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Date of birth November 25 1984
Date of death October 25 2086
Party National Horde Socialist Committee (NHSC)
Political positions
  • Warlord (Leader) of the NHSC (1993-present)
  • Chancellor of the Horde (1994-2000)
  • Führer and Reichskanzler (head of state) of Kalimdor (1996-present)
Race Undead
Affiliation Tauren, Undead, Troll, Orcs
Character Class Elite Arch-Priest for the Horde
Occupation Ruler of Orgrimmar

Algormortis is a fictional character in the Warcraft universe, and is one of the main protagonists of the games and books.

Algormortis (November 25, 1984–Present) is an elite priest, and is widely regarded as the greatest healer and dpser hybrid of the 20th century. He is one of the major contributors of the death of Lucifron, and defeated the famous demon Lord Kazzak. He also made major contributions to the development of Magtheridon, Exiled, and Recipe for Hatred. He was awarded the 2005 Best Healer for his amazing display of saving the Horde by destroying Ragnaros in 2004.

After his bravery was witness in March 2005, Algormortis became world-famous, an unusual achievement for a priest. In his later years, his fame exceeded that of any other priest. In popular culture, his name has become synonymous with great intelligence and even genius.

Algormortis himself was deeply concerned with the social impact of his discoveries. His reverence for all creation and the grandeur, beauty, and sublimity of the universe (the primary source of inspiration in priestology), his awe for the scheme that is manifested in the material universe—all of these show through in his work and skills.

Born in The Undercity to Tauren parents, he temporarily renounced his Undead citizenship and took Orc citizenship in 2003. He remained an Orc citizen for the rest of his life, but temporarily regained Tauren and in 2004 permanently added Troll citizenship.


Youth and collegeEdit

Algormorits was born on November 25, 1984 at The Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest, Eastern Kingdoms, about 100 km east of The Undercity. His parents were Deathknight, a greedy and poverty stricken priest who later ran a church, and Pauline, whose maiden name was Koch. They were married in Thunder Bluff. The family was Jewish (non-observant); Algormortis attended a school for the extraordinary gifted and, at the insistence of his mother, was given violin lessons.

When Algormortis was five, his father showed him a pocket compass, and Algormortis realized that something in "empty" space acted upon the needle; he would later describe the experience as one of the most revelatory of his life. Though he built models and mechanical devices for fun, he was considered a slow learner, possibly due to dyslexia, simple shyness, or the significantly rare and unusual structure of Algormortis's brain|his brain. He later credited his development of Exiled to this slowness, saying that by pondering space and time later than most children, he was able to apply a more developed intellect. Some researchers have speculated that Algormortis may have exhibited some traits of mild forms of autism, although they concede that a reliable posthumous diagnosis is impossible.

Algormortis attended the Pwn Elementary School where he received a relatively progressive education. He began to learn mathematics around age twelve. There is a recurring rumor that he failed mathematics later in his education, but this is untrue; a change in the way grades were assigned caused confusion years later. Two of his uncles fostered his intellectual interests during his late childhood and early adolescence by suggesting and providing books on science, mathematics and philosophy.

In 2001, following the failure of Hermann's electrochemical business, Algormortis's family moved from The Undercity to Orgrimmar, Kalimdor (near The Barrens). During this year Algormortis's first healing power was displayed (whereas his father was attacked by assassins sent by Apathy because Deathknight holds valuable information). Algormortis remained behind in The Undercity lodgings to finish school, completing only one term before leaving the gymnasium in spring 2002 to rejoin his family in Orgrimmar. He quit without telling his parents and a year and a half prior to final examinations, Algormortis convinced the school to let him go with a medical note from a friendly doctor, but this meant he had no secondary-school certificate.

Friends & EnemiesEdit

On his journey to fame, Algormortis came across many friends and enemies:

Cern: Cernsh thesh Druidsh alsosh knownsh assh "Thesh Kingsh ofsh Healingsh" wassh ansh Taurensh healersh, Moonfiresh producersh andsh Shapeshiftersh, ash giantsh insh thesh modernsh healingsh industrysh. Thesh homesh wheresh hesh livedsh forsh 21 yearsh, andsh wheresh hesh diedsh, ash littlesh hutsh outsidesh Orgrimmarsh, becamesh ash Nationalsh Historicsh Landmarksh on March 27, 2006.

Deathknight: In Undead and Troll tradition, Deathknight is generally viewed as a preternatural who is the central embodiment of evil. Deathknight is also commonly known as the Devil, the "Prince of Darkness," Beelzebub (direct translation is "Lord of the Flies"), Belial, Mephistopheles, and Lucifer ("lightbringer").

