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Situated outside the walls of Stormwind in eastern Azeroth, Elwynn Forest is the heart of the human lands and one of the safest places in the world. A peaceful woodland even in today's troubled times, Elwynn survived the battles of the First War and healed itself of the scars of war. Today it is a safe haven for the Alliance, which makes it all the more important for its forces to protect it from the threats that encroach upon it – Murlocs, Kobolds, and Gnolls have all set up camps in the less populous areas of the forest and are even responsible for the injury of several Stormwind guards. There are even rumors of deaths. The grim gossip flitters through Goldshire and the Eastvale Logging Camp, and it doesn't help that some former denizens of these villages have joined the Defias Brotherhood, which is moving into the forest and participating in burglary and even assault. Though the roads remain very safe, the creatures and thieves that once remained hidden in the shadows of Elwynn are now moving out into the light – and that spells trouble for everyone.



Amazingly, the region shows little sign of having once been scorched and twisted by the Old Horde

When the bloodcrazed orcs first burst through the Dark Portal onto Azeroth, Elwynn Forest was the main obstacle on their path to Stormwind. Much of their bloody campaign took place here, among the trees and hills of Elwynn. The orcs chopped down many trees – what they didn't use for lumber they scorched with their weapons and magic. Though the orcish horde suffered early defeats in Elwynn and Redridge, a new warchief known as Blackhand the Destroyer rallied his people to many important victories. When Stormwind fell to the invaders, its populace fled north to Lordaeron. Though few remained near enough to Stormwind to report on its condition, it is widely believed to have served as a base for the orcs that did not chase the humans north. Nevertheless, with many of the orcs defeated and rounded up at the closing of the Second War, the humans returned to Stormwind and crushed most of the lingering orcs with the help of Lordaeron soldiers and paladins. By the beginning of the Third War, Elwynn Forest was already under the full control of the Alliance and nearby Stormwind City was nearly fully reconstructed.

During the dark days of the Scourge's assault on Lordaeron, many refugees made a perilous journey through the mountains of Khaz Modan to reach Stormwind. Some could not make it and settled in Menethil Harbor or Ironforge. The tenacity of humans cannot be underestimated, however, and little by little the majority of these refugees arrived at their destination. Stormwind slowly evolved from the ruins of an old human city to a new capital of the Alliance following northern Lordaeron's fall to the Scourge. By the end of the Third War, Elwynn showed few signs of the orcs' destructive touch, and for a time it was even more peaceful than it is now. However, recently there have been incursions on Elwynn territory by various organizations of both man and beast alike. The Kobolds, in their greed, have tunneled into most mines in Elwynn and chased all but the bravest miners out of the tunnels with sharpened picks. The ocean-dwelling Murlocs have followed Azeroth's rivers inland and are even constructing makeshift villages on riverbanks. The Gnolls of Westfall and Redridge have claimed an area along the forest's borders and are the most intelligent of the lot, wielding discarded human weaponry and organizing under a leader known as Hogger. The biggest threat, however, is the Defias Brotherhood. These disgruntled former citizens of Stormwind now pillage abandoned cottages throughout Elwynn, mug travelers, and even attack those who would not turn a blind eye from their larcenous activities.

Duties and TasksEdit

Even the most novice adventurer can find work in Elwynn Forest.

Northshire AbbeyEdit

Northshire Abbey, one of the most cultured places of study in all of Azeroth, is surrounded by pesky vermin. Adventurers can find work clearing mines of runty kobolds, hunting young wolves for meat and fur, and eradicating some wannabe Defias from Milly Osworth's vineyards. After all, the Abbey prides itself on its wine.

