Akuyim/The Road to Ruin(past tales)

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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Road To RuinEdit

The heat from the Stranglethorn Jungle was oppressive, the buzzing of the bugs and the growling from his new companion, were grating on his tired nerves. Cuffing Reggie on the back of his head, to silence his rebellious noise. He flattened a large mosquito that landed on his bare, scarred bicep.

The road northward, was slow going, Duskwood would be looming before them soon. For a brief moment, the woman’s face entered his head. He shook her free from his mind. He stopped a moment to drink some water from his canteen, this was slow going on foot.

His stomach began to twist and knot. Turning around, a dark skinned, red eyed orc was directly behind him. He knew it was no mere orc.

“What do you want?” Akuyim hissed.

“Just making sure, your will is still strong. I mean this is a tough road for you Hunter.” the demon hissed back.

“They will pay for what they have done to my parents. All of them will die. My will is strong, Demon. Nothing will stop me from my vengeance.” Akuyim hissed back.

The demon smiled, “Remember our agreement Hunter, all of them. Every single one of them, blood for blood.”

Akuyim nodded. “Blood for blood.” his words came out in an angry growl, mimicked by his rebellious tiger companion.

The duo, turned and walked away from the demon. Heading northward, soon they would be at the bridge. The demon smiled, his plan was working, all his little pieces falling into place. The deal, and now all of this. The Hunter was on his journey, he would be corrupt and fall to the legion in a couple of weeks. With a prominent member of the Skullsplitters fallen, the others would surely fall or die. The demon would be released and would be able to summon the legion far sooner then he thought possible. When he was done reveling in his moment of triumph, he simply dissolved and reappeared near the bridge to Duskwood. This would be the place of the first of his blood letting, the releasing of his rage. The monster needed to be born. He smiled as he saw his plan forming before him.

Some of his mortal servants performed admirably. Guarding the bridge to Duskwood were five humans. Rugged and deadly each of them. Standing across from them were two, sadly outnumbered, wanting to cross the bridge. The Hunter would have no choice but to kill the humans to continue his journey. He wrung his clawed hands together, as the two groups simply stared at one another. Neither daring to cross the ire of the other yet, waiting for something to happen. And happen it did.

Akuyim came around the corner, and to his dismay, saw humans choking off the other side of the bridge. An orc warrior and a tauren shaman stood on the near side of the bridge. Just staring at the humans on the other side.

“What the hell is going on here?” Akuyim called out as he approached.

“They are preventing us from crossing.” the orc called back.

“We have to fight our way across.” the tauren finally conceded.

The demon smiled, the game had begun. He knew that with all the anger in the Hunter, his rage would consume him soon. This was going to be a pretty sight, the falling of one’s principles. “Do it Hunter.” he whispered on the air.

“I will help.” Akuyim stated.

They looked at the new comer for a moment. The orc shook his head, “This fight may be a little out of your league.”

“I cant promise you safety nor healing stranger.” the tauren answered.

“I don’t think I asked for any.” he turned his gaze to the warrior. “You would be surprised at what we can do.” he rested his hand on Reggie’s head.

“Fine, fine. Don’t say we didn’t warn you boy.” the orc retorted.

“ I am no BOY!” Akuyim hissed, anger flaring in his eyes.

The pair paid no attention to his outburst, and began to make proper battle plans. The demon whispered to his minion on the other side of the bridge. “The hunter is to live, even if all of you have to die. Do I make myself clear?”

His minion nodded, she smirked to herself. She looked at her companions, she would not heal them this fight, they were on their own. She only thought of the promise of power, that is why she was here, unspeakable power. He had chosen her as some sort of arcane conduit, she was to be more powerful then any woman in existence.

Akuyim took to standing next to the orc and tauren. Now the three of them stared at the five humans. Beads of sweat dripping from their foreheads to the ground. They all stood there staring, neither side provoking the ire of the other. The humans had a look of smug arrogance, they out-numbered the small horde force. The battle would end in their favor. The human warrior, turned his head slightly and winked back at the priestess.

The orc warrior, struck. Breaking into a full out run, he slammed all his weight into the warrior, stunning him and knocking him slightly off balance. The tauren took three steps forward dropped some sort of totem, and cast a glowing green ball of energy. Which slammed into the chest a man wearing robes. Akuyim chose a woman wearing robes, Reggie was already across the bridge clawing and biting her as his first bullet slammed into her chest. Another man in heavy armor, charged forth to do battle with the orc, who was slashing away with the one he charged, with his massive two-handed axe.

Lost in the moment of battle, bullets flying, claws and teeth shredding, spells being cast, and the sound of steel smashing against steel and bone. When the dust settled, the bridge lay clear from the human defenders.

Akuyim crossed the bridge triumphantly with a smile. He nodded to his two companions, who for some reason, walked back into the Vale of Stranglethorn. With a shrug, he turned back into Duskwood.

A dying cough, and the spitting up of blood caught his attention. Not all of them were dead. He turned his attention, to what could have passed for a beautiful blonde haired woman. Her face was bloodied where Reggie had clawed her, her chest had a couple bullet holes in it. He sneered at the woman, and placed the gun to her head. She shook her head vehemently in protest.

The gun was placed against her head, this wasn’t supposed to be happening. She was to be the arcane conduit. Her thoughts leeched out seeking her master. She found them, but all she heard in her head, was her master’s diabolical laughter, before her skull and brain were shredded.

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