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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Journal Part 2Edit

I have waited too long as it is. It calls to me now, so many things will be left unsaid, left undone. I ache to hold her one last time, but I know I can not. Sadly, my time has come.

To say what must be said, will take all the pages that remain in this tattered book. Sadly, that is a luxury I do not have. So to my friends and loved ones. I wish you all the best, I wish I could be there, to see you when your greatest triumphs and happiest moments come to fruition. Alas, I can not.

Some of you may weep, but fear not. I will always be around in spirit watching and protecting you. I love you all, but it is time I go.

There may be a way, to change the dice fate rolled for me. A chance, a better chance to change what was done. A way to make all the pain and suffering go away. It won’t be easy, and I can not try it on my own. My only hope is that whoever finds this journal, has the heart and energy to take up the challenge within, the challenge I can not do.

The road is long and hard and will be fraught with danger at every turn. Surely, if I had thought of it, so has he. Truthfully, I doubt it would work in the first place, but one must maintain hope. That is something, that I no longer have in abundance.

I have heard the stories filtering from those more seasoned then I, as they pass through Grom’gol on their way back to the Outlands or Kharazan.

Mind you, it is only a theory of an old man, trying to avoid his final act. Based purely on gossip, and desperation. He knows this, which is why, I will have to seek him out for our final act.

If he is busy, hunting me. He can not hunt those that have taken it upon themselves to save me, and in the end, not just me, but hundreds of people. His minions could still try and thwart them, but I will have to remain firmly entrenched in my belief, that anyone brave enough to try and save me, would be fortuitous to endure against a legion of adversaries.

The place I speak of, is of course none other then the Caverns of Time. If one can travel into the past, to ensure events come to pass....then they can travel into the past to ensure certain events do not come to pass. At least that is my theory anyway.

But, after lengthy thought, I have discovered that the exact moment in time, was hard to pinpoint down. Where the exact point of intercession would be, simply by sparing me at the plateau that night would still place hundreds of people at risk, and he would still find another.

No, the moment in time must be further back. When he was at his most powerful, back when he was free. Back when Clan Skullsplitter was still part of the Burning Legion. One must travel to the night, that the Clan, decided to turn away from the Legion and prevent him from being bound to the book.

Unlikely, yes. But it gives a dying man, the hope to continue to march forward to play out what remains of his destiny.

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