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HordeNPC 32Tomahna "The Fuzz" Half-Horns
Gender Male
Race Tauren
Character class Druid
Position Sarcastic Jerk
Location Unknown
Status Living

Tomahna Edit

Tomahna is a simple fuzzy druid... most of the time, anyway. He is prone to moments of shrewd insight and occasionally lets on that he is smarter than he likes to make it look. This is not exactly a great feat, as there are small children smarter than he'd have you believe he is.

Appearance Edit

Tomahna looks like an average tauren, with only his broken horns an exception, which suits him quite nicely. He likes to wear clothes he considers 'nice,' mostly hand-made. He's kept rather well-groomed, though still manages to smell of his favorite drink, Junglevine Wine.

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