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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

The Cave(14)Edit

The trio stepped past the felled ogre shaman, descending further in to the caves below. The ogres had lit their domain well with torches, and decorated it with pelts, of bears, apes and hippogriffs.

Tatimitzi, tried holding her breath as long as possible so not to inhale so much of the foul stench that permeated the cave. Kranik and Keishe were having little trouble dispatching the ogres. They had been sent to this forsaken wasteland, to thin out a specific number of ogres. They were getting too numerous, and an all out with Camp Mojache would be imminent. They were looking for the last few shamans, so they could leave. They had left a wake of death, leading into the cave.

Keishe forever exuberant and more then willing to meet any challenge, however great or small, bounded around the corner. Before her was an Ogre Mage-Lord, without hesitation, she started her spell. Her frostbolt catching the ogre unawares. Tatimitzi followed her around the corner, with a small sigh, she began to cast her own spell. One to keep Keishe alive, why she rarely waited for the others was a mystery to Tatimitzi, and perhaps would always remain one.

Kranik as usual was nowhere to be found. The Ogre Mage-Lord started his spell, which Keishe countered. With a smirk, she started yet another spell, this is what she lived for, the excitement, the exhileration, her heart pounding in her chest, she could feel her power coursing through her veins. She was unfulfilled, however, she ached for more.

The Ogre raised his staff, to bash her brains in, when he howled in pain. A dagger became embedded deep into his back, he stumbled forward as Keishe’s spell slammed him in his chest. He stumbled backwards. Kranik revealed himself to their enemy. It would spell certain doom to the ogre now.

The Ogre began his spell again. He had one last chance to stop these pesky trolls. Keishe raised her hands, and began to chant in response. Kranik’s dagger and sword, slashing and stabbing into the back of the ogre. Frost shards slammed into the ogre one last time, and he began to topple backwards. However, his spell went off, a flame like volcano erupted where Keishe stood. Kranik leapt backwards as the ogre slammed into the ground.

The volcano, hit the ceiling of the cave, and knocked some stalactites free from their perch. Keishe so enthralled with her victory, simply looked back at Tatimitzi and winked slyly. Kranik turned around to make sure no more ogres were coming. Tatimitzi didn’t notice it until Keishe screamed. The rock formations tumbled down, pinning and crushing one of her legs.

Tatimitzi ran to her side, but she was too weak to move the rocks from her beloved. Kranik spun around to see what the commotion was. He was also stunned to see what had transpired when from out of nowhere, he felt the blow of a mighty ogre hammer slam into him and carried him a good distance, before he smashed into a wall. An ogre battle master, had discovered them. Kranik flew into action, knowing his friends were in no condition to fight.

Tatimitzi watched in horror, as Kranik fended yet another ogre off from them. Try as she might, she could not budge any of the stones from Keishe’s leg. The look of pain on her face made Tatimitzi’s heart sink. Keishe could not cast spells like this, and Tatimitzi’s own spells would be useless. There was no point fixing a broken leg, when it was still pinned under rocks.

The battle master, let out a rallying cry as he too tumbled to the ground. Kranik wounded and winded looked back at his girls. Tatimitzi cast her healing magic on him.

“Kranny, come here, can you move these rocks?” Tatimitzi screamed.

As he began to move towards them, they heard voices. More ogres, and the clinking of metal plates. Heavily armored ogres.

He stopped in the middle of the room. Keishe bellowed, “We gotta ‘earth” her words while true, rang hollow. She didn’t want to leave a fight un-fought but she was in no condition to do so. While she lay in pain, under rocks, her friends would stand beside her, until they could no longer stand. Keishe withdrew her hearthstone, and looked at Tatimitzi.

The voices and sounds of the ogres were getting louder. There was more then one. Kranik reached into his pouch with his hearthstone, as his fingers traced the edge of it, to remove it, they came across a fracture. His hearthstone was broken. He sighed, as he brought his stone out anyway. He cradled the three parts of it in his hand. Glancing over his shoulder, he gave his friends a simple thumbs up.

Keishe needed no more encouragement, her hands became wrapped in green swirling energies. A moment later so did Tatimitzi’s. Kranik turned, and positioned himself, so they could not see, that he would not be going with them. His eyes narrowed to slits, he glared at where the voices were coming from. A few moments later, his eyes opened.

He listened intently for the sounds he needed to hear. The head of a massive axe, burst into view, followed by an equally massive arm, that was connected to one of the biggest ogres they had seen so far. Followed by a second, nearly identical ogre, Ogre Warlords. The pair of ogres turned the corner, and gazed into the room.

<FWOOSH> Keishe was gone. Kranik dropped the remains of his hearthstone, as the shadows wrapped around him like a long lost lover.

“KRANNY!! NOOOOO...” <FWOOSH> and Tatimitzi was gone.

For a brief moment, he thought he could sneak by, that was shattered as he dodged the blade of the massive axe, as it became embedded where he once stood. Revealed to the ogres, he did the only thing he could, the only thing he was trained at, he was going to kill them....or die trying.

Deftly jumping on the shaft of the axe, he ran up it. Leaping off of it he spun in mid-air, his sword slicing across an eye of the ogre. Springing off the shoulder of the first ogre, he flipped his dagger forward. His now open hand snaked its way to one of his hidden pouches, flinging blinding powder into the eyes of the second ogre. He landed skidding to a halt, snatching his dagger out of the air, he glared at the two blinded ogres for a mere moment.

A third ogre, an ogre battle master lumbered into view off to his right. He let out a heavy sigh. At least his friends were safe, and to him that is all that mattered.

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