  • Alliance Quests
    • Level 1
      • Glyphic Letter (Mage Quest) - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Consecrated Letter (Paladin Quest) - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Tainted Letter (Warlock Quest) - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Hallowed Letter (Priest Quest) - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Encrypted Letter (Rogue Quest) - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Simple Letter (Warrior Quest) - Given by Marshal McBride
      • A Threat Within - Given by Deputy Willem
    • Level 2
      • Kobold Camp Cleanup - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Eagan Peltskinner - Given by Deputy Willem
      • Wolves Across the Border - Given by Eagan Peltskinner
    • Level 3
      • Investigate Echo Ridge - Given by Marshal McBride
    • Level 4
      • Milly's Harvest - Given by Milly Osworth
      • Grape Manifest - Given by Milly Osworth
      • Brotherhood of Thieves - Given by Deputy Willem
      • Milly Osworth - Given by Deputy Willem
      • In Favor of the Light (Priest Quest) - Given by Priestess Anetta
      • The Stolen Tome (Warlock Quest) - Given by Drusilla La Salle
    • Level 5
      • Skirmish at Echo Ridge - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Bounty on Garrick Padfoot - Given by Deputy Willem
      • Report to Goldshire - Given by Marshal McBride
      • Rest and Relaxation - Given by Falkhaan Isenstrider
    • Level 24
      • Ink Supplies - Given by Brother Paxton
      • Return to Kristoff - Given by Brother Paxton

Goldshire AreaEdit

Goldshire is a gathering place for many traders and adventurers. Just south of the town are two competing farms, the Maclure and Stonefield estates. Rumors about the rivalry between these two families are easy to overhear while staying in Goldshire, and the farmers take advantage of their popularity to recruit adventurers to do menial tasks for them. Though unglamorous, they are a fine way for new adventurers to hone their skills against wild boars and kobolds.

  • Alliance Quests
    • Level 4
      • Garments of the Light (Priest Quest) - Given by Priestess Josetta
    • Level 6
      • Young Lovers - Given by Maybell Maclure
      • Speak with Gramma - Given by Tommy Joe Stonefield
      • Note to William - Given by Gramma Stonefield
      • Lost Necklace - Given by "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield
      • Pie for Billy - Given by Billy Maclure
      • Back to Billy - Given by "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield
    • Level 7
      • Collecting Kelp - Given by William Pestle
      • The Escape - Given by William Pestle
      • Kobold Candles - Given by William Pestle
      • Shipment to Stormwind - Given by William Pestle
      • Gold Dust Exchange - Given by Remy "Two Times"
    • Level 8
      • Goldtooth - Given by Billy Maclure
    • Level 9
      • Princess Must Die! - Given by Ma Stonefield
    • Level 10
      • A Fishy Peril- Given by Remy "Two Times"
      • Further Concerns - Given by Marshal Dughan
      • Westbrook Garrison Needs Help! - Given by Marshal Dughan
      • Report to Gryan Stoutmantle - Given by Marshal Dughan
      • Manhunt - Given by Marshal Dughan
      • Cloth and Leather Armor - Given by Marshal Dughan
      • Speak with Jennea (Mage Quest) - Given by Zaldimar Wefhellt
      • Returning Home (Priest Quest) - Given by Zaldimar Wefhellt
      • Seek Out SI:7 (Rogue Quest) - Given by Keryn Sylvius
      • Gakin's Summons (Warlock Quest) - Given by Remin Marcot
      • A Warrior's Training (Warrior Quest) - Given by Lyria Du Lac
    • Level 12
      • The Tome of Divinity (Paladin Quest) - Given by Brother Wilhelm
    • Level 15
      • Elmore's Task - Given by Smith Argus
    • Level 18
      • Return to Verner - Given by Smith Argus
    • Level 28
      • The Legend of Stalvan - Step 5 in a long quest chain. Given by Innkeeper Farley

Eastvale Logging CampEdit

The Eastvale Logging Camp, located near the entrance to the Redridge Mountains, is looking for adventurers to secure their outskirts. Wild bears, spiders, and prowlers roam the woods and many loggers have abandoned their posts in fear, leaving behind piles upon piles of valuable lumber just begging to be stolen by the Defias. A small detachment of Stormwind Guards has also set up a small station on the outskirts of the camp, and some of their number has gone missing while investigating the recent arrival of the savage Murlocs. Anyone who can contribute to searching for the missing men will be rewarded with coin.

