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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The degenerationEdit

Song fic: Song: Into the Pentagram – By Samael

He chuckled to himself as she hurriedly collapsed back inside her tiny room. He listened to the click of the bolt slamming home. Locking him outside, but he had already infiltrated her head. She would not shake him so easily from her mind.

“Come Zep. We have work to do.” Mortanus said as he stalked off down the stairs. Zepgup his ever faithful imp darted behind without question. “She will rue the day, she met me. I can no longer wait for everything to come full circle... Lady Anna will understand.” his words rang hollow through the empty hallway.

He opened the door he had come to and opened it. It creaked open and he slammed it shut. Taking a moment to light the torch on his right, he gazed about the room. An old torturer’s chambers. Chains, manacles, hung happenstance and rusted unused for years. Snaking their way across the floor. Against the back wall were devices meant to poke, prod and bleed their victim’s dry as they screamed their confessions. A rack was discarded and partially rotted in the center of the room.

Rearing his head back with maniacal laughter. He trudged forward and placed his shoulder against the rack and heaved with all his might. Slowly it began to slide against his feeble strength but it was enough to reveal the work he had been devoting his time too. Reaching down he removed his ceremonial knife from its sheath. It screamed to life with a baleful purple light when it hit the air.

He smiled, and gently rubbed the glowing blade against his cheek, cradling it like a small puppy or like a kitten. Closing his eyes in near rapture, the blade conjured forth the mental image he so desired. Her here in his room, bleeding, screaming and dying. With a smile he put the dagger on the rack beside him. Reaching down he pulled out of his pouch the last bits of chalk.

Dropping to all fours he began to trace images on the ground. As he worked, he began to think about the images in his head. She was here, trapped in his runes. Lady Anna was here waiting in the shadows.

“Prisoner of my dreams”

“Slave to my illusions”

“Paralyzed by the anguish of the new day”

“Tormented by the desire of glory”

“The thirst for power”

Stopping in his work he stood up, walking to the center of his work. Arms outstretched to the heavens, he roared in defiance.

“I’m refuging into the pentagram”

“Where I fear nobody”

“I dominate my enemies”

“I lead my friends”

“All belongs to me, body and soul”

“Yes!!! she will belong to me.” He roared again. Answering the voices in his head.

Dropping to his knees again, he continued to work on his pentagram. Lines blurred with one another as his work neared culmination.

“Prisoners of my dreams”

“Slave to my illusion”

“Paralyzed by the anguish of the new day”

“Tormented by the desire of glory”

“The thirst for power”

Finally he was done. He stood again in the center of his master work. He smiled cruelly as he glanced to the dagger on the rack. All was in order, all he needed now was her. She would make the perfect sacrifice for Lady Anna.

“I’m retreating into the pentagram”

“Where I become the possessor of your lives”

“Dictator of your thoughts”

“Master of your acts”

“The pentagram is my invincible weapon”

Cackling maniacally, all was in order. He would show them, show them all. He was to be forever. Nothing would stop his ascension. All he had to do was to get her.

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