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"Aletto's Guide to Azeroth" is a fan work that strives to present the many regions of Azeroth in a detailed context. Each region's history is presented, as well as its significance to the races and classes that inhabit Azeroth. There is also an overview of the current problems plaguing the region and what adventurers can do to help. In addition, important people and merchants are noted. Finally, readers can look forward to a general background on the creatures that can be found in the area. Information for the guide is collected on the Shadow Council realm. Special thanks to those who have either helped or chosen not to hinder the collection of data for this guide. Check the bottom of this page for information on the character Aletto himself, as well as his nine allies in collection information.

Table of ContentsEdit


The guide will be posted on WoWWiki and possibly Wikibooks. The entire guide will not be available immediately - rather, the author will update the guide periodically. This page will list links to all available chapters of the guide. In addition, a link to the corresponding "page" of the guide will be added to wowwiki's existing area pages whenever the guide page is finished. For example, a link to the Elwynn Forest guide will be added to Elwynn Forest when the Elwynn Forest guide is finished.

The author understands anyone can edit wowwiki, and embraces constructive edits to his guide pages as long as the general structure and theme of the guide is maintained. You may host the guide on your site as long as credit is given to Aletto of Shadow Council.

Guide to the GuideEdit

Each page of the guide provides a wealth of information about a specific area or dungeon. Each page is divided into six different sections, each focusing on a different facet of that particular place.

  • The History section goes over the region's history as well as the region's role in the big picture - Azeroth's bitter battles against the Scourge and Burning Legion.
  • Duties and Tasks brings forth the pressing issues and concerns many Azerothians have in regard to that particular place. If you're an adventurer looking for quests to undertake, here's the place to look.
  • Places and People/Those Who Dwell are two different sections. Regions on the surface of Azeroth are often dotted with towns and outposts, and so those pages have Places and People as their third section. Dungeons are rarely populated by those friendly to the Alliance or Horde, and so pages dedicated to dungeons have Those Who Dwell as their third section. Those Who Dwell describes the (often dangerous) inhabitants of dungeons in a more suitable manner, but also includes the rare friendly inhabitant that for some reason resides within.
  • Goods in.../Loot in... is another section divided into two. Overworld areas often feature vendors and shopkeepers that sell useful items, and so this section is dedicated to logging each vendor's location and general inventory. It is impossible to list rare loot found in the overworld because it is usually found by chance - there is no telling what your average monster will drop. However, because there are rarely shopkeepers inside dungeons, dungeon pages instead feature the Loot in... section. This section goes over the unique weapons, armor, and baubles that can be found in dungeons. Guides to the various capital cities in the world feature a "Things to Do" section in this section's place, reflecting the vast array of things other than goods that are available within cities.
  • Significance and Importance details the significance the area in question has to various races and classes. For example, a tower inhabited by masterful mages will hold greater signifiance for a mage than a Shaman. By the same token, an Alliance fortress destroyed by Horde forces will be a place of great sorrow for Alliance adventurers and a site of a great victory to travellers belonging to the Horde.
  • Battleplan is the sixth and final section. Beasts, foes, and other threats to the safety of any adventurer are listed here. Everything from the lowliest boar to the most dangerous and high-ranking humanoid warlord are listed here, along with any special loot they often leave behind. This section is often longer on dungeon pages, where an extra section lays out a plan for groups of adventurers to tackle that dungeon's dangers.

For information on all ten guide contributors, including Aletto himself, check these Player Character pages.

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