  • Alliance Quests
    • Level 9
      • Red Linen Goods - Given by Sara Timberlain
      • A Bundle of Trouble - Given by Supervisor Raelen
    • Level 10
      • Find the Lost Guards - Given by Guard Thomas
      • Discover Rolf's Fate - Starts at A half-eaten body
      • Report to Thomas - Start at Rolf's Corpse
      • Deliver Thomas's Report - Given by Guard Thomas
      • Protect the Frontier - Given by Guard Thomas
      • Bounty on Murlocs - Given by Guard Thomas
      • Dead-tooth Jack (Warrior Quest) - Given by Marshal Haggard
    • Level 13
      • The Tome of Divinity (Paladin Quest) - Given by Henze Faulk on the Stone Cairn Lake island.
    • Level 28
      • The Legend of Stalvan - Two steps in this quest chain are given by Marshal Haggard.


There are also opportunities to be found outside the towns of Elwynn. Westbrook Garrison, near the bridge to Westfall, has had problems with the nearby Gnolls under the command of the nasty Hogger. The mage Theocritus, who resides in the Tower of Azora, has need for adventurers with some combat experience to travel into the Redridge Mountains on "personal business". The Defias Brotherhood, which roams the forest and has a fortified complex at Jerod's Landing along the southern river, has come into possession of sensitive documents that if retrieved should be turned in to the proper authorities for a handsome reward. Finally, goods such as red linen and gold dust can be traded for coin and reward in Eastvale and Goldshire, respectively.

  • Alliance Quests
    • Level 9
      • Furlbrow's Deed - Starts by examining the Westfall Deed, a dropped item that can be looted from killed Defias in Elwynn Forest (but outside of Northshire Valley).
    • Level 10
      • Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty - Given by Deputy Rainier at Westbrook Garrison.
      • The Collector - Starts by examining the Gold Pickup Schedule, a dropped item that can be looted from killed Gnolls in Elwynn Forest.
      • Wanted: Hogger (Elite Quest) - Starts at the Wanted Poster outside of Westbrook Garrison.
    • Level 21
      • A Watchful Eye - Given by Theocritus atop the Tower of Azora.
    • Level 27
      • Morganth (Elite Quest) - Given by Theocritus atop the Tower of Azora.

Places and PeopleEdit

Northshire AbbeyEdit

Most new adventurers of the Human race are sent off to Northshire Valley for some training and enlightenment. The priests and paladins of the Abbey there are glad to instruct them and profit greatly from doing so – the constant stream of new adventurers ensures their forests are free from most threats. Marshal McBride is in charge of security at the Abbey, while Deputy Willem serves to guide new adventurers in taking their first steps in the world. Together they work on various threats and nuisances in the Valley, such as the Defias thugs haunting the precious vineyards or the filfthy kobolds preventing peasants from mining in the Echo Ridge tunnels. The most dangerous man in all of Northshire Valley is the murderous Garrick Padfoot, who ironically is also using Northshire Valley to train new members of the Defias Brotherhood. New adventurers can find safe haven in the abbey among the librarians and priests there, who work tirelessly to decrypt ancient texts and tomes. Outside the abbey are a few traders who profit off the constant traffic of novices, too.

Elwynn's RoadsEdit

South of Northshire is a well-travelled road that leads to Goldshire. As of late this road has become slightly more dangerous due to the presence of Defias among the trees. These members of the Brotherhood are slightly more meek than your average bandit, but wander in full view of the road, shameless in their presence. Nevertheless, because they keep their eyes on the path at all times, they will strike with intent to kill if you approach them. It is best to simply avoid making eye contact and keeping both feet on the road as you travel to Goldshire.


Goldshire is under the watchful eye of Marshal Dughan, who is concerned with both the Defias and the Kobolds. He remains skeptical of the threat Murlocs pose, which has many in Goldshire skeptical of his ability as the town's protector. Still, one cannot say the town has not prospered while under his watch. Blacksmiths go about their business crafting tools and horseshoes, and are still learning how to make weapons for new adventurers – but they're catching on quick. The Lion's Pride inn is one of the most famous in all of Azeroth, and various traders can be found all around town. Goldshire is so famous that the acclaimed Darkmoon Faire makes its only stop in the Eastern Kingdoms within its borders.

