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Stuff I use oftenEdit

I have this here because it's hard for me to remember some templates.

Template Syntax
Template:Quest quest|quest name|display name
Template:Questlong questlong|faction|level|quest name|display name|race=
Template:Item item|item name|display name|icon=
Template:NPC NPC|faction|name|title|display name|level=|smallicon=

Editing HabitsEdit

I like to fix up stubs, specifically of items. I'm not any good at actually writing out an article. Grammar and spell-checking are also a couple of things I like to do.

If I'm doing something wrong, please don't just revert it and forget it; come tell me on my talk page!

Playing HabitsEdit

I joined during the Burning Crusade, on September 15, 2008, two months before the release of WotLK. I played on the Khadgar realm for the longest of time, but eventually created a Horde character on the Arthas realm just to experience the game from the other side too.

I quit playing WoW sometime in April 2010, due to boredom and lack of will to pay for it.

Other contactsEdit

I have accounts in the following places, if, for some reason, you can't/don't want to contact me through WoWWiki:

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