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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The DreamEdit

Caladi sat in the corner of the Auction House, tumbling thoughts over in her head. She had hoped that being as busy as Orgrimmar was it would make the nagging feeling of her being watched go away. It had for a time, by the time she had made up her mind to face the demon, on her own, the faces of the fellow patrons in the Auction House, seemed to sneer at her. Their gazes piercing through her, she began to sweat a little bit. As new thoughts flowed through her head, why were so many people gawking at her.

She shivered and righted herself to her full height, smoothing out her armor, and brushing back part of her mane. She took a deep breath, swallowed hard and walked outside into Orgrimmar proper, determined that she, and she only could face the unknown adversary and win.

He had been unable to shake his thoughts about the tauren woman, his nemesis inadvertently brought into their game. He tried for a few days at least, to put her out of his mind but he failed. Soon he found himself, tracking her and scrying her locations, her travels and what she did. He would have her and make her his own. With a smirk, he thought about one of the last things he had told the hunter “The game is changing, you can’t be everywhere at once.” He whispered under his breath “For each one you cling to, another shall slide through your fingers.”

The wind kicked up behind him, blowing the orange dust from Durotar past him and into the bowl where Orgrimmar was nestled. He stood upon the ridge above the Auction House watching her walk about inside Orgrimmar. He smiled. Soon it would be time.

She felt that she was still being watched, she glanced around behind her, to her sides. All she saw was a mass of faces and bodies, some looked at her, some looked through her like she didn’t even exist. She could sense still she was being watched, but she could not pinpoint from where or by whom. She glanced at the tavern in Orgrimmar, she could use a nice cold drink, and a place to lay her head.

The main room of the tavern in Orgrimmar, was pitifully small, and crowded. It offered no solace to her. She wanted somewhere away from all these people staring at her. Ordering a couple meads, she downed the first one as it was given to her, the second she took to her room.

The room she had been given was also small. She shut and locked the door behind her. She sat on the edge of the bed and nursed the second mead. At least in her room, no one was staring at her and no one was watching her. She had a very trying day, when the mug was empty, she changed out of some of her armor and laid her head against the small pillow and drifted uneasily into sleep.

She found herself back in Azshara, tending to her herbs. The gentle breeze carrying the smell of the sea, whisking through her mane. All of a sudden something didn’t feel right and she bolted around. There before her, was the massive tauren warrior with his flaming red eyes, he towered over her, his jet black fur and horns. His massive chest was twice as wide as she was, his arms were as wide around as tree trunks, his legs and hooves made kodo legs look like troll’s legs. He smiled at her, a wicked smile. The fire dancing in his eyes. “Hello Sugar-lips. Did you miss me?”

She swallowed hard, and stammered to find her voice but it was lost to her. Her will and resolve fleeting away from her, her knees began to shake.

He took a massive stride forward, and she took a stumbling one back. She tripped on one of her rocks and fell down to one knee. She looked up at him, she felt like a mere child compared to him.

He looked down at her, how timid, frightened and more importantly alone. She was at his mercy, now it was just a matter of how this played out. He outstretched a hand for her to take. She meekly shook her head no. Anger flared in his eyes, and his hand curled into a fist, if she would not join him, she would be crushed like her herbs. He raised his fist high above his head, her strength was gone.

All of a sudden, part of her strength began to return. She gazed up at the demon defiantly as an image shimmered into view beside her. It was her grandfather, a second image shimmered into view, it was an uncle. She realized she was not alone, her ancestors would always watch out and protect her.

The demon realized this as well, as she stood up and strode forward, he stumbled backwards. It was one thing to attack a single opponent, but to wage war on a legion was another. More of her ancestors appeared as she walked boldly forward, with the single cohesive thought that she was not going to be bested by a demon.

Accepting a temporary defeat, his wings sliced through the fur on his back, and with a mighty jump and a heave from his wings he was airborne. Flying away from the prize he could no longer have nor attain.

She woke up early the next day, refreshed from her sleep. This had been the best sleep she had gotten in weeks. She knew that she could face the demon, for she knew she was not alone anymore. Her ancestors were always there for her.

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