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Full Name: Alamis Swiftcloud

Nicknames: Lammy, Lammykins, Alamiclam

Age: About 20 years of age

Eyes: Red

Fur: Brown

Horns: Broad, white

Height: About 8 feet

Weight: (Approx.) 550 pounds

Class: Druid, Feral Specialized, Seasoned 60


A deeply compassionate individual, Alamis is at first glance shy, quiet, submissive, and thoughtful. He spends a lot of his days daydreaming and socializing with close friends. He would generally rather relax than fight, ponder than speak, and evade than confront. Sometimes considered lazy, Alamis is usually laid-back in most situations.

Alamis displays his primal nature in his surprisingly unforgiving philosophies which generally oppose law, justice, and honor. He believes that laws are but an illusion, justice is an excuse for revenge, and honor is "a silly lie to make us feel guilty about outsmarting an otherwise superior opponent". A deep believer in existentialism, Alamis' favorite quote is "The purpose of life is to make your life have a purpose." He scoffs at fatalism, and does not think it is possible to be fated to do something. Alamis does not, in general, like civilization.

Though his ideals betray his rather feral nature, it is most pronounced in combat. Due to Alamis' lack of honor, he is a generally ruthless opponent. Fighting like any predator would, he often lacks finesse and is dangerously reckless. Anyone facing him in combat would doubt that he's actually very compassionate. Despite his lack of honor, Alamis will not attack a member of the Alliance unless he is given reason to.

Alamis Swiftcloud's personality has been likened to that of nature by his fiancee, Ishnara Windwhisper. It is probably the most accurate definition, as he has just as much compassion and fury as nature itself.

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