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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


He sulked back into Brill. Slamming the door to the small cottage he rented with a sneer. “Charnos. Stand guard. I have......things to do.” he threw his arms up wildly in exasperation.

He grumbled to himself as he looked around. If he could get drunk, he would have. Wrenching the door to his laboratory open, he slithered inside. Lighting the torches along the way.

The pentagram stared at him, awaiting its troll sacrifice. Another glaring failure to chalk up to himself. The gear for torture and dismemberment lay discarded equally shamed by not having troll flesh to rip and plunder.

He flung his knife from his belt against the unyielding stone wall. With a clang and a clatter it fell to the floor. “So. They have a spawn. The insufferable wench.” he grumbled to empty room.

“I’m not surprised, the way they....” he paused mid growl as his eyes rolled backwards in disgust.

“All the lies, the hate, the agony, the betrayal. You will pay woman!” he growled at last.

“Betrayal?!?! It burns doesn’t it Mortimer.” she said as she emerged from the wall.

“Silence, woman. Who asked you?” he shot back.

“We loved you Mortimer. All of us. Yet, you cast me aside for that tramp inside the school, and I will not even speak of what you did to our children.” she continued.

He reached for his knife to throw at the apparition, but it was already across the room. Instead his hands found one of his pouches. Ripping it from his belt he flung at her. It passed harmlessly through her and hit the wall, she emerged from. It hit and spilled its contents onto the floor. Scattering his soul shards like marbles across the floor.

“Our children loved marbles Mortimer. Not that you gave them the chance to find out for yourself.” she said as the shards skittered across the floor.

“What more do you want from me?!?!? I killed myself for you.” he screamed.

“I want you to burn and suffer. You didn’t kill yourself for me, you killed yourself to spare yourself the torment of slaughtering your family.....for nothing.” she shot back.

She walked into the house, banishing Charnos on the way in. She strode to where she could here the voices. She stood in the doorway watching the man she sought, arguing with a blank wall.

She coughed once to gain his attention. He spun around a wild, deranged look in his eyes. “How dare you?! Who are you and why have you invaded my home?! CHARNOS!!!!” he bellowed.

“He will not come. I have banished back to the nether. My master seeks something, and I believe you are the key to what we want.” she stated.

“Get out of my house!” he shouted as he tried to regain his composure as the apparition of his wife faded from the world yet again.

“My name is Liliiska. I have come to barter with you, Mortanus.” she stated cooly from the doorway.

He paused when he heard his chosen name uttered. With a sigh, he looked at the very seasoned warlockess in the doorway. “Be quick about your business so I can....go about my own.” he stammered.

“You have power. Power we want. We are willing to make a trade for it.” she whispered.

He paused, a smirk slowly working its way upon his lips. Finally someone was recognizing him for the power he wielded.

“My master seeks the unborn child of Shunasun.” she paused long enough to make sure his eyes became enthralled with her face. Which took far less time then expected. “In exchange, you will receive the mother, as a present to do with as you wish.” she finished.

Mortanus couldn’t help but cackle maniacally at the orc woman in the doorway. “And....” he paused trying to stop from cackling even more. “And how is it that you think I can help you?” he answered back.

“You have intuitive knowledge of her. You can aid us where strangers would fail.” she countered.

“Oh please. She would rather spit on me then speak to me. There is no way I can deliver her or her child to your master.” he shot back.

“Oh but that is where you are wrong. You know her weaknesses, her strengths, the way she thinks, the way she acts. You have been obsessed with her for some time now. There is not a single thing she does that has not escaped your notice.” she countered.

His smirk returned. “A pact then.” he stated.

“A pact?” she asked back.

“Yes, you enter a pact with me. I shall tell you all that you require. If you do what I ask of you.” he countered.

“Very well.” she said back.

“There is a troll woman, named Pash. She is a thorn in my side. I wish for it to be removed. Surely you and your master will have no trouble disposing of such a tiny waif of a woman.” he stated coldly.

“So be it. It will be done. This I promise unto you.” she answered matching the cold, harsh tone of her pact maker.

Mortanus smiled. “Very well. The key to Shunasun is that thing, she calls a husband. Remove him from the picture, and she will run herself ragged. For your sake, I would suggest taking “it” alive. That way you have a bargaining chip. Although, don’t leave him alive too long, he has a nasty habit of well....surviving.” he stated maliciously.

“In her run down state, she won’t be hard to capture. She likes to think of herself akin to a beast. Guarding her mate and litter and all that crap that comes with it. Without her so-called mate, her logic will fail, she will falter, and you will have no trouble collecting her when she falls.”

Liliiska nodded, as she began filing information away as quickly as it was uttered. “But, I have not spent time around many lesser creatures, like beasts. So I am uncertain whether her need to protect her mate or her litter will be stronger.” he added.

“And once, you and your master get her child. Shunasun is mine?” he asked.

Liliiska smiled. “My master is a kind master. That is what he has offered you. I shall slay this troll rogue for you.” she reached into her pouch and pulled out an insignia. Small jet black stone with bright orange flecks ebbing through it, like a lava trapped in the hardening black earth.

“Take this. This will aid you in your travels, it will also allow for my master to contact you if he so desires.” she stated.

Mortanus took the small stone and rolled it over in his bony hands, feeling the power course from it. He looked down at it in awe and rapture, when he looked up, the woman was gone.

“One day the sun will die and the night will crawl. Until then, until I see your world implode. I wish you death and suffering, misery to spare. I am the last thing you will know. I am the last thing you will see.” Mortanus began to chant to an almost empty room. The words rolled off his tongue so easily, as he had practiced the words nightly for the time when she would be trapped here screaming, begging, bleeding and whimpering like the true dog that she is.

A pair of timid eyes stared from the wall. So small, so sweet, so innocent. She watched the thing that her father had twisted into chant and stalk around the room. Her mother had warned her not to go into that room. Someone would have to tell them, that they were in trouble. She would have to do it. She could feel fear gripping her tiny incorporeal body.

Her father was a bad man, and he needed to be stopped. She blinked once in sadness at the monster her father had become. She would have to go far from Brill, but she didn’t know where to go, or how to get there. She could feel her will faltering.

Then she remembered the conversation. They were going to do bad things to someone else’s child. Something that would make them hurt, like she hurt. No. Someone had to stop them. Her resolve began to replace her fear, as she slipped back into the wall. She would stop them.

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