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World of Warcraft
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Alindaloran of Ravenholdt, is a World of Warcraft Lore buff who plays on the server Ravenholdt. Although he has read through and has an in depth grasp on most Lore, he specificallyspecializes in Elven (Both Night Elf and Blood Elf) Lore, and often finds himself re-reading articles that he has read many times before. Herecently started playing on an RP server and enjoys being able to completely immerse himself in the actual story of WoW.

He enjoys writing backstories for his characters, you can find them below by clicking on the links in their names!

Horde RP Characters Edit

Recently I've started playing on an RP server. As such the characters you find in this section will be the ones I'm going to be elaborating on the most, they will probably also play a role in stories that I may write later on. Most of their stories will be affected by events that occur in WoW, and based off of past events as well. They will be updated and probably played the most, because I personally favor the horde a bit more. Please note that if no server is listed, it probably means that they are only going to be used for Fan Fiction purposes. Also you will find from time to time one or more of my character's backstories here, they're only placed here if its a new character or an addition to their backstory.

Portrait Name Level Race Class Professions Talent Builds Location Status
Paladin-bloodelf-m-80 Alindaloran
Light's Wrath
85 Blood Elf Paladin Mining
Azeroth Aiding the Horde War effort
Deathknight-bloodelf-m-80 Danirdaloran
The Fallen
55 Blood Elf Death Knight
Unholy Eastern Plaguelands Unknown

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