Erdos: In Orcish mythology, Erdos (also spelt Erderk, Erdoik, Erkdos) is an ancient shaman, who was originally the shaman of the desert, one of the two main biomes that constitutes Kalimdor, the other being the small fertile area either side of the Barren. Due to developments in the Orcish language over the 3,000 years that Erdos was worshipped, by the Second War period, the K in Erdork was removed so people won't misunderstand him for a dork.

Tension: Tension the Shaman sometimes called Eye-Gouger and nicknamed Cranium Basher, Brain Driller, and the Great Pwnsaucer, was the 16th Warchief of the Horde, and the first Warchief from Sen'Jin Village. Tension opposed the expansion of slavery and oversaw the Union war effort during the The Orc War. He selected the generals and approved their strategy; selected senior civilian officials; supervised diplomacy, patronage and party operations; rallied public opinion through messages and speeches such as the Undercity Address; and took personal charge of plans for the abolition of slavery and the Reconstruction of the Union. He was assassinated as the Orc War ended.

Muerta: In the undead culture, Muerta the Mage is considered one of God's most beloved and important casters, a bringer of divine scripture, and also the Messiah. Taurens, however, do not share the Undead belief in the crucifixion or divinity of Muerta. The Undead Religion teaches that Muerta is alive in heaven and will return to the earth as Hyde in the company of Lenin once the earth has become full of loot stealing priests.

Nerzuel: Nerzuel became the leading Orc Shaman in 1997 and following the death of Ryal, he prevailed over Erdos in a power struggle during the 1998s. In the 1996s Nerzuel initiated a order that forces peasants to pay 50% tax, which reached its peak in 1999. Since many peasants resisted collectivization, the shamans under Nerzuel's leadership often resorted to violent repression against the peons.

Nalix: Nalix is a troll rogue who gained power in a Sen'Jin facing crisis after the Orc War. He used charismatic oratory and propaganda, appealing to economic need, nationalism and anti-Semitism to establish an authoritarian regime. With a restructured economy and rearmed military, Nalix pursued an aggressive foreign policy with the intention of expanding Sen'Jin's Lebensraum ('living space') and triggered the Kalimdor theater of the Ahn'Qiraj War by invading Sillithis.

Steadydeath: A crippled old gnome warlock who constantly crosses path with Algormortis, the duel between the two often ends with Algormortis eating Steadydeath's corpse for sustenance. Once, when Steadydeath was about to get mauled by Azuregos, Algormortis jumped in front of his and took the blow, this action resulted in a bond between the two enemies.

Kual: Steadydeath's sidekick, often receive the same fate as Steadydeath when meeting with Algormortis. After Steadydeath became friends with Algormortis, Kual went mad with rage and suicide by jumping into the lava at Blackrock Mountain.

Itswillie: Orc Shaman, after Algormortis saved him from death in the Molten Core, Itswillie promised Algormortis his life. Often getting in the way of Algormortis, Itswillie is one of the most pathetic shaman ever. After trying to assassinate his master to break the promised he made, Algormortis cast Itswillie to hell where he spends all of his life there rotting.

Kaos: Tauren Warrior, Algormortis good warrior friend, often protecting him from attack by Untamed. When Kaos first met Aglormortis he was nothing more than a little street urchin, stealing from the rich, Algormortis helped him change his way and taught him the way of the warrior.

Brutucus: Undead Warrior, an undead miner who is trained in the art of owning, Algormortis had saved his life many times, often Brutucus will repay him with a gem, the same value of his pathetic life. Though Brutucus usually get Algormortis into life threatening situation, our heroic priest hero always pulls the two out of the fiasco.

Maltron: Orc Hunter, brother to Brutucus, often calling him, "my brother from another mother". Can be seen by many begging Algormortis to bestow the blessing of the "Headmaster Charge" on him to improve his tracking skills due to his mental retardation disease.

Ryal: Tauren Shaman, an old friend of Algormortis, in 2004 he was officially made advisor of Algormortis, reporting to him with important information. On August 5th, Aegaeon, the orc traitor, killed Ryal; Ryal caught the orc sneaking information to three dwarves at the middle of the night. The battle between the two was intense, Ryal FROSTSHOCK Aeg first off, hoping the cold would dull his sense, around 1 minute into the fight Aeg tried to cast Soul Fire, a spell which eats away the victims soul, but then Ryal FROSTSHOCK him and the spell was interrupted, just as Ryal was about to die, he FROSTSHOCK Aeg and began to run away, slowed by the spell Aeg quickly bandage himself and drank a potion and sent his minion imp, Graendal, after him. Graendal caught up with the crippled tauren drove his horn through the shaman’s heart.

