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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

An (Ab)normal day at the Guild Hall (Challenge #1)Edit

The guild hall in Thunder Bluff was overflowing with members, the afternoon sun shining brightly down. The streets weren’t as crowded as they should be. There were a few tauren shopping for goods down by the pond. Where a few young bulls had taken up swimming to relieve themselves from the spring heat.

Tatimitzi was sitting in the main hall, at a table. Fiddling with a golden thread, running the glittery powder of crushed pearls along the thread. She had several stacks and bolts of the finest silk she had been given, found and/or bought in front of her. She was on the way to making the prettiest dress she could to woo, the special person in her heart. As she toiled amongst her pretty fabrics weaving them into a brilliant dress, her mind was able to wander to her recent exploits in Freewind Post with her fellow companions Keishe and Kranik. Just thinking about them made her all a flutter. A smile wispes across her delicate face and she went back to work invigorated that this dress must be her best work yet.

Keishe and Kranik were out in the practice grounds behind the hall proper. Both of them lost in there own thoughts. Keishe was practicing slinging her ice from her hands and from the heavens with even deadlier accuracy, all the while her mind drifting to the troublesome images, that infernal ball Shahkra, claimed as her own new power. The accursed ball had lied to her, she just knew it...but her own doubts were starting to grate on her nerves. With renewed vigor she called deadly shards of ice from the heavens, listening to the wonderous cacophony of the shattering ice upon the ground accompanied by the clanging of steel of the swords Kranik and Jessania crossed.

Kranik had approached Jessania, a rogue of great skill and reputation amongst her peers. Her talent with swords was nearly unparalleled. She was finding Kranik an eager study, a quick learner. He seemed very capable and respectable to her. She was finding very little of the supposed lack of intellegence in him that some other of the guild mates had supposedly seen. He was however still way to unskilled in the art of swords and their sparring session was going well.

Khandivya slaved away upstairs in one of the engineering labs listening to the machine whir and hum in front of her. Akuyim, her future husband was downstairs in the hall proper, apprently brooding over something. He was just sitting at a table lost in deep thought. He had barely spoken to her when she arrived. She decided since he was in no mood to talk for whatever reason she would just go about her business. Her current project was a small one, but when it was ready it would have devastating effects. The small machine in front of her whirred and hummed one last time, and then a small bell rung signifying that her project was done. Gingerly she picked up the object she had just created and walked back downstairs.

Akuyim sat in the center of the guild hall, his Barbarous blade and the hat were on the table in front of him. Reggie sat by his side at the table. He was lost in thought, he was dwelling on the fistfights the night of Lady Bronwyn and Sir Spartan’s wedding. The reception had held several duels and most of them were fistfights, he had lost all his. Was his age setting on him, or was he just unlucky or unskilled in the ways of unarmed combat. He was going to go after Khandivya, but she locked herself in one of the engineering labs, which after the first and last incident in the labs, he was not allowed to go in. He and Reggie once went into the lab to actually see what she did and if he could help out. After an hour or so, of him being completely and totally lost and useless to her, He laid down on the cot the guild provided for long term projects. Reggie was in no mood to go to sleep nor was he in the mood to be ignored so he had stood on his hind legs to oversee Khandivya’s project. Khandivya seemed so enraptured by her working and not Reggie, he used one of his massive paws and swept the workbench clean of its contents including the small device she had worked so hard on. That didn’t go over so well and she kicked them both out of the labs while she was in them.

Tatimitzi saw Khandivya stalking Akuyim and stopped sewing. Khandivya put a finger to her lips and gave Tatimitzi the motion for Shh. Tatimitzi cocked her head for a second and then watched as Khandivya drew aim with a small white ball, cocked her arm back and let the snowball fly. The snowball found its mark as it splattered across Akuyim’s face. She cheered and laughed as he wiped the wet white snow from his face and brow. He looked at her as he rose from his table. Laughing Khandivya ran off, Tatimitzi heard the supernatural growl as Akuyim empowered himself with the aspect of the cheetah. There was no way she was getting away with the snowball unanswered. When he caught her, he was going to tickle the hell out of her.

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