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AllianceNPC 32Father Aldheim Sevenoaks
Title <Champion of the Undercity>
Gender Male
Race Human
Character class Paladin
Affiliation Lordaeron, Argent Crusade, Church of the Holy Light, Undercity
Position Prelate of the Fellowship of the Holy Light
Location Icecrown, Stormwind City, Eastern Plaguelands
Status Living
Relative(s) Malfos Sevenoaks, Scyld Sevenoaks (brothers), Deathstalker Critixix (ex-lover)

Aldheim Sevenoaks Edit

Aldheim is a Human Paladin, originally of Stratholme, Lordaeron. Of all the Alliance races (other than humans), he gets along best with the dwarves, whose work ethic and penchant for blacksmithing make him feel at home. He has recently found himself overseeing a new group of scholars and believers in the Holy Light, organizing sermons and expeditions all throughout Azeroth.

Aldheim nominally lives in Stormwind City, but has spent much less time there as of late. Since his declaration of support for the Forsaken in the Argent Tournament, Aldheim has been much less welcome in the human city, and mostly travels in disguise when he visits. He maintains his residence in Cathedral Square at the offices of the Argent Dawn nonetheless.

Description Edit

Aldheim is an older man with silver hair and a beard, usually groomed in a disciplined fashion. Though he is most often in full plate armor, he conscientiously makes the habit of wearing the shirt he has worn since he was a squire beneath it- it reminds him of where he comes from, of the past that defines the present. Even when not expecting a fight, Aldheim tends to wear a suit of full plate- often his suit of Justicar Raiment or the Blessed Battlegear of Undead Slaying, which he usually wears to church services.

Personality Edit

Aldheim is a quiet person by nature, and can take a little time to warm up to people. However he is a generous and caring sort, especially to children. Even though many races produce adventurers far older than him in years, Aldheim tends to take a fatherly role to his friends, often giving advice and consolation. Aldheim is a fierce patriot for his homeland, and has never yet considered himself a citizen of either Theramore or Stormwind- if asked, he promptly replies that he is a citizen of Lordaeron in exile, and from his tone you can tell he considers that a temporary situation.

Aldheim is not really a man of action- somewhat ironic, considering the leadership role he has assumed within the Fellowship of the Holy Light. He considers all the facets of a situation before acting, and very rarely sees anything in black and white. While this is responsible for some of his most admirable traits, such as his great capacity for compassion and understanding, it also means he is very often paralyzed with indecision, and sometimes lets preventable evils continue because he didn't act quicker.

History Edit

-Coming soon-

The Brothers Sevenoaks Edit

Aldheim has two brothers, both of whom, somewhat ironically for a paladin, are undead. The first, Scyld, is a human death knight and a sergeant in the Alliance Vanguard. Scyld's fierce Alliance patriotism has led to a deep schism with Aldheim's choice to support the Forsaken, and the brothers are no longer on speaking terms. The second, Malfos, is a Forsaken mage. Malfos and Aldheim have always had a rift between them as a consequence of the disparity of their ages-- Aldheim was a teenager when Malfos was born-- but the two have a loving, if distant, relationship now. Malfos is one of the most direct influences on Aldheim's decision to become a Champion of the Undercity.

Despite their differences, Aldheim loves both of his brothers, even as he is troubled by them.

Tidbits Edit

  • Aldheim wears an Undercity Tabard often. It is his current belief that the only way to make a new Lordaeron is to form a joint kingdom of humans and Forsaken, and while he believes the current political climate is too harsh to reasonably bring it about any time soon, he is an outspoken advocate for peace within the Eastern Kingdoms and a reconciliation with the Undercity and, to a lesser extent, Silvermoon.
  • Aldheim is slightly put off by the draenei. Although the thought that the Holy Light is a far reaching and sentient force is comforting to him, the draenei's long history and seemingly unmatchable connection to the Light leaves Aldheim feeling as though he and the other human servants of the Light are "lesser children." His strong friendship with the paladin Archytas has cured him of this somewhat.
  • The discovery that his other brother Scyld has risen as a death knight has caused Aldheim to feel an enormous amount of sympathy towards these new members of the Alliance, and despite being one of the most vocal advocates of the war on the Scourge he is also a staunch defender of the death knights' right to exist.

Out of Character Information Edit

  • Mechanically, Aldheim is a holy paladin. He was formerly a protection paladin, but then a lot of healing plate dropped in Karazhan and it all went to hell from there.

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