Alterac Parenolde

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AllianceNPC 32Parenolde
Title <Bloodsail Admiral>
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 80
Character class Priest (Holy)
Affiliation Kul Tiras
Bloodsail Buccaneers
Kul Tiras Marines
Position Bloodsail Admiral
Kul Tiras Marine
Syndicate Healer
Location Thaurissan (PvP)

Hello, I am a HUGE fan of the nation of Kul Tiras, Alterac, The Syndicate, and the Bloodsail Buccaneers. I am a Human priest on Thaurissan named Parenolde. I have managed to reach neutral with the syndicate.

Icon OnlyAlliance Death to the Horde!
This user only plays as a member of the Alliance.
Tiras This user roleplays as part of Kul Tiras.
Inv helmet 66 This user is a Bloodsail Buccaneer and has obtained the [Bloodsail Admiral's Hat].
Warcraft1box This user has been playing since the beginning: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.
Achievement goblinhead This user wanted the Goblin to be a playable race, and their wish came true!
HighElf This user wants High Elves to be a playable race.
DagranThaurissan This user plays on the US Thaurissan server.

Favorite race: High elf
Favorite character: Admiral Proudmoore
Favorite zone: Kul Tiras
Warcraft 2 or Warcraft 3?: WarCraft 2
Favorite Human nation: Kul Tiras of course
Alliance or Horde: Alliance
Favourite Faction: The Syndicate

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