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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Serenity's EndEdit

He closed his eyes a moment. Words shot through his mind, chastising him for losing the beauty that was all around him. Lost were the joyous visions, his eyes once held. The world of wonderment and color was lost to him. Try as he might, nothing brought a smile to his face any longer.

He opened his eyes and inhaled the swamp air. The foul, acrid stench assailing his nostrils. He was home, albeit for a single moment. He removed from his pouch, a simple wrapped item. Bound by twine, its faded wrapping paper no longer the vibrant green. Now a faded hue of dying leaves. He glanced down at the name of the recipient one last time. Tatimitzi.

He knew, she may not be able to understand all the thoughts, he had scribbled in the journal, he was now sending her. He also knew, she would do what needed to be done. She would seek out others, and deal with what needed to be done. With a shrug, he slid it into the mailbox.

Hope faded daily for him. The battle was soon to be fought. Grim he had become, it was a necessity. He climbed into the saddle of his orange war raptor. With a small noise emitting from his throat, he sped off down the road.

He knelt at the roadside, before his mother’s grave. As he had done so, on so many previous occasions. This time it was different. His thoughts, prayers, hopes, and aspirations seemed to become lost in the vacuous silence. “Mother watch over them for me.” he whispered as he stood up.

Even now, he thought of them, more then he thought of himself. All of his friends and loved ones. They would need someone to comfort them in his absence. He climbed atop his raptor, and sped off towards the Blasted Lands and the infernal Dark Portal.

The time had come. No more procrastination, no more excuses. He paused only once on his way to the portal. He paused at the mesa where he had died. He closed his eyes and some of his pain began to melt away.

With new found vigor, he once again raced off to his destiny. The demon and him would have one last battle. A battle that he already knew the outcome. A battle that would come with a terrible price.

He stepped through the swirling green portal. He felt lighter then air as he was transported from one portal to the other side. He coughed lightly as he stepped into the Outlands.

He growled loudly and kicked the mailbox. The letter crumpled in his hand. A gaggle of onlookers gawked at him, including his wife. “Darlin everytin’ ok?” she asked. She could already tell by his outburst it wasn’t.

He looked at his wife. He took a moment to gaze at her radiant glow and beauty. He opened his mouth to talk and paused. They had enjoyed a wonderful afternoon picnic, on one of the floating islands in Nagrand. Watched the clouds roll lazily by, listening to the waterfalls thundering into the water below them. He would not let a simple letter ruin it. “Yes. Yes, everything is...just fine.” he finally stated back.

His time with her was over. He had been summoned. The Queen had called upon him. He took a moment to re-read the letter while his wife fussed over her gear. He would not let this ruin his day with her.

It was a simple job, at least on paper. A nobleman in Silvermoon City. The one that had sent the elven assassin to his doorstep. He would enjoy this job, that much would be certain.

“I know ju lying Kran. But ju will tell me when ju are ready.” she answered back.

He glanced up at her, and nodded slowly. With a small sigh, he took her hand and led her away from the mailbox. They walked into the room that they had been using in the inn. He led her to the bed and sat her comfortably down upon it.

“My time is up.” he started.

She cocked an eyebrow at him as she looked at him almost confused.

“I have a job.” he continued.

She gasped. “But Kran...” she started to say.

“I will be gone two weeks at most.” he placed his hand, delicately on his wife’s cheek. “I promise, I will come home to you and our baby in one piece. Two weeks at most.”

“Ju betta. I don’t want dis baby not havin’ a father.” she whispered to him.

He smirked slightly. “Really, its an easy job. Two weeks at most.” he stated again.

“Well don’t ju be getting cocky.” she warned him, as she nuzzled her cheek against the palm of his hand.

His smirk grew wider, he opened his mouth to say something sassy. She saw it, she knew that look all too well. She leaned forward and kissed him to keep him quiet.

Without any words, he slid onto the bed with her. He pulled her into his arms. Tonight, she would sleep in his arms one last time.

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