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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Hascakkin Edit

Neutral 32Hascakkin
Hascakkin stands tall
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Gumanoid)
Character class Warlock/Blood Mage
Affiliation Himself
Location varies
Status Active
Comp(s) Zuril Gozin (felguard minion), various minor demons
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Character Biography Edit

Viridiel Edit

Viridiel is relatively young by elf standarts - although his precise age is unknown, it is clear that he was sent to Kirin Tor for studying arcane arts ten years prior to the beginning of the Third War and he was barely of age to do so. While in Dalaran, he proved to be quite a talented and a powerful mage, which led to growing arrogance towards those not practicing magic. It was there when he discovered his love to fire, a trait uncommon for a high elf.

Viridiel remained in Dalaran up to the beginning of the Third War, and that may be the reason he survived. When the news of his homeland's fall reached him, he gladly followed prince Kael'thas, and took up the mantle of a Blood Mage, reaching deeper into fire magic. Together with the rest of Kael's (and then, Illidan's) forces he ventured all the way to the icy realm of Northrend. He was put in charge of blood elves' front base at Sapphiron's lair, which was later devastated by Scourge forces. In that battle, Viridiel lost his right eye to a ghoul, and his left hand was also damaged badly. Fortunately, he managed to survive, although he was knocked unconscious.

When Viridiel woke up, all around him was Scourge outpost. Arthas and Anub'arak already left the scene to venture into the depths of Azjol'Nerub, and it was of no difficulties to a skilled magi to fool undead and escape. Luckily for him, one elven outpost in the area was left untouched and he managed to get there. Alas, it was too late to save his eye, and two fingers on the hand. To cover his wound, Viridiel asked a blacksmith to craft a temporary prostetic gauntlet, which was made quickly, utilizing remnants of a fallen Spellbreaker's armor.

Hascakkin emerges Edit

The Hascakkin

The Hascakkin

With what remained of their forces, the blood elves rallied to the Icecrown glacier to join prince Kael. However, when they arrived, everything was already over - Arthas emerged victorious, and Illidan was fleeing, beaten. On their way back to the coast Kael'thas sent a scout party inside the tunnels, from which Arthas emerged just in time, and Viridiel was among the volunteers. They, however, did not manage to get deep into the Old Kingdom, since it was all infested with faceless ones, now even more furious with death of their leader at Arthas's hands.

Viridiel's party, however, did not return with nothing. They've managed to steal some minor artifacts, whose magic was not left unnoticed by skilled mages, and a strange book in black leather cover with sinisterly glowing red runes on it. Surprisingly, part of it was written in a dialect of Common and thus could be used by blood elves. Among descriptions of abominable rituals the book held a guide to create a device called the Hascakkin - an essence-harvesting machine in a form of mere gauntlet to feed upon the recently deceased. Viridiel yet again volunteered - this time, to construct and use it first-handed.

Among blood elves' spoils were necromantic devices of many purposes, looted after grounding several minor Scourge outposts prior to Arthas's arrival. It was more than enough to craft the Hascakkin. However, being a machine used by the Scourge, the gauntlet could hardly be expected to function properly in hands of living.

When the time of the first test came, a corpse of some unlucky yeti was brought, and twelve Blood Mages cooperated to back up Viridiel, should anything go wrong. It went - the corpse violently exploded, impaling the unfortunate magisters with bones. Although most of them survived the explosion, they were quickly killed by Viridiel - his body unharmed and his mind in grasp of the Scourge device. By coincidence, the ritual was held apart from the camp, so no one knew what exactly happened - no one, but Viridiel.

The gauntlet was no Frostmourne, and after an hour of struggling, Viridiel overcame it - for a while. Nevertheless, what had been done had been done, and seeds of darkness were alread growing inside unfortunate elf. Ironically, the incident healed his left hand and what a wound in his eyesocket. Bitterly, he decided to forsake his noble elven name and accept the name Hascakkin, so that it would always remind him of what his recklessness had done.

Hascakkin returned to the camp and told his story, slightly changing it - all the magisters were killed by explosion. The book was immediately sealed, but when Sin'Dorei tried to remove the gauntlet, it appeared to be grown inside Hascakkin's body. Strangely, he was not executed (as he expected), and he even retained his Blood Mage rank.

Aftermath of the Third War Edit

Hascakkin then followed Kael'Thas into Outland. There, he embraced the path of warlock, so as to learn how to bind evil to his will, preventing it from wreaking havoc upon the world. But the constant struggle with the gauntlet could not save him from its corrupting influence. Slowly, he was becoming withdrawn, cynical, egocentric - and power-hungry. When Rommath was sent back into Quel'Thalas, Hascakkin followed. He fled somewhere in the Arathi, taking quite a few valuable artifacts with him and leaving an illusion of his corpse with a replica of a gauntlet. Now, he wanders throughout Azeroth, and the gauntlet is slowly taking over him.

However, with the recent restoration of the Sunwell, the corruptive influence of the gauntlet is constantly weaking, leaving him a hope to redeem himself.

Appearance Edit

Hascakkin closeup

Overwhelmed by the darkness inside

Apart from the eyepatch and a gauntlet, there is nothing particularly outstanding in Hascakkin's appearance. Like many Sin'Dorei he is tall, slim and has a distinctive green glow in his remaining eye. However, when his mind is fully taken over by the gauntlet, his eye starts glowing red - a sign of immediate danger to those around him.

Personality Edit

Whenever free from the gauntlet's effect, Hascakkin is cunning, clever and almost always smiling, be it a sign of approval, or a wicked grin of despise. He has a smooth, beautiful voice which, combined with active use of charming magic, often tricks those he meets into believing him and doing as he wants. However, should the gauntlet attack his mind, for a few hours he becomes quite an opposite of himself - a raging demon, annihilating anyone and anything that dares to cross his path. His voice also transforms, becoming a deep growl, making him sound more like a gargantuan pit lord rather than slender blood elf.

He also, surprisingly, treats his demon minions well, as if they were not his slaves but rather employees, and he tries to show some empathy to them. This leads to demons serving him willingly, doing his bidding without question and with maximum effort put into.

Powers and abilities Edit

In combat, Hascakkin relies on fel and fire skills, scorching his enemies alive and then devouring their beaten essences with his namesake. With the gauntlet cut deep into his body he sometimes fuels his spells with his own corrupted blood, although that costs him dearly. He also summons various demons to do the dirty job for him and is rarely seen without Zuril Gozin - his pet felguard, enslaved by him sometime after Illidan's defeat at hands of Arthas. He is adept at tricks, as he calls it, such as Eye of Kil'Rogg technique or Demonic Circle.

Zuril Gozin Edit

Like any other felguard, Zuril is an adept fighter, his weapon of choice being two-handed sword, and he really knows, how to use it. In serious fights, Hascakkin feeds Zuril with his corrupted blood, sending the latter into a maddened rage as well as granting increased reaction and sheer force.

Quotes Edit

  • "My, my, what a messy little demon." - After his first encounter with Zuril, commenting on a speech made by a demon, full of pathos.
  • "What if I say it was a one way spell? Will you stab me with that dagger of yours?" - Mocking Talah
  • "But not for long. I am eternal. I am powerful. And I am patient. Be it months, or decades, I will find my purpose. I will find my place in this world. And before that... You will be my toys. Your world will be my playground. Some of you will praise me for the help I will give them. Some of you will die painfully, wasting their last breath to curse me. Some of you will even think I am their friend, their comrade, their leader, perhaps. No one of you knows a bit about me. No one knows the pain I am exposed to. But you will pay the price. My destiny awaits me. And those who stand in my way, beware. I am Hascakkin."

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