Near GoldshireEdit

East of Goldshire is Crystal Lake, which used to be a prime fishing spot but is now under the control of Murlocs. West of Goldshire is Mirror Lake, which also used to be a prime fishing spot but is now under the control of the Defias. Goldshire's denizens are quite upset over losing both lakes and cheer on adventurers who set off to help take them back. South of Goldshire are the Stonefield and Maclure farmsteads. These competing families both raise crops and animals, and an intense rivalry has brewed between them. At the center of it all is the Fargodeep Mine, overtaken by Kobolds who sneak onto the farmlands at night to steal shiny jewelry and farm equipment from both families. Some say there is a particularly nasty thief called Goldtooth inside the mine, hoarding over a pile of stolen goodies and gold.

Westbrook Garrison and the Forest's EdgeEdit

Along Elwynn's western border is Westbrook Garrison, a well-protected complex of white towers that serves as the main training center for Stormwind troops. Nonetheless, even their occasional forays into Gnoll territory have turned from training exercises into a battle for survival. The Riverpaw Gnolls have banded together under a lieutenant known as Hogger, and the soldiers of Westbrook Garrison are attacked on sight if they even dare to take a step off the garrison property. It is important these Gnolls are kept under control, as their territory creeps closer and closer to the Westfall bridge every day.

Defias-held AreasEdit

If an adventurer follows the path east towards Redridge, they will most likely notice a wild tract of woodland south of the path. Deep in these woods is Jerod's Landing, which is rumored to be a dock complex where the Defias loads goods stolen from Elwynn onto boats for transport to places unknown. Jerod's Landing has connections with Mirror Lake Orchard and Thunder Falls, quaint locations now under control of the Defias. The Orchard and Falls can be found north of Westbrook Garrison, but exercise extreme caution. These areas house the most dangerous of the Defias within the borders of Elwynn.

Eastern Elwynn ForestEdit

West of Stone Cairn River is the Tower of Azora, home to the mage Theocritus who plays host to a number of magic-users who find Stormwind's mage district too restricting in its limitations on arcane magic. North of the tower is the Jasperlode Mine, which is also under control of Kobolds who have somehow mastered basic magic and ranged weaponry, making them tough opponents. South of the tower is the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch, which the Defias have claimed. The farm animals of the patch continue to roam undisturbed by the bandits, making it a wild and overgrown piece of Elwynn history that its former owners are desperate to reclaim.

Stone Cairn River and Stone Cairn LakeEdit

The Stone Cairn River is constantly patrolled by Stormwind Guards. Marshal Haggard and Guard Thomas, based in the Eastvale Logging Camp, can often be found investigating the disappearance of a number of their troops along the riverbanks. The river's source, Stone Cairn Lake to the north, has been colonized by Murlocs that are under investigation by Stormwind. The Murlocs are so fierce that several cottages in the area, once summer homes for Stormwind nobles on vacation, have been abandoned. An island sits in the middle of the lake, one that mages say resonates with arcane power. Some Defias have been sent here to harness these magical energies and will burn intruders to a crisp if given the chance.

Eastvale Logging Camp and the Redridge BorderEdit

The trees lining the eastern fringes of Elwynn Forest are known for their strong and valuable wood. Eastvale Logging Camp sprang up soon after the reclamation of Elwynn and harvests lumber at an amazing clip, producing shields and weapons for much of Elwynn's security forces. Though troubled by wild bears and spiders, the lumberjacks press on (though they now work much closer to the safety of the camp than they used to). An old tower called Ridgepoint stands abandoned on a hill to the south of Eastvale, no longer necessary to watch the border with Redridge.

Goods in ElwynnEdit

There is not much in the way of valuable goods in Elwynn when compared to other places in the world. It is difficult to find a superior-quality piece of equipment being wielded by a Defias or being offered by a vendor. Nevertheless, the goods here are of perfect quality to be used by new adventurers. Of note, Elwynn Forest is the home of Antonio Perelli, a traveling salesman that follows a circuitous path through the human lands (Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood) and offers a great selection of items. Of note are herbs and alchemy vials, as well as level 13-20 green-quality bracers and melee weapons.