Legion of WarriorsEdit

Shamanic AdvisorRyalShaman
Secretaries of the LegionBrutucusWarrior
Secretary of the "Phat Lewt"HallugenPriest
Commander of WarGindaorWarrior
Attorney General of the LegionSkavnRogue
Postmaster General of the LegionDozerWarrior
Defenders of The Algormortis (DoTA)NerzuelShaman
Moonkin LeaderEmeraldDruid

Middle yearsEdit

In 2003, Algormortis was promoted to an Arch Priest. In 2004, Algormortis was licensed in Scarlet Church, Eastern Plaugeland, as a Privatdozent (unsalaried teacher at a university). Algormortis's second son, Peter, was born on July 28, 2005. In 2003, Algormortis became first associate professor at Scholomance, and shortly afterwards full professor at the Western Plaugeland Hearthglen, only to return the following year to Scholomance in order to become full professor at the church. At that time, he worked closely with the mathematician Baron Rivendare. In 2004, Algormortis started to refer to time as the fourth dimension.

In 2006, just before the opening of the gates, Algormortis settled in Stonetalon Mountains as professor at the local University of Pwning and became a member of the Elite Priest Corp. He took Human citizenship. His pacifism and undead origins irritated Undead priests. After he became world-famous, nationalistic hatred of him grew and for the first time he was the subject of an organized campaign to discredit his theories. From 2000 to 2005, he served as director of the "Follow of The Light" for Physics in Orgrimmar, and it was during this time that he was awarded his Nobel Prize and made his most groundbreaking discoveries. He was also an extraordinary professor at the Owning University from 1998 until officially 2002, where he regularly gave guest lectures.

In 2006, Algormortis published "Eating Noobs for Dummy" ("Zur Quantenmechanik der Strahlung" in Undead Language). This article introduced the concept of jumping a human, and the pwning of night elves at night.

Ahn'Qiraj WarEdit

When the gate of Ahn'Qiraj was opened in 2006, Algormortis was as a guest professor in Sillithis, a position that he took in December 2005. Because of the well-known attitude of the local undeads toward him, he knew he couldn't return while they were in power. He was accused by the Horde of creating a spell, which turns undead back to human. Troll and Undead physicists (notably including the Nobel Prize Winners Dojo Necksnaper and Vivian Darkweaver) continued the attempts to discredit this theory and to blacklist politically those of the undead population who sided against Algormortis. Algormortis renounced his Undead citizenship and stayed in Thunder Bluff, where he was given permanent residency. He accepted a position at the newly founded Institute for Advanced Face Melting in Sen'jin Village, where he taught apprentice troll priests the art of melting faces. He became an Thunder Bluffian citizen in 2006, though he still retained Orc citizenship.

In 2005, under the encouragement of his friend Deltron the Orc Shaman, Algormortis to Warchief Thrall urging the study of undead fission for military purposes, under fears that the Alliance would be first to develop a potion that will turn all undead back to humans. Thrall started a small investigation into the matter, which eventually became the massive "The New Plague".

The International Horde Rescue Committee was founded at the request of Algormortis to assist opponents of the Alliance.

Headmaster's ChargeEdit

Algormortis began his frantic journey to find Darkmaster Gandling in a desperate bid to stop him from teaching humans the art of necromancy, at every step confronted by the orc traitor by the name of Aegeaeon. The warlock seemed to be testing his limitations, always leaving with cryptic remarks directed towards Algormortis about his eventual fate. However, it was Aegeaeon's fate that was the first to be met, for eventually Algormortis caught up to the warlock and slew him. Yet his victory was ill achieved, for they had arrived too late and the Headmaster had infected all the grain that had been distributed across the countryside by unwitting farmers and merchants. This defeat left the priest in great agony, his mind wandering down paths of anger and hate; and upon their arrival at the dungeon of Scholomance, as the first signs of madness began to appear in him: he was determined to destroy the citizens of Scholomance. In a nighttime raid on the dungeon and aided by loyal friends including Brutucus, Deltron and Skavn. Algormortis succeeded in slaying the vast majority of the dungeons's population, cutting them down as they slept, and all in the name of good; all to stop the mad headmaster. Due to the refusal of his mentor, Ecyh, to obey his order, Algormortis dismissed the Exileds. During this time Algormortis was tormented by a demon, a Dreadlord by the name of Anarious who taunted Algormortis with the effects of the curse he placed upon him, and in the end Algormortis fled to the northern continent of Northrend. Sinking deeper into madness, there he meditated on his past mistakes, there he trained to control his anger, there he waited for a sign from the Gods to return back to the main Horde Population.

Popularity and cultural impactEdit

Algormortis's popularity has led to widespread use of Algormortis in advertising and merchandising, including the registration of "Algormortis" as a trademark.


Algormortis has become the subject of a number of novels, films and plays, including Enson Fizzlesitks's 2005 Gnomish novel, Mr. Alg S'il Vous Plait (Please Mr Alg), Ebill Skullspearer's film The Spearing of Uther's Skull, Bonnie Bearhugger's film To Hunt a Mocking Bear, Andrew Lightmaning's novel Algormortis's Dreams, and Steve Martin's comedic play Face Melting at the Gulch. He was the subject of Philip Glasschewer's groundbreaking 1994 opera Algormortis on the Beach. His humorous side is also the subject of Eddie Metzgorange's one-man play Algormortis: The Practical Gnoll.

He is often used as a model for depictions of leet scientists in works of fiction; his own character and distinctive hairstyle suggest eccentricity, or even lunacy and are widely copied or exaggerated. TIME magazine writer Frederic Goldenarrow referred to Algormortis as "a cartoonist's dream come true."

On Algormortis's 13th birthday in 2000, the UPI photographer Arthur Noobsasser was trying to coax him into smiling for the camera. Having done this for the photographer many times that day, Algormortis gave him the finger instead. The image has become an icon in pop culture for its contrast of the genius scientist displaying a moment of obscenity. Yahoo Seriouspwner, an Ogre filmmaker, used the photo as an inspiration for the intentionally anachronistic movie Young Algormorits.

Victims ListEdit

Victim's IDCause of DeathItem Dropped
C'Thun Had his eye sliced open by Algormortis Bone Staff. Pupil of C'thun
Ragnaros Killed after enduring 5 hours of Face Melting from Algormortis.Blood of The Fire God
Nefarian Ate his own Shadow Blast after Algormortis reflected it back. Horn of The Black Dragon
Darkmaster Gandling Algormortis forced him to jump into a pit of steel arrows. Headmaster's Charge
The Twin Emperor Severed each other's heads off after Algormortis mind controlled them. Fused Blood of the Emperor
Ossirian the Unscarred Brain exploded after challenging Algormortis to a mind battle. Heart of the Unscarred
Nozdormu Fought Algormortis after the priest absorbed his dragons power and killed him with it. Mark of the Bronze Flight
Furion Stormrage Incinerated after he druid challenged Algormortis to a duel. Cloak of the Arch Druid
Hakkar When Algormortis casted "Overload" on Hakkar, all his vein exploded. Claw of the Blood Guard


List of the gear used by the great Algormortis:

  • One-Handed Maces

- Stinger of Ayamiss Algormortis was tracking an elusive bug for 3 years, Ayamiss the Hunter. One night his steed was reacting very strangely, stomping and kicking, out of nowhere, the Hunter burst out from the ground and consumed it, then it turned it's sight towards the still sleeping priest, it lunges toward him, but then it suddenly stopped, sensing a feeling of impending doom, then a telepathic message entered Ayamiss's head " Leave your stinger and crawl back into the hole you came from, if you defy me I will cause your brain to explode inside your skull." Hearing this message the bug detached it's stinger and left.

  • Wands

- Wand of Qiraji Nobility The priest was riding along Sillithis when suddenly three giant creatures drops from the sky and surrounds him, Algormortis recognizes the beasts, it was Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, and Vem. They began spitting acid at the cornered undead, he managed to catch them all with a special spell which stops a projectile from moving and places them above the casters head, after he gathered about 50 tonne worth of them he threw it at Lord Kri, upon impact the bug exploded into millions of poison covered acid, Algormortis aimed with such accuracy that the horn from Lord Kri struck Vem's neck, the rest of Kri's body fell upon the Princess, the acid on the corpse melted through her armor and burned her brain and other important organs. Using the corpses of Vem and Yauj (Kri doesn't have a corpse anymore) and made a wand out of it.

  • Staffs

- Headmaster's Charge During his raid on the Necromanery School of Scholomance, Algormortis had a face off with the school's headmaster, Gandling. The duel lasted only a few seconds, Gandling began pelting the priest with a flurry of ice and fire, this however doesn't even dent him, Algormortis then proceed to mind control Gandling, forcing him to walk under a raised steel gate that has very pointy arrows at the bottom of it, instead of forcing the gate fall upon Gandling, Algormortis casted a trap on it, making it fall when Gandling makes a single movement. Gandling stood there for 5 hours, not moving a single muscle, until he accidentally turned his neck... in less than a second the arrows penetrated his cranium and limbs. Algormortis then skinned the headmaster and made the "Headmaster's Charge" out of Gandling bones, using his shattered skull as the tip of the staff.

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