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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Serenity's End 2Edit

He stood on the rise, staring out over the night sky. Reggie growled uneasily at his side. Behind them the ground littered with scores of bodies, and countless gallons of blood. Demon and Fel Orc alike.

A star shot past them, a brilliant orange contrasted against the dark velvet clouds and midnight sky. Something behind them stirred. Something that made his stomach twist into knots. Something that made Reggie’s hair stand up on end.

“About time demon. I was wondering how many I would have to kill to garner your attention.” Akuyim said to the clouds before him.

“Hunter, I hope you are here to beg for your mercy.” it responded.

“I was disappointed Demon. I was so looking forward to wage war against the legion, pouring from the portal. I thought, perhaps you forgot, so I came through to wage war.” Akuyim stated flatly.

“Hunter. War will be waged whether you are around to see it. You think you can spare them, just by coming here. Your old age has made you much more foolish then I first thought.” The demon chided as he walked forward.

As he drew closer, he paused as he saw something else. He shook his head and glared at the hunter and then at the image he saw. An angel hovered in the sky a few feet in front of the hunter. She was white, glowing and luminous.

The demon growled and stopped where he was. Reggie spun around and returned the growl of the demon and dropped to the ground in a crouch.

“Hunter, how long do you think that angel will spare you from my wrath? Her place is on Azeroth, not here.” The demon asked.

“Long enough to get the job done.” Akuyim retorted as he gazed at the demon over his left shoulder.

The demon chuckled at his opponent’s confidence. “Oh hunter, you will quickly run out of miracles. Your family and friends will die. Already I have my agents sowing death and discord amongst Azeroth.”

“I have more then miracles Demon.” Akuyim retorted as he stared at the sky. “You have minions and agents. They do for you what you demand out of fear. I have family and friends. They do what they want out of love.”

He slowly spun around and squared his shoulders off against the demon. His hands slowly sneaking their ways to the hilts of his weapons. “You ready to see which one is stronger Demon?”

The body dropped almost noiselessly to the ground. Kranik savored the death with his usual fervor. Blood quickly forming a large pool on the green marble floor of the grand hall. He had tracked, found and killed his prey in a large ballroom. He killed the noble’s wife as well. They came here for a midnight dance in the moonlight. What they found instead, was no paradise.

A slow breeze came in from the balcony, causing the large red drapes to billow and flutter in the night. He looked down at the carnage and stepped forward towards the balcony. He had a date with the elf girl now. It would be a nice way to unwind, a sly smirk began to from under his mask. Since on his last visit, he was rudely interrupted, but not this time.

The shadows swirled behind him. Far across the room, a shadow portal opened. Stepping forward was a blood elf. His piercing green eyes quickly found the thing he was supposed to retrieve in one piece. Well as close to one piece as could be allowed. His demon hunter blades crossed against his back. He broke into a full out charge, across the ballroom. He leapt into the air, his foot thrust out in a devastating kick, as his hands unsheathed his weapons with but the tiniest of scrape of metal against metal.

Kranik heard the sound of weapons drawn and spun around. To his surprise an elven demon hunter was already mid-air posed to strike. Without time to draw his own daggers, he reacted as quickly as he could. He grabbed the elf’s ankle and thigh and flung him past him. Carrying the elf’s momentum far passed him.

The elf crashed into the floor many feet away, but with his highly trained reflexes rolled himself into a ball and sprung right back to his feet. He twirled a moment, in a deadly dance of martial prowess, moonlight cascading off his weapons.

Kranik simply drew his daggers and squinted at the elf across from him. He rolled his neck, listening to it crack. His potent venoms dripped from his blades, although one of them was lit with a fiery glow, so it was hard to tell.

Their eyes locked onto one another’s as the elf slowly continued his deadly dance forward. Blades flashing in the moonlight, slicing through the empty air. Kranik stepping forward carefully, half testing each step. Slow, deliberate, stalking.

The wind blew stronger causing the drapes to flap and flutter wildly in the room. The demon hunter rushed forth both blades singing in the wind. Kranik’s defenses were just as strong as the elf’s offenses.

The singing of blades, hissing through the fragrant air was met by the familiar clang of metal on metal. The deadly dance of flesh and steel had begun in earnest.

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