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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Training DayEdit

The man with the boney hands, had brought him deep into the catacombs of the Undercity. Well into the depths of depravity and destruction, far from meandering eyes of their brethren. Today was a special day.

Today his pet project, his addle-coved troll protégé would kill, for his mistress’s pleasure. Hopefully for the troll’s sake he wouldn’t fail him. It would be a shame to have wasted all this time in preparing him for this. He glanced back at the tall, lanky purple haired troll. The troll’s eyes were wide with exhileration and anticipation.

“You will not fail me today, do you understand me?” He hissed as he latched onto one of the troll’s massive tusks.

The troll tried to nod, but the man with the boney hands held his head still. “Yeb yeb” the young troll whispered back. The man let go of his tusk. He wasn’t sure where he was, he had never been here before. Before him was a small table with several daggers of various sizes and shapes, each blade curved more wicked, each edge honed more deadly then the last. A length of chain was bolted from the ceiling which descended into a small labyrinth.

“Do you remember what to do today?” The man with the boney hands hissed again.

The trolls eyes snapped into focus, to the man in front of him. “Yeb yeb kranny no.”

“Good, then tell me what needs to be done.” The man continued.

“Ju say der be an ebil woman in da pit. Kranny gotsta make her feel da pain, she gotsta bleed, Kranny getsta it. Bu...da ebil woman gotsta live. She die, Kranny die.” He said back, his eyes only wandering once to the table of the instruments he would be given to use.

“Good” The man nodded, “now go pick up one dagger and go down the chain. Stalk, find and make her suffer.” he hissed, his eyes no longer focusing on his pet, but his mistress who was just beyond them in the shadows.

With a loud metallic snap, the leash was let loose. Kranik scrambled for the table, he had already eyed the blade he wanted. A nice viciously curved blade, made of the blackest of metals. It looked like it once belonged to a great predatory beast. A claw of the deadliest proportions, and today it would be his claw. Placing the blade, in his mouth, he leapt onto the chain and climbed down into the murky depths of the labyrinth below.

She heard the ringing of steel, something was coming down after her. The horrible undead had left her down here for nearly two days, in her tattered rags that barely qualified as clothing anymore. Her once majestic purple hair, now matted and unkempt, could no longer conceal her long elvish ears. Her eyes shifted to gaze into the darkness as if it were day, but she could see nothing from the corner she had curled up in. Something was coming, and no doubt it would be coming for her. Struggling to her feet, she began to slowly move from her corner to somewhere, anywhere. Once she felt secure she could hide. She was unarmed, but she had killed with her bare hands before and she could do it again.

Letting go off the chain, his ears strained to pick up anything in murky gloom. All that could be heard was the slight clanking of the chain links rubbing against one another. His eyes took on a life all there own, the pupils growing wildly like a tiger on the prowl. He too could now see in the darkness. Shifting his ears back, they lowered themselves close to his vibrant purple hair, still straining he heard no noise. His eyes closed to just a squint, and glared out into the emptiness. After several moments, his eyes opened back up, but “he” was no longer in control. Taking a step forward, he became devoured by shadows.

She stepped from the shadows, overlooking the labyrinth she joined her consort. He turned and gazed upon her nearly lovingly.

“This, thing, you have. It will do as I have asked of you?” she whispered in disdain.

“But of course m’lady. He knows better then to fail me, and thus knows well enough not to fail you.” He hissed and bowed before her prescence.

“For your sake, I hope you are right. I have hungered for elvish flesh for far too long” she commented back as her eyes began to glow so she could watch the macabre dance unfold before her.

The elf, found another corner to hide in. This one close to the main intersection in the labyrinth. Whatever was down here would have to pass this way, and if she was lucky she could get the drop on it. Minutes dripped on, like beads of sweat rolling down her forehead. This waiting, this anticipation was gnawing at her. Whatever came down the chain should’ve been here by now, perhaps she had just imagined it, and this was some sadistic game the forsaken had now chosen to play with her. She shuffled one of her bare, bloodied feet, it gently scraping against the rough stone floor.

Kranik stopped, there was a sound, however faint, slightly up ahead of him and to his left, right around the corner. He silently crept to the other wall in the passage, as to him this evil woman was preparing an ambush of her own. The man with the boney hands, had not mentioned she would fight back. It was no matter, he would savor her, linger over her with each slice of his blade, taste her blood, gaze into her fear stricken eyes. She would know pain, she would know suffering. The thought of carving her, crafting his marks into her flesh was exhilerating and exciting to him. Pressure began to well up in his hands, aching for release. He had to have her and soon.