Northshire AbbeyEdit

Northshire Abbey is not a major trade hub. Not many fine goods are traded here, but many adventurers and guards in the service of Stormwind donate their old flimsy armor to the traders of the Abbey. The traders sell this armor to new adventurers seeking stronger armor than the rags they begin with.

Brother Danil – Danil serves simple bread and water to adventurers, and also stocks ammunition for budding ranged-weapon specialists.

Dermot Johns – Demot sells the "Thin Cloth" and "Cracked Leather" armor sets. Though they offer minimal protection, they are often a step up from the armor most new adventurers bring to Northshire Valley.

Godric Rothgar – Godric Rothgar is stationed outside the Abbey and will sell "Tarnished Chain" armor that is of use to Paladins and Warriors. He also carries a choice of shields.

Janos Hammerknuckle – Janos Hammerknuckle will supply new adventurers with crude weapons that are at least a step up from the various kitchen utensils most novices bring to the training grounds.


Goldshire is known for its blacksmiths which have been crafting tools such as farm equipment and horse-shoes for generations. Lately, they have been trying to craft better tools of war to accommodate the adventurers passing through town in droves.

Andrew Krighton – Krighton sells shields and the Light Mail Armor set which is great for Warriors and Paladins of level 5-10.

Brog Hamfist – This man here sells ammunition, a good supply of throwing weapons, containers, and fresh drinking water.

Barkeep Dobbins – Dobbins runs the Lion's Mane inn and carries an impressive selection of refreshments, fine wines, and cheese.

Corina Steele – Corina Steele offers a number of melee weapons for all classes. Her weapons range from level 3 to level 5.

Kurran Steele – Another of the Steele family, Kurran offers cloth and leather armor. The "Knitted" cloth set and the "Rough Leather" leather set will serve adventurers arriving in Goldshire well. All items require level 5.

Donni Anthania – Known as the Crazy Cat Lady, Donni dares not to step out of her cottage (northwest of Goldshire) for fear the Defias outside will steal her prized cats. Adventurers who brave the forest thick with thieves will be rewarded with the ability to purchase a cute little cat all for themselves! Aw!

Homer Stonefield – Down on the Stonefield Farm, Homer sells fruit grown at his own farm as well as bananas imported from distant islands.

Innkeeper Farley – Farley runs the Lion's Mane inn and sells goods such as ice cold milk and sweet nectar.

Tharynn Bouden – Tharynn sells a variety of trade goods useful to many professions. Of note are his cooking recipes for Brilliant Smallfish and Longjaw Mud Snapper.

Toddrick – Content with simply having a first name, Toddrick chops meat all day in Goldshire's inn and will sell you the meat if you wish.

Joshua Maclure – Joshua, south of Goldshire on the Maclure property, sells various wines and drinks his family makes on their land.

Kira Songshine – Kira walks the path between Stormwind and Goldshire peddling her wares. She offers a lot of delicious breads as well as a selection of juices to go with them.

Tower of AzoraEdit

The Tower of Azora is home to Theocritus, a legendary mage, as well as his assistants. A few traders specializing in magical goods have set up shop here.

Dawn Brightstar – Miss Brightstar offers a variety of magical goods, from alchemy vials and ingredients to magical scrolls. She also carries a selection of goods Druid can make use of, and her selection of magical reagents and runes are the envy of many of Stormwind's mages.

Morley Eberlein – Morley resides in the tower and sells the "Knitted" cloth set for good prices. All pieces of the set require level 5.

Eastvale Logging CampEdit

The Eastvale Logging Camp is a sprawling complex of mills and cottages near the eastern border of Elwynn. Though lumber is the camp's main export, there are several vendors who sell other goods as well.

Drake Lindgren – Drake Lingdren sells many goods from Eastvale. Throwing weapons, ammunition, wrapping paper, tinder and torches, fishing supplies, and salt are just a few of the goods he possesses. Tailors can also purchase a recipe for [Blue Linen Robe] from him, along with thread, bleach and blue dye.

Katie Hunter and Randal Hunter – Katie Hunter is a horse breeder. She sells her steeds for a hefty price. Horses are the human racial mount. Bring lots of gold! You will also need to use the money to train your Horse-riding ability from Randal Hunter.

Westbrook GarrisonEdit

Westbrook Garrison watches over the western border of Elwynn Forest, and its soldiers are paragons of Stormwind excellence. Surplus goods that are not placed in the hands of Stormwind Guards are sold to adventurers.

Quartermaster Hicks and Quartermaster Hudson – The garrison's Quartermasters sell surplus weaponry here. The weapons here are mid-level, from 29 to 31, but is only standard (white) quality. The armor is much lower level and consists of shields plus the level 5 "Light Mail" series.

Sergeant De Vries – De Vries sells drinks and food the soldiers don't consume.

Veldan Lightfoot – Lightfoot sells the level 5 Rough Leather set as well as the superior level 12 tanned leather set.

Significance and ImportanceEdit

Significance to the Alliance racesEdit

Elwynn Forest is a place of great importance to the humans of the Alliance. Though a few dangers have crept into the woods as of late, most still consider the forest to be the last safe place in all of the Eastern Kingdoms. Dwarves are not often seen among the trees, though most adventurers who spent time in the forest recall at least one instance where a stout hunter dashed past with a tamed prowler or Elwynn bear in tow. Gnomes enjoy employment at the Tower of Azora, where the mage Theocritus (who appreciates the gnomes' creativity and intelligence) resides. Night Elves sometimes explore the forest, spurred by tales telling of the rapid healing of the region following the First War, but they are rarer sights than dwarves at times.

Significance to the Horde racesEdit

The Horde has no business in Elwynn, but nevertheless they are seen more often in the forest than in the mountains of Dun Morogh or on the boughs of Teldrassil. Unlike the other two regions mentioned, there are no heavily-fortified checkpoints or passes barring entrance from the neighboring areas. Horde who travel to Elwynn are sometimes peaceful, choosing to visit the Darkmoon Faire on its visits to Goldshire. Sometimes, however, they launch attacks on the many unprotected farms and cottages that dot the forest. With Stormwind close by, however, the attacks are always repelled swiftly. In addition, there are no goblins present in Elwynn. Though grateful for their aid during the Third War, humans treasure their regrown forest and balk at anyone who suggests they allow goblins to take up residence within it.

Significance to classesEdit

Warriors are common in Elwynn, especially those of the human race. Human warriors look up to the Stormwind guards that patrol the forest and aspire to one day don the same armor in defense of their city. Paladins and priests hold Northshire Abbey in high regard, traveling there with regularity to train new adventurers and instruct them in the ways of the Light. Mages everywhere know of Theocritus, and there are few who do not visit his tower to meet the famous magician in person. As of late, rogues are not receiving the same warm welcome they have come to expect from the people of Elwynn – bitterness towards the Defias Brotherhood has turned public opinion away from the law-abiding rogues of the Eastern Kingdoms. Warlocks are not greeted with scorn or suspicion by the humans (unlike the night Elves and orcs), but they nevertheless take the precaution of gathering in cellars and basements.

Hunters and druids do not train in Elwynn – the dwarves of Dun Morogh and night elves of Teldrassil are the only Alliance races able to specialize in those two classes. Regardless, hunters may find the animal life of the forest worth studying and druids may be interested in researching the area's self-healing following the First War between the orcs and humans.

The area holds little significance to the Horde's adventurers as a whole, but most incursions on this Alliance territory are carried about by Orc warriors. Some visit the forest to see first-hand the land they once wrenched away from the humans, while others invade the peaceful land intending to cause havoc…or perhaps even to take the forest in the name of the Horde a second time.


Elwynn Forest is considered by most to be a place of peace, but most agree you can find a spot of danger if you're careless enough...or if you go looking for it. Though merchants travel the paths without worry, and Stormwind guards are never too far away, adventurers who have just begun on their adventure would do well to exercise some caution if their feet take take them off the roads.


Elwynn is home to many peaceful critters who are more or less tame. Anyone who kills these helpless creatures has innocent blood on their hands. Cows, chickens, and sheep are raised by the many farmers who make their homes in the forest. Stray cats are not an uncommon sight when near cottages. Rabbits and deer roam the wild woods, a sign that the troubled forest is still generally safe for the helpless critters of the world.


Elwynn is home to various types of beasts, such as the wild wolves of Northshire or the overgrown forest spiders. The spiders' poison, in particular, can be fatal to new adventurers. There are even spiders lurking inside the abandoned mines of the region. Stonetusk and Rockhide boars can often be found on the grounds of the Elwynn farms and along the paths, and are often exterminated to cull their rapid breeding. The bears of Elwynn are one of the most dangerous wild creatures in the forest and should be avoided. Some of the wilder creatures of Elwynn are the Prowlers, extremely aggressive wolf-like beasts, and the Longsnout, feral boars that may attack on sight.

Notorious BeastsEdit

Mother Fang, a gigantic spider, makes her nest in the deepest part of the Jasperlode Mine. Her carapace, Brood Mother's Carapace, can be used as a chestpiece by those who wear leather.

Common HumanoidsEdit

Kobolds, ugly little knee-high humanoids, look dim but are nevertheless expert miners. There are kobolds in every mine in Elwynn, which means there is no more ore being dug up in the name of Stormwind. Adventurers are urged to reclaim these mines for the Alliance, but the kobolds will not give them up that easily. Though most kobolds are simple workers who will attack adventurers who get in their way, there are some who have mastered basic elemental magic. These Geomancers can be quite dangerous!

The Defias Brotherhood, led by Edwin Vancleef, claims Westfall as their stronghold. Nevertheless, their lower-ranked members often prove their worth in Elwynn Forest before they begin operations there. Their thugs and cutpurses are nothing more than petty thieves who gather stolen goods for the gang. Some of their number also act as dockworkers and bodyguards, protecting their precious resources. However, their ambushers are paid assassins and the Defias has even paid exiled wizards of Dalaran to join their cause. These rogue wizards search for places resonating with arcane power and study them.

Murlocs are repulsive little creatures who reside in and around water. Their tendency to swarm their prey makes every adventurer a bit edgy. Nevertheless, Elwynn Forest is in need of brave adventurers to help beat back the fish-man threat. Their migration inland is a source of concern for some of Stormwind's guards.

Another worry on the minds of Stormwind's protectors are the Riverpaw Gnolls. The Riverpaw Tribe's advance from Westfall threatens to endanger the bridge that links the farming region with Elwynn Forest. Fortunately, the Gnolls have only two camps in Elwynn - one on the Forest's Edge and another in the seldom-travelled northern shores of Stone Cairn Lake.

Notorious HumanoidsEdit

Humanoid creatures show a great deal of intelligence, at least compared to beasts, and one manifestation of this intelligence is their loyalty to certain leaders. Many humanoid races also assign titles and names to their comrades. These high-ranking humanoids are dangerous foes and are often the strongest, fastest, and most cunning of their tribe or group.

The kobolds in Elwynn obey Narg the Taskmaster, who is occasionally found in the Fargodeep Mine. One of their number, Goldtooth, has developed an obsession with shiny things and has been stealing from the farms of Elwynn shamelessly.

The Riverpaw gnolls of Elwynn Forest also have allegiances. They follow Hogger, a powerful gnoll fighter who can overpower an entire group of adventurers if given the chance. Two other notorious gnolls dwell in Elwynn. Gruff Swiftbite patrols the Forest's Edge with Hogger, while Fedfennel leads the gnolls of Stone Cairn Lake's northern shore. Fedfennel's blade, the Pale Skinner, is his working tool.

The Defias Brotherhood has many high-ranking agents in Elwynn Forest. Garrick Padfoot leads operations in Northshire Valley, for example. Other agents include...

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