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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

You did What with MY Glitter??(11)Edit

The guild hall lay silent. He stalked his way through the empty seats, barren tables, and whispers of conversations that were. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but the dark voice that was clambering for attention didn’t care.

"How often do I have to duck, vanish, to avoid the infernal mess. Does she not know I can not do what I need to covered in that STUFF!"

"What if, my reflexes are slow, what if I can not duck in time. What if exposed to that STUFF, she dies, because I couldn’t do what I needed to safe her."

Shaking his head, the dark voice was right for once, that STUFF would have to go. He had waited until the guild was off raiding “Hell” as some of them called it. Others simply called it the Core. He had never heard of it, wherever it was, not that he cared.

Tatimitzi and Keishe always took this opportunity, to spend time alone, without him. Normally being unattended, he could amuse himself. Today was different, nothing caught his attention, no bounding, no alchemy for him today. Today was the day he would get rid of the STUFF.

He looked at the priest hall, his eyes narrowing to slivers. He simply glared at it, until, the dark voice had full control. His eyes slowly opened, and off he stalked. Keishe always took Tatimitzi away from her room where she stored the STUFF. Cloaking himself in the shadows he moved his way closer to her room. In truth, he didn’t have to hide. It was a pre-cautionary gesture in case one of the “Hell Raiders” returned early.

Arriving at her door, he listened and heard nothing. Her door was locked, for a few moments before his lock picking tools and deft fingers made quick work of the simple lock. His face uncontrollably contorted into a sneer. Her room was pink, not just pink. But a bright bubbly pink, the STUFF was pasted on the walls, plush animals of all shapes and sizes lay strewn about the room and bed. So much so, he wondered how she could find a place to sleep on her bed. He shivered at all this niceness and gaiety. Closing his eyes, he was here for her bags of STUFF, the quicker he got it, the quicker he could leave.

Quickly searching her room, he found to his dismay. Not one bag of STUFF, but several. He would have to make more then one trip, and that he could not do. Looking around again, he found a large bag, it had something in it. Emptying its contents onto the bed, some sort of gun plopped down next to a huge stuffed unicorn.

Dumping the smaller bags of STUFF into this new found large one, he noticed something odd. The STUFF as soon as it mixed together, turned gold. No matter what the color was he added to it, it just turned gold. With the bag nearly overflowing with gold STUFF, he cinched it closed and hefted it over one shoulder, he felt like Greatfather Winter.

Cocking his head to one side, he realized what the gun was on the bed, it was the now infamous Glitternator. It was loaded with one Glitter bomb still. Well, if she had access to her STUFF, there would certainly be more. Picking it up in his other hand, he aimed it clumsily at the wall and squeezed the trigger. With all gadgets, there is a chance for them not to function quite right, it was at this moment, it didn’t. The bomb blossomed into a cloud as soon as it hit the air at the end of the muzzle, rather then when the bomb hit the wall.

As quickly as he could, he dropped the gun and vanished, sprinting to the door as fast as his feet would take him. The cloud seemed to follow him, chasing him wanting to engulf him in glittery goodness. The cloud splashed harmlessly against the door as he slammed it closed, the Glitternator hitting the ground in a clatter.

He made his way through the empty guild hall, towards the wind rider tower. His original thought was to bury or drown this STUFF. He couldn’t do that to her. That would crush her, she had to have some sort of hope of reclaiming her STUFF. So instead he decided to travel Tanaris, and plant the STUFF within one of the pirate vessels there. Liita and him had fought there long enough, he knew he could sneak in drop the sack of powdered gold in a pirate camp and leave. His plan was perfect.

Startling the wind rider, as he made his presence aware, he paid for his ride to Tanaris. Situating the large sack behind him. The wyvern took flight, flying over the Southern Gold Road. As he was flying over the road, a night elf on a hippogriff purposefully, dove directly at him causing him to turn his wyvern quickly to avoid impact. As he did so he felt the bag slip from the saddle, reaching back, he grabbed the bag as the wyvern righted itself, but he had grabbed onto the bottom of the bag, and the cord that he cinched the bag closed with opened up. Gold glitter blossomed forth and rained down all over the Southern Gold Road.

When the contents were finally emptied all over the road, he simply looked at the empty bag, and shook his head. Now he would have to come up with a new plan. He shook his fist at the night elf that was long gone.

Landing in Tanaris, he sold the empty sack with its few survivors of gold glitter. He removed his hearthstone and promptly appeared back at the guild hall. There were a few more people here. He would quickly have to give control, back to the idiot half of him. Walking outside, he found a good place. He began to bound endlessly in a circle, until the world was spinning so fast, he felt like he was going to die. Stopping himself, he rested an arm against a tree, when he heard their familiar voices.

“Kranny. Are we so glad to see you.” Tatimitzi screamed from across the way.

His eyes still not in focus, looked at them, they were spinning. He shook his head violently, trying to get some sort of focus. “Allo...purty jur Keishe” he stammered. The world was really spinning fast still, and he kind of wanted to get off it now.

“‘eya Krannie” Keishe answered as they approached.

“Kranny, are you ok?” Tatimitzi asked with concern etched in her voice and eyes.

Unable to form words, he tried, his lips moved but nothing came out. He simply gave them a thumbs up with his other hand.

“Kranny something terrible happened. Someone stole all my glitter. You were here all day, did you see anything?” Tatimitzi asked.

He hadn’t had the chance to think of a new story yet, so he went into the one he thought of. “Yeb, yeb. Pirates. Pirates, dey come an dey takeses da glitta, bu da kranny try an stops em.” he mumbled, the world was returning to a nice normal spin instead a super fast one.

“Pirates?” Keishe asked in disbelief.

“Yeb yeb. Pirates.” he answered back.

“Well did joo kill dem Krannie?” Keishe asked.

Tatimitzi just stared at Kranik also in disbelief, but she didn’t want to say anything since he was such a loyal friend.

“Da kranny try, da kranny was killin’ dem gud.” His eyes went wide with excitement, the world had stopped spinning. “Bu...den dey got dis gold bubble ting aroun dem, an dey hearffed. Like a paladin”

Both of them looked at him in total disbelief and shock. “Pirate paladins Krannie??!?! dere is no suc’ t’ing as a pirate paladin Krannie” Keishe exclaimed.

“Yeb yeb, if da kranny can be a paladin, Kranny can haff pirate paladins. Asides dis Kranny story, not jur’s ju wait jur turn. Da Kranny calls dem Piraldins. Yeb yeb Piraldins come an steal da glitta.” He nodded with conviction, and satisfaction.

The ladies, just stared at him speechless, not sure what exactly did happen to the glitter.

They had walked for miles from the crossroads. The pair had argued over a great number of things, mostly why the Gold Road was named the Gold Road. They were at the bridge about to cross a ravine into the Southern Barrens and walk onto the Southern Gold Road.

“Where the hell is Mankrik’s wife?” the older orc brother said, as he looked to his right at a single house.

Without looking he clapped his brother on the shoulder, “You think we should go check out there?” he pointed to the single house.

His younger brother made no acknowledgments, that he was spoken to, he simply looked in awe at the Souther Gold Road, and it’s golden sheen.

Slapping his older brother in the chest, he simply pointed and said. “I told you the gold road, was made of gold.”

His older brother turned and looked his words dying in his mouth as he too saw the gold shimmer of the Southern Gold Road.

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