She thought she saw something move, faint like a shadow. She waited her gaze transfixed upon the spot. Another bead of sweat and another minute dripped by. Something wasn’t right and for all her training, she began to shiver. It was cold down here and this anticipation of something, anything, chilled her to the bone. Again she thought she saw a shadow move, this time it was to her left. She turned slightly to face it, she didn’t want to leave an opening for her attacker(s).

Kranik heard her shuffle again, his fingers clenched the handle of his clawblade. Stalking slowly the direction of the sound, creeping forward at the pace of death. There before him, she was. Tall like him, blue-ish skinned like him, long ears like him, purple hair like him. The silhouette of her told him they were not alike, she had no tusks, she was nothing to him. She was but a canvas for him to spread pain and suffering to, and nothing more.

She felt warm breath on the back of her neck, she closed her eyes and cursed to herself how could she have been so foolish. Whatever it was, was just as foolish. It hadn’t killed her yet. Snapping backwards fast, she smashed her elbow into the side of her stalker’s head.

Kranik stumbled back and braced himself against the wall, he had waited a moment to long in his rapture. She now no longer cloaked in shadows turned to face him. Springing off the wall he slammed all of his weight into her driving her to the ground. They tussled a moment on the ground rolling this way and that way. Both vying for dominance. In the end, her exhausted, starved frame wound up beneath the troll. His feet perched on her outstretched arms. He sat on her chest, gazing down on her like a hungry, rabid animal. He licked his lips in anticipation. He held her by her throat with his right hand preventing her from moving her head . He began to lower his face towards her slowly, menacingly. Oh yes she was his to taste and savor. He licked his lips once more.

She began to try and thrash and kick him off of her. Somehow despite her best efforts, he wasn’t budging.

He reached behind him, and lowered the clawblade to her exposed midriff. Slowly, gently the tip made contact with her supple skin. She sucked in her stomach at the blade’s tip first touch. He smiled a wicked smile, and lowered the blade one more time making second contact, this time she squirmed and squeaked as the tip broke her skin’s surface. Slowly he drew the blade from one side of her stomach to the other, not a deep cut but vicious nonetheless.

She bucked beneath him again, she tried trashing her arms something to get this monster off of her. Her eyes frantic locked onto those of the soulless beast on top of her. It licked it’s lips one more time and slowly leaned it’s head closer.

Now he was close enough to see the fear in her eyes, drink in her desparation. The wicked smile contorted into a sneer. He drove his forehead into hers. His tusks driving into each side of her neck. The blood began to swell and dribble from beneath his ivory blades. Their noses were close enough to touch, her lips quivering as she stemmed back a shriek of terror. No longer concerned with the anticipation of the first cut, his blade hand thrashed wildly behind him, shredding flesh and rags alike. His heart began to thunder in his chest, his eyes rolling with excitement. His blade found a vulnerable spot as she reflexively screamed, but her voice was muffled as her blood filled and flowed from her mouth. This is what he had been waiting for, deftly his nimble tongue darted forward to lap up her crimson juice. Taking extra care to lick her delicate lips clean. He removed the blade from where he imbedded it, and slammed it home there again. Spectacular results flowed a second time, lapping at her sweet nectar he had to have more.

“That’s ENOUGH!!!” the man with the boney hands yelled. “HEEL!”

Kranik looked back at the man with the boney hands and the woman with the hollow face once, before licking a stray river from the corner of her sweet precious mouth. He jumped off and away in case she had some fight left in her, which it was clear she had none. He marveled at the his shredded handiwork. Before scampering up the chain. As he was part way up the chain, the woman with the hollow face, seemingly walked the air slowly to her dinner. Kranik stared and marveled at her before clambering up the chain. Moments later he was back on his leash, and the man with boney hands whispering in his ear. “You did good, you did damn good. I think someone deserves a treat don’t you?”

He nodded his head vigorously.

“What is it that you want?” The man with boney hands hissed

“Ebil woman hair” Kranik whispered back.

The man with the boney hands laughed, his cackling reverberating throughout the labyrinth below, chiming in with the sounds of flesh being torn, and an elf’s whimpering as she was being eaten alive.

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