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July 1, 2008
  • I live in Baltimore, Maryland
  • I was born on July 17
  • I am Male

About MeEdit

Ummmm..... Yeah..... I consider myself to be a semi-master of Wow and Warcraft Lore.
I've played and beaten Warcraft 2,3, and The Frozen Throne.
I own and have read all 3 mangas in The Sunwell Trilogy.
I own and have read Warcraft: Legends #1.
I own and/or have read many of the World of Warcraft Comics.
I own the Warcraft Archive and the War of The Ancients Archive.
I also try to keep up with the history, backstory, and current events as much as can.

Me In WoWEdit

I have WoW and all of the expansions so far.
I enjoy finding hidden references in WoW, and I am known for insanely exploring places much too high of a level for me.
I am also known for my excessive number of alts.
I have an extensive collection of rare alcohol.

My ToonsEdit

I mostly play on the server Stormrage, and both of my faction's mains are on it.
My Alliance main is a Draenei Enhancement Shaman named Hughemungo.
My Horde main is a Blood Elf Hybrid Priest named Senpyre.

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