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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Long Walk 2Edit

Kaiie and the girl paused in the courtyard of the Undercity. Zyberahk walked several feet ahead, before realizing his mate and the apparition they agreed to help, were not beside him.

He turned and looked at her, as she stared through him blankly. “What is it?” he asked.

She simply stared through him in disbelief, his words may as well have been spoken in an entirely different language. The little girl switched her bear to her other hand and reached up reflexively to take Kaiie’s hand. It passed through it harmlessly, causing Kaiie to shudder and shiver a moment.

“Kaiie?! What is it love?” Zyberahk called back.

Kaiie stifled the urge to scream as one of the many apparitions that dotted the courtyard, ambled to and fro continuing their last duties, before they were cut down. One of those apparitions now stood directly behind her mate, giving him the once over. Apparently seeing if he would be a good would be defender for the fight that they were still embroiled in. Her voice was choked off in her throat as the ghostly lieutenant passed his hands around Zyberahk’s shoulders as if measuring his worth in some ancient ritual.

Dozens upon dozens apparitions wandered through the courtyard. The lieutenant apparently appeased by Zyberahk’s square shoulders nodded and drifted on his way. She closed her eyes, as the voices of the men caressed past her ears. The little girl tried to squeeze closer to Kaiie as one of the burly men stepped closer to her.

Unlike her, these didn’t carry their death wounds so prominently, they were relatively as they were in life, just less substantial.

Zyberahk closed the gap and stood in front of Kaiie. “What is the matter?” he whispered.

“So much....spirits. Hallowed place, so sad...” her voice trailed off.

“Will you be alright?” he asked back and took her hand into his own.

She simply nodded. She bit her lip. She would have to be alright, they were on an important mission. One which held the delicate thread of an innocent life in their hands. One that could very well embroil them in a deadly game, with which none of them would walk away from. Since her earliest warnings gone largely ignored, the spirit world was much more vibrant and alive to her. An omen of things to come, an omen she knew which heralded dark times.

Squeezing down on her mate’s hand, she let him lead her through the courtyard. Her gaze straight and focused on the great doors leading into the foul dead city. One she hoped, prayed did not clutter her mind with such spiritual static. She needed to be focused to see her visions, to see if she was making the right choices, to walk down the proper paths.

She knew they would be lucky enough to find Shunasun within the Undercity. But, it was a small window of opportunity and it was fading faster by the minute.

The closer they drew to the great throne room, the worse the static became. Her own thoughts clouded by the hushed voices of scores of dead men, their last words and prayers being heard for the first time in centuries.

She shut her eyes tightly, hoping to silence some of the voices, and dampen others. Trusting in her mate to guide her blindly into the bowels of the wretched forsaken city. She whimpered lightly as her temples began to throb and pulse in pain, from concentrating too hard. She could feel the little girl beside her. Her thoughts frightened and alone.

He pulled them onto the elevator. She opened her eyes as she felt herself falling. Walking outside, the static she was feeling diminished greatly. However, she wished she kept her eyes, and now her nose closed. Two behemoth abominations stood on either side of the doorway, simply looking down at the elves with their near eyeless stare. The trio shuddered as they walked between the hulking mountains of decaying flesh.

As one they paused at the bustling of the myriad of races that rushed to and fro on their daily routines. Walking corpses guarded and hawked their wares to anyone that would listen. Zyberahk sighed. Trying to track Shunasun’s whereabouts from here would be monumental at best.

Kaiie tensed up. Evil sensations coursed through her veins, so much pain, death, suffering and hatred dwelled here. She tried to center on her breathing as her senses wandered. The little girl, simply stood by the seer, hoping she would protect her if it came to that.

Zyberahk turned and looked at Kaiie. “Will you be ok?” he asked, brushing his fingers across her delicate cheek.

She simply nodded. “Go. Ask your questions. I will be fine, I need...time. So much energy here. Its just overwhelming me.” she whispered.

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. Dutifully, he spun on his heels to inquire about Shunasun.

Shunasun grumbled to herself as she waddled from the Apothecarium. Seriously, had they never seen a pregnant woman before. She clutched the pouch of seeds in her hand. When she woke, she had decided to tend to her garden in Kranik’s absence, only to find it in ruins.

It was clearly not the work of animals, and she figured they lived far enough away from civilization that no one would be about to harass them. The closest village was Strahnbrad, which was a den for the syndicate brotherhood. Hardly worth their efforts to accost someone’s garden.

Even her pets found nothing at the garden. She wanted Kranik back, and hoped that he was alright. It was nearing the time he should be coming home or at least sending word. He did after all say it was an easy job. She shook her head, and began her trudge up the stairs to the bank.

She turned the corner at the top of the bank, as one of the bankers pointed directly at her. She rolled her eyes, before realizing that the banker wasn’t simply gawking at her but pointing her out.

From a small throng of people Zyberahk walked forward towards Shunasun. She smiled warmly at the young elf. As he got closer he knelt before her. “Lady Shuna....” he started.

“Well dis is a pleasant surprise.” she interrupted.

He looked up at her stoically. “I did not come her socially.” he barked.

“Oh? Den why are ju here.” she asked back

“My mate senses you are in grave danger. Something pursues you and your unborn child. You are not safe. We need to make sure you are indeed safe.” he stood up and offered his hand for her to take.

She looked at him questioningly a moment. Someone wanted her and her baby. Who? Mortanus was the first name that leapt into her head. He was an idiot, he couldn’t do anything right. So she would hardly consider him an “evil” presence that would put her in grave danger.

“We must not pause Lady Shuna.” Zyberahk interjected. “We must....” he started to continue. When from the crowd his mate and the little girl ran up to him.

“It is here!” Kaiie nearly shouted, interrupting the small gathering. “I have felt it. Whatever it is that wants her is here, right now at this very moment. We have to go now!” Kaiie latched onto Shunasun’s hand and began to tug on it impulsively.

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