

Raid Experience: Vanilla: ZG (This one time I pulled all of the panthers and wiped the raid, trufax),MC, Ony, AQ20

BC: Kara (C)

ZA (C- 3Tloot)

GL (C)


TK 3/4

Hyjal (Rage-Kaz)

BT (Nothing... YET, stay tuned for moar) Sunwell (Lost roll on Shivering Felspine to A RET PALADIN WHO SAID HE HAD BEEN PROT FOR 3 YEARS BUT RET WAS HIS MAIN SPEC. He was Draeni. Count the things wrong there lol.)

Fun Facts: Anasmira knows most Cascada songs by heart, he has also memorized the pokemon theme (both verses) and uses parentheses way too much (especially right now). He is an engineering student at one of the most expensive, and small, private schools (which he can't REALLY afford) in the United States, and plans on swimming in the negative monies he will have accumulated by the time he graduates. Before he played WoW he was a pokemon master. This remains unchanged. Anasmira is 19 and watches cartoons, anime, and Will Smith